Cassidy Rocks On A Fan’s Perspective


We all have idols from our childhood . Someone  we watched on television, listened to their music, and plastered our walls with their pictures. Well this fan got the chance recently to talk with her first crush…one David Bruce Cassidy

David is still performing the songs that made him famous. He is most known though for the role that made him famous, the idyllic eldest son of Shirley Partridge “Keith” on the classic musicom, “The Partridge Family.”  Beyond the old series, Cassidy has stayed active as a performer and producer.  He has performed on stage in Broadway and in Vegas.  He loves the fact that so many still appreciate him.  Still performing the songs he did to the “Boomer” generation, Cassidy still enjoys the adulation and the fact that his music has crossed the generations.  When I initially heard that he was coming to Chicago to perform , I literally squealed. It was the little girl in me alive again.

It is obvious that David’s number one love is his music and performing it.  When I first chatted with him, appropriately he was “on the road”  between flights and waiting to return to his home.  Hearing his voice, transported me back to the fuschia bedroom and the shag carpeting and the pf coming from the stereo. Show business is definitely in his blood with Broadway and film legend, Jack Cassidy as his father and television icon , Shirley Jones as his stepmother.  He didn’t even realize that the talented Jones was set to play his mom until he walked onto the set for the first time.  “I had no idea. They just popped up and said how do you feel about Shirley Jones? I told them and then they said, “She is playing the mother.” he stated.  Today the Cassidy talent gene has been passed on in  a big way.  His son , Beau follows in his footsteps as a musician and composer. His lovely daughter , Katie has inherited the acting gene and appears on the CW hit , “Arrow.”  He has also worked with stepbrothers, Shaun, Patrick, and Ryan.

As the legend now goes, David and Shirley were the only members of the cast who provided their own singing voices. The other members of the “Family” were voiced by professional  musicians.  David originally wasn’t supposed to sing, but after an audition for the show’s producers, they realised that they had a star in their midst.  David’s first hit , “I Think I Love You”  hit the charts and then skyrocketed to number one on the Billboard charts.  His fan club went on to be the biggest one in history and his concerts were always sold out.

“I love doing what I do. I am so lucky to be able to do something that I love.  I am complimented and flattered when people tell me how much they love my music.  It crosses the generations.  All I ever wanted to do was bring a little light into their lives.”  he smiled.

David has his causes as well. He is a big advocate for alzheimer’s because of it affecting his own mother, Evelyn Ward .  It was vital that David stressed why he wanted to get involved in Market Days in the first place.  “It’s all about freedom.  I have grown up around musicians and actors in the NY theatre scene because of my late father. It was a terrible time because so many of them couldn’t be who they really were.  I saw friends who were not comfortable in their own sexuality and it destroyed them. Everyone has a right to love whoever they want.”  he said in a serious tone.

It is obvious that there is no slowing this guy down.  I am sure that David’s father looks down from heaven and is indeed proud of his son today.  He has a lot to be proud of , for sure.the-partridge-familyHere is a young Cassidy who had just landed the role that would change his life , Keith Partridge on “The Partridge Family” 1970-74


david-shirtley-and-jackHere is a picture of Jack, his second wife, Shirley Jones, and his eldest David at the height of his fame in 1971.david-and-his-brothersHere is a picture of David with his brothers, Ryan, Shaun, Patrick and of course , Shirley



STATEN ISLAND, NY - SEPTEMBER 13:  David Cassidy perfoms at the "The Ultimate Idols" concert with Davy Jones at St. George Theatre on September 13, 2008 in Staten Island, New York.  (Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage) *** Local Caption *** David Cassidy

Today , David still loves to sing those classic hits to his old fans and a new generation

drd_7901-2David will be performing at the annual Chicago event , Market Days this Sunday .   I know this fan can’t wait.


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