“Kickin it with Kim Coles”


I have talked to alot of celebs, but none have been more fun and down to earth as Kim Coles. She is not only a remarkable woman she’s also well accomplished. Kim has appeared in not one but two ground breaking series “In Living Color” and “Living Single” She now has the distinction of being the first African American woman to host a prime time game show. I recently had the privilege of having a little girl talk with Kim about her career and her love of  The Red Pump Project.

Kim loves Chicago. She got to spend a little time here doing a talk show and she would definitely come back. She said it was like a big city with small town thinking. She also grinned when she made comments later in the evening “I like how you make make them in the Midwest” referring to the fine  “Chocolate” that waked the runway in the fashion show that night.

Kim said the reason she wanted to host the fashion show was Luvvie. “She asked me to host and I said I loved the work they were doing. When someone steps out of their comfort zone to help people I think that is great” Kim also pointed out to me that the African American community is less educated than the gay community about HIV/AIDS.

I told Kim I was a huge fan of her sitcom “Living Single” and asked what impact this had on her life. “It was ground breaking and the characters were quality, positive images” She is extremely grateful that the image has remained.

Kim couldn’t wait to tell everyone about her program G.I.F.T.S She believes that each of her fans have special G.I.F.T.S and the program encourages them to discover those gifts.

To find out more about Kim or her program G.I.F.T.S go to her websitehttp://www.therealkimcoles.com/ and follow her on Twitter @kimcoles

living-singleKim Coles with her “Living Single” costars

kim-colesJen and I with Kim Coles


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