Geek 101 or Chitownstar Visits Wizard World


I hate to admit it, but I am a geek snob. I have my allegiance to my shows and could never understand what these people saw in shows like “Star Trek” or “Star Wars.” One fine day I realized that they were just like me. We both have our favorite characters and can quote scenes.

I have heard stories about Comic Con and was actually a little bit scared of the participants. These are people who abandon their mundane lives for one day or a weekend and they become superheroes . They idolize actors and worship them for roles that they play. They travel near and far to gather with their fellow geeks and meet these actors that play their heroes. They spend hundreds of hard earned dollars to buy merchandise or get that pic with a star. Basically they are just like me.

Spend a day with me and Jen as we explore Comic Con Chicago.

welcome 22

People have waited all year for this gathering of lovers of all things fantasy. They buy or make their own costumes . This year the chosen have gathered at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

batgirlThis young lady has decided to dress as the Batgirl from the 1966 ABC series. Sadly enough, the actress who played the role , Yvonne Craig had died days before. This costume was in tribute to her.

People dressed not only as super heroes, but as aliens. Many television series were also represented at the event. These shows included “Star Trek” and it’s many versions, “Walking Dead”, Supernatural”, True Blood” and the former sci fi series “Firefly” The participants love to talk about their favorite shows and dress as their favorite characters.

jayne lil Malcolm

wash and lil jayneWizard World is fun for all ages. Families dress up to show their love for their favorite characters. Here are some loyal “Browncoats” celebrating the show “Firefly”

the flintstonesThis family brought back sweet memories for me. The first comic that I loved was the 60’s hit “The Flintstones”

gold bikiniConsidering it is now a pop culture cliche, geek boys had a lot to look at like this Princess Leia in the gold bikini.


T Shirts, original art works, and autographed photos were available for purchase by fans. Here is a photo of the cast from “Firefly’ and in the same place, I found a picture of my favorite actor.

minionMinions are so hot right now and there were plenty of them at Rosemont

wingsI had to marvel at the work that went into these costumes. This girl told me that she made the costume herselfhoward and bernadette

Here I am getting into the spirit with a fellow fan who is dressed as Howard Wolowicz on “The Big Bang Theory”

mr and mrs fillion

But the best part of all is when these actors that we watch every week make a girl dream come true. Jen got to meet her favorite actor , Captain Malcolm of “Firefly” and the star of ABC’s “Castle” Nathan Fillion


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