The Countdown Begins …


Okay , the countdown has now gone to single  digits for the return of America’s favorite shows. The media has been loaded with images of lovemaking, familiar faces, and hot men. Facebook pages now boast salutes to count down the number of days to wait. Anticipation grows…

But wait, maybe you can’t remember what happened before the season started. It might have been earth shattering or made no affect at all. Maybe it was just so long ago, like in the case of “How to Get Away With Murder.” you haven’t the foggiest notion what happened. (That show ended in February) .But have no fear, for the next week I will updating you on your faves. Tonight it is seven days for the return of that crime fighting duo, “Castle” so we will feature the highlights of last season…

driven she finds the car

The season began with Beckett wondering where her groom was. The show ended last season with Castle getting into a car and then Beckett seeing that the car was in flames. Castle returned , but the question remained where was he.


One of Castle’s most unusual cases was when he engaged himself at a pre school to solve a murder.. His childlike demeanor fit in perfect as he tried to solve the case and find out which child was a witness to the crime.


Finally after six seasons , Castle marries his muse in a very private and beautiful ceremony. Kate was given away by her father.

the honeymoon

Only the Castles would turn their honeymoon into a mystery. Kate and Rick head to a wild west ranch to solve a murder.


3xk is at it again , but this time he has an accomplice. Beckett is kidnapped by his girlfriend, Kelly Nieman. Nieman is a plastic surgeon who wants to steal Beckett’s face.

the wrong stuff

Castle and the team suit up as the solve a mystery of a space team member’s murder. They didn’t even have to leave earth

at close range

Ryan wants to earn some extra money, so he becomes a bodyguard for a political official. I liked this episode because it reminded me a lot of “Scandal”

matt letscher in sleeper episode

Matt Letscher who was formerly the VP’s Chief of Staff on “Scandal” was a man who was responsible for Castle’s disapperance in “Sleeper”

dead from new york

Singer  Carly Rae Jepsen adds to the fun when Kate and Rick solve a murder involving a late night comedy show.

huntington woods

The season ended with Rick being honored with all of his friends and family present. The question that was asked was whether Kate would become Captain or run for the Senate?  In seven days , the answer on Castle


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