“Castle” and TGIT Faves Can Be Yours to Enjoy.. DVD Reviews

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 It’s the week when your favorite shows return, so its time to catch up. The wonderful folks at ABC have a great way to bring you back up to speed about your favorite ABC shows. Since Jen and I are such big fans of a few ABC shows, they sent us our faves to watch and cherish the moments we laughed, we cried, and when we were caught up in the romance. Prior to this week, we got a chance to watch and here is my spin on each of them.


greys anatomy

The eleventh season of “Grey’s ” will make you cry. Relationships fall apart and the staff at Grey- Sloan is forced to say goodbye to one of their own. Callie and Arizona fall apart, Jackson and April face tragedy that pulls them in different directions and when Derek returns to Seattle, he becomes a hero by rescuing a car accident victim but losing his own life. Meredith must face life alone as a single mother.

The features are great too. There is an extended version of the finale “You’re My Home.” Laugh with the cast as they cut up in places beside the OR  with “In Stitches.” See some more great scenes that didn’t make it to the screen. Shonda Rhimes tells why she killed off Derek in “How to Say Goodbye.” Finally, series regular Catherine Scorsone is spotlighted when she discusses her relationship with Owen Hunt and what its like to be on two hit series. She also discusses Amelia’s relationship with her brother , Derek and how it affects her role on the show. Catherine plays Dr Amelia Shepherd.

how to save a life

 Meredith sits vigil as Derek remains in a coma . She sits and waits to say goodbye in “How to Save A Life”



 The season began with Kate looking for her missing groom who was last seen in a burning car. But that is just part of the mystery and romance of Castle and Beckett. Finally married, the Castles continue solving mysteries , escaping the bad guys and adjusting to life as a married couple. Castle adds a fun loving touch as he becomes a PI and opens his own office.

As in the past, the extras are always something cool. Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas channel boy  bands  as they premiere their new video with “Definition of Love” You will love seeing the boys dance and sing. Laugh as you watch the webmercial that burned up the internet. “Raging Heat” Bloopers and deleted scenes are always a hit with fans. The unsung heroes of television, background actors , are saluted in “The Cast Behind the Cast.” Stand ins and permanent members of the cast are interviewed .As someone who has been background on two series, i appreciate the hard work these actors do on a series and the great rapport they have with the cast.

castle wedding

It’s a joyous day when Katherine Houghton Beckett and Richard Edward Castle are finally wed  Only the family was invited to the ceremony.


scandal season 4

The show that put the OMG in TGIT is back in Season Four of Scandal. Tragedy hangs over the Capitol as the Grants try to recover from the death of their son. The President also has been searching for Olivia as well. But the gladiators have a job to do and that is to take down B613. Fitz faces an international and personal crisis when Olivia is kidnapped and held for ransom. He must declare war or she will be killed. There are so  many twists and turns along the way as the plot builds to a surprise ending.

    Learn what its like to be a gladiator and wear the white hat from the cast in “The Fixer.” See fifteen minutes of unseen footage from the exciting episodes “No More Blood” and the dramatic finale “You Can’t Take Command.”  You can’t stop dancin as you groove to the cast dancing on a special “Scandallous” blooper reel. There isn’t a hipper President and First Lady around as Bellamy and Tony shake their groove thing.

finale scene

After he has fired Cyrus and thrown out Mellie, Fitz finally goes for what he wants instead of being told what he needs.He and Olivia are finally together .

All of the box sets are currently available or can be ordered through abc.go.com


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