Can You See a Brand New Day!!

she is wearins his shirt

 Hello fellow gladiators!! Here it is premiere night and I am feeling that “Scandal” hangover. Between trying to savor the Olitz and tweeting the cast. (Yes I got one from David Rosen, Joshua Malina) I am still enjoying the OMG moments. I don’t know where to begin. Obviously , things are a changin at 1600 Penn. I noticed and so did a few other faithful that the amount of sexy scenes between TG and KW. Obviously the network overplayed the clip and there was more sexy in the promo than the actual episode. Some of the gang was absent like Leo (who won’t be missed) and others had very small parts like Jake. It was definitely a Fitz/ Olivia episode.

Olivia and Fitz have become the Ross and Rachel of the new millennium . Their faces and bodies have been shown all over social media, television, and magazine covers. Those of us who have been patient and didn’t bail on Shonda have been rewarded. Others have said that the whole balcony scene was a dream. Chill this isn’t Dallas ! No it is very obvious that Olivia Pope’s life is going to change.

sally's liberty report

The show opened with Sally causing trouble . Tonight she was moaning about the President having a state dinner for the Royal family of Caledonia. Usually the President and the First Lady are shown getting dressed together, not this time folks. Now the President dresses with his girlfriend. Olivia and Abby are dressed to kill in Rubin Singer tonight. Olivia is already trying to make the transition to First Lady. One of the sweetest scenes is when the couple arrive at the dinner, but have to separate. Olivia laughs about an international incident, but as Abby starts to  talk about ordinary people’s lives changing because of fame and riches, Olivia starts to think about her own situation. Here she is in a relationship with the leader of the free world as he prepares to divorce his wife. The next person who shows up is the new Princess of Caledonia , a former lawyer from Iowa who marries a prince.

Meanwhile Mellie is freaking out. She is supposed to be sworn in as the junior Senator from Virginia. She expects that her rather high profile husband to show up and there has been no sign of him. Lizzie Bear’s claws begin to come out and she informs Mellie that her husband won’t be showing up. Even Abby is told no President. Olivia advises her boyfriend that he has to show up because its too early in the game . He shows up alright, with divorce papers.

i m divorcing you.

I’m Divorcing You. Fitz hands Mellie her walking papers and tells her she will sign. She has a lot more to lose than him.

If you think of all of Melie’s sins. (Does anyone need a refresher course, lying on the trail, Defiance, forging the President’s signature , inducing labor, and having an affair with the VP) she does have a lot. Fitz is a lame duck President and headed toward the end of his term . Mellie is the new kid on the block. Fitz threatens her and says they will both go down. Then he adds he is a warrior President and he has a lot less to lose than her. Lizzie Bear declares she has no loyalty to her.

fitz and queen

But it isn’t “Scandal” without having a case for OPA. This time , Olivia and the gladiators are helping to solve the royal murder of the Princess. The whole storyline smacks of the real life story of the “death” of Princess Diana. The Princess dies in a car crash with her bodyguard. With the help of David Rosen, Olivia finds out the truth. But when she brings the case to the White House, Fitz tells her she can’t say anything. The lovers have had their first fight. Olivia goes home and finds Huck on her couch He asks Olivia if Fitz hurt her. He says that his guy is out and he can’t go home.   Does this mean that Poppa Pope is out of jail.?. It is obvious that he needs fixing and Olivia says she can’t fix people. Olivia goes to the Prince and tells him that his mother had his wife murdered. She was pregnant by her bodyguard. The Prince informs Mom she is abdicating the throne , due to age and then retiring to the equivalent of Windsor Castle.

olets   slow it down

The lovers realize that they will have this situation again and not to let it wreck them. Olivia is scared because for the first time there is nothing that is keeping them back. Mellie has been served and Cyrus is gone. The only thing that terrifies her is when the world finds out, the press will be merciless. Fitz doesn’t care. Olivia doesn’t run anymore and she declares her love for him. She also says that before the world finds out, they need to fix all their little flaws first. He agrees to slow down. But their little love bubble was about to burst. Sally Langston broadcasts White House photos of Fitz and Liv. and taunts them. So who did it? Mellie the scorned ex wife? Lizzie Bear ? or the former Chief of Staff, Cyrus?


Cyrus gets a visitor, Mellie. She wants him to help her.  “No deal.” he says.

the secret is out

The lovers realize that life will never be the same. The world knows. . .


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