And The Truth Shall Set You Free…Olivia Declares It to the World!!!

brooks brothers ad

You might be wondering why the header for this week’s gladiator report is an ad for Brooks Brothers. Well it also might have to do with the director of this week’s episode. “Yes” or Episode 5.2 was directed by none other than our POTUS, Anthony Howard… This is not the first time that Tony has directed his gladiator cast mates. One of my favorite episodes in Season 2 is “A Woman Scorned.” Tony directed that one as well. He has often commented how hard that one was to direct especially the love scenes he was in. Tony is now the official spokesman for Brooks Brothers. and its no wonder. If there is any actor on television who can wear a suit , its him. It is a little known fact that Tony’s suits as Fitz are provided by Brooks Brothers. the Tag in the suits actually says Fitzgerald Thomas Grant 111. I was also excited to see that the suits at Brooks Brothers all come with a flag pin. I don’t know if it is the 48 star one that he wears . (A gift from his woman) Gladiators and cast alike love when Tony directs because it just makes people feel more connected to the episode. Tonight was another milestone in the Grant – Pope relationship and it just seems like its getting better and better.

 All hell has broke lose in the White House because there has been a leak and the lovers have been caught. Olivia takes off as Fitz decides that he can’t make a statement without Liv. In her true fashion, she splits to find a case to take care of so she can make herself scarce. In the meantime Fitz tries to get ahold of her and won’t make any decisions with out her.

fitz handles it

“Liv, where are you?” Fitz wonder where his sweetheart is.


Olivia and Jake are together and she confesses how this all makes her scared.

huckleberry quinn

scandal lizzie and fitz

Fitz talks to his new Chief of Staff, Elizabeth, but he doesn’t know that she is the leak. Abby uses it to her advantage , she wants to be her equal


Quinn has to make the usual comments but thanks to Jake, Huck is being helped. Jake seems to have a bigger part than in the premiere.Jake ends up on the road as Liv helps her client and hides as the press hunt her down like a dog. One of the most beautiful scenes of the night was when Jake and Liv laid down on a motel bed and she admits that she is scared about everything. Mellie has labeled her as “America’s mistress” and Abby doesn’t know how to handle anything at all. There is someone who is willing to help and that is the former Chief of Staff, Cyrus. Cyrus gives her advice and tells her to be the adult. He thinks that the best way to handle everything is to tell the press that Mellie has moved back into the Residence and that her and the President have reconciled. Abby informs the press and Fitz fumes.David Rosen informs the President that the leak came from the First Lady’s computer. Finally Fitz comes to a decision that maybe this is too much for Olivia and he is willing to go on television and unite with Mellie .Olivia has finally come back to OPA and a crowd of reporters ask the inevitable question , “Are you the President’s mistress?” She pauses and then  shows that she is not running anymore.

Her answer … YES!!!!!!



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