Revisit A True Phenenomenom – “EMPIRE” is now on DVD -REVIEW

empire cast 2

 Everyone has been talking about it and downloading the music. Every award from the BETs to the Emmy Awards has nominated the cast members for their mesmerizing roles. People in Chicago hope they are at their parties and women have dusted off their animal prints imitating Cookie. It’s “EMPIRE”. Fox’s runaway hit and it is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Last weekend I binge watched it and reacquainted myself with the LYON clan and their friends.

It was so exciting to start from the beginning and follow the story of Lucius wanting to give his Empire to his sons. I have been a fan from the beginning , but still wanted to see the show again before I started Season 2.  I always love a family that battles for power and fame. This would explain my love for the former show “Dallas”  The Lyons are a little different than the Ewings. Their empire was built with drug money. Cookie may have taken the fall but she is back with all her glory and no one is taking her part of the family pie. Academy Award nominee and BET Award winner for Best Actor in a Drama  Terrence Howard and  BET Award Winner as well as  Emmy and Academy Award nominee Taraji P Henson bring the patriarchs to life. I also love to listen to the great music produced by Timbaland and performed by breakout stars Jussie Smollett and Bryshere Y Grey. So many great legends have appeared on the show as well in cameos and guest performances like Mary J Bilge, Gladys Knight, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Hudson and Patti LaBelle as well as many others.

But the reason that people buy the special DVD is extras and there are plenty of those , especially on the BluRay. Since the true star of the show is the music, there are quite a few uncut performances . This includes one of my favorite moments when the Lyons forget their problems and have some fun in the studio singing “You’re So Beautiful”. This also includes featurettes as well. about the style and music of “Empire.” It is a full entertainment package that any fan doesn’t want to miss.

terrence and taraji

Award winners Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson play record mogul and his ex wife, Lucious and Cookie Lyon. Their story is far from over.

you're so beautiful

One of the best songs of the first season is “You’re So Beautiful” and you will enjoy an uncut version of this scene from “Empire” in the uncut performances part of the special Blu Ray.

EMPIRE is on Fox on Wednesday nights.


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