The Best Looks of Fitzgerald Grant- SCANDAL ‘s Stylish POTUS

brooks brothers ad

Last year, The Limited came out with the “Scandal” collection. The line was created and designed by Kerry Washington and Lyn Paolo and featured clothes that were on the show and in the style of Olivia Pope. They were classical and sophisticated and some of the pieces were actually worn on the show by Kerry. Some pieces were copied from designs that were featured in some of the episodes.

This year , Brooks Brothers has jumped on the bandwagon by using Tony Goldwyn for their fall campaign along with several other celebrities. But Tony is the one who was featured enough for the cover of the catalog. This is no surprise since he is such a stylish man . Whether on the Red Carpet or just relaxing , he radiates sophistication and also youthful vigor for a man who is fifty five years of age. This is also reflected in the costuming of his character, California millionaire turned President , Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III . Brooks Brothers has provided from almost the beginning the suits he wears on “Scandal” Suits even have the label bearing his character name in them. So let us take a look at the styles of the POTUS through the years.         SWEET BABY…. PILOT

state dinner tux sweet baby

Here is Tony dressed ready to attend a state dinner. This would also be the first time that he would kiss Kerry on screen. It is obvious that Fitz cuts a dashing figure.

                                                    THE TRAIL

and you are ...

First impressions are so important, and the casual Fitz made his with a classic button down and the classic hands in his pants . it made enough of an impression on Olivia for her to tell him off.


fitz in sweatshirt

The NAVY sweatshirt has shown up quite a few times. It showed up first when we saw flashbacks when Fitz found out his encounter with Olivia was taped and that he should watch it from now on. It also appeared in the same episode when Olivia was sent to the closet to get the First Lady clothes for interviews following the assassination attempt. Olivia clutched it to her chest and cried for her lover. Recently the shirt showed up in another flashback in “Put a Ring on It” . Fitz was wearing it when he gave her the ring “Deux bebe.” at James and Cyrus ‘s wedding.



Probably wearing a Brooks Brothers suit, Fitz is dressed and ready for the biggest day of his life. It is accessorized by the special pin that Olivia gave him before he was sworn in as President. Believe it or not, Brooks Brothers suits actually now have a flag pin on each lapel.


hunting season

Fitz makes a dashing Prince Charming in this outdoor ensemble when he brings Olivia to him while he is hunting with some members of the NRA. She can’t walk with him in those heels, so he puts on boots for their walk. Tony must own this coat because he wore it also in “Outlaw Prophet”



Tony can even make a hospital gown look good in this scene where Olivia keeps vigil after the shooting and Fitz remains in a coma.


whiskey tango foxtrot

Fitz wears the suit and guilt well after he seduces Olivia at their goddaughter’s christening. Not a wrinkle or tear from the sex in the electrical closet


jake and fitz play ball

Boys will boys and these two prove it. One of Fitz’s best looks is when he is sweating like in this ball game with his Navy buddy, Jake. They are so competitive that they end up competing for the same woman.


vermont is for lovers

On the re election trail, Fitz is wearing a sweater and slacks. He wants to be comfy in his future home with the love of his life. This proves that the President can look casual but still look sexy.


camp david

Enjoying a welcome rest from the office, Fitz shows off a casual , yet formal look when he meets Olivia at Camp David. The sweater shows that Grant is truly for the people.



It may have been only Olivia’s dream but Fitz still is dapper as the retired President. He makes blue flannel work .


no more blood

Fitz wears a dress coat basically because of the chilly reception he received after going over to make sure Liv was alright after being kidnapped. Even in arctic Washington, this California boy  keeps warm with style



Fitz told Cyrus that is what you do when someone you love is in the hospital. This henley fits nicely over the grey shirt keeping  the POTUS comfortable as he keeps vigil over the woman he loves .



Fitz always seems to find comfortable shirts to sleep in. No pj s for this President. And notice those arms .Probably lifts weights in the White House to relieve his frustration. Thank God for that .

navy t shirt

Worn in many episodes is the precious NAVY t shirt. Jake has wore one as well. Here we see the President sleeping far away from the First Lady on a couch . He is a proud NAVY man. (Shonda just one flash back of Fitz in uniform, please)


And the roominess of the shirt is perfect for when your girlfriend stays over. Every girl loves to wear her man’s shirt. Lord knows this one has waited long enough



Don’t they make a beautiful couple ?. Fitz rocks a tie and tails when he hosts the Royal Family of Caledonia at a state dinner. And for once both are happy.

tony as director

Whether Tony is dressed as himself or costumed as Fitz, he manages to get the job done with jeans and a t shirt directing his fellow cast mates on “Scandal”  With those arms, he easily has the most buff arms in prime time.


But of all the looks that Fitz has whether he is dressed formally , rocking a tee shirt, or wearing one of his tailored suits. Our favorite is when he is wearing nothing at all.



2 thoughts on “The Best Looks of Fitzgerald Grant- SCANDAL ‘s Stylish POTUS

  1. Great post Melanie Christy! This was very informative. I didn’t know that Brooks Brothers suits come with a flag pin on the lapel inspired by President Fitzgerald Grant. Although we love everything Fitz wears you’re right that his birthday suit is the fan favorite.


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