The Band Is Back Together!! Cyrus Returns

header gladiator report

When Shonda says OMG , she isn’t kidding and you know you are in for a ride. Tonight’s episode was no exception. The biggest disappointment for true gladiators was that we didn’t get to tag along on that date. I am sure it was truly spectacular and shows what Liv’s life is going to be like from now on. This is what happens when you are the girlfriend of the most famous man in the world. Has there been a divorce or did we miss something? It is painfully clear though that the lovers are in for the fight of their life. Tonight the Justice Commitee voted favorably to move ahead with impeachment, that includes their newest member, Senator Grant. Afterwards, she is removed from the committee for conflict of interest. David Rosen informs the President of his options and the war begins.

How does Washington’s best fixer handle her love life and its repercussions? By hiring her own fixer. Luckily Liv has her friend Abby lend her the irrespressible Leo Bergen. Bravo to Paul Adelstein who took a usually annoying character and made him into the comic relief of the heavy drama of tonight’s episode. His comic timing was right on the money and I loved when he opened the fridge of Olivia’s and saw she had nothing. This also resulted in Olivia going grocery shopping and buying her clothes at Target. This was to make her more approachable instead of the President’s mistress in an ivory tower.

leo burgen

Leo (Paul Adelstein) and Huck (Guillermo Diaz) peep into the refrigerator of Olivia Pope. Why have groceries when you have your food (popcorn and wine) delivered.

Olivia goes to visit her former fiance , Edison , whom she called in the second season episode “A Criminal, a Whore, a Liar and an Idiot” . Edison reads her the riot act , but complies by doing an interview. Olivia and her boyfriend watch the episode in the comfort of the Residence. But there is someone else who is definitely amused by all of this and that is former Chief of Staff , Cyrus Beene, (who is definitely the winner for MVG tonight.) First he is joined by his “Husband” Michael. (True fans know this is not the love of his life and hold the hope that James Novak has been hidden in a hole somewhere in Wonderland) Later on, Cyrus is joined by Mellie. The two of them drink wine , eat brownies and cheese, and lament how their lives would be different if Cyrus would have never introduced Olivia to Governor Grant. is is one of the sweetest scenes in the episode as the former rivals unite.

cyrus and mellie watch tv

Its a tender moment as Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and Mellie (Bellamy Young) think how their life would change if Olivia never would have met Fitz. But intn the midst of selling Olivia as a woman of the people , it is revealed that Olivia was given a Grant family heirloom. Leo spies Deux Bebe and the press announces the ring. It is now a completely different game plan as Olivia does a television interview talking about the devastating love she has for Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.Mellie tells the press about the ring further endearing her to Cyrus. Olivia finds out there is another woman in Jake’s life as she chats with her new male BFF. She confesses her fear for telling the world that she is in love with Fitz. Jake reminds her that if she does this , this is it and she will forever be tied to the White House. Oh dear it is looking more and more like Olivia is on the road to becoming First Lady. Hey Mellie , I suggest you get a copy of the Debra Messing movie “The Starter Wife.” because that is exactly what you are now. And another poke was made at Tony Goldwyn’s movie where he plays polygymist Warren Jetts when Mellie is referred to as a sister wife.Goldwyn plays a man who has more than one wife , actually more like fifty. New gladiator Marcus, is being bullied by the Committee to play their games and spy. But there is one thing that Marcus does while in the Senator’s office, he manages to get his hands on some records. These records are dangerous as Olivia reminds Rosen that they will all go down because it has to do with her kidnapping. It is an impeachable offense for a President to go to war for his mistress. But only one person can save Fitz and that is his friend, Cyrus. He decides to call his old friend. Cyrus is glad to get the call but then he tells Mellie it’s just an old friend.

sad fitz

Tony really knows how to make you cry as he reminisces with Cyrus . He is the father he never had and the brother at the same time. Cyrus is his saving grace. Bravo to both actors for a tearful reunion. watching tv in the residence

It looks like Olivia is beginning to make herself at home in the White House

cyrus and fitz reconcile

This had to be one of the best scenes of the episode. The team of Grant and Beene are reuniting to fight this and one of the best teams on television is back!!!!

Perry is the master of the monologue,as well as Morton. Cyrus’ monologues are a lot more emotional and in this case they demonstrate the love this man has for this other man. Last week  he said that they had been together for 14 years. It would only figure that Mellie wants Cyrus for her campaign. But there is only one problem, Cyrus is in love with Fitz. Not romantically in love , but he thinks of him and Olivia as the children he never had. If he would have had kids, he would have liked them to be as intelligent as Olivia and Fitz. He has dedicated a large part of his life to Fitz and the two reminisce about things that happened when Fitz was running for Governor of California. Cyrus decides to tell Fitz that he no longer needs him . Fitz has played this well and then surprises the old man that he does remember it all. He also gets him when he talks about Cyrus’s mother who we find out is named Helen. Cyrus is amazed and says he will help his friend with a few conditions. One of the main ones is get rid of Elizabeth North. Immediately Fitz calls for Lizzie Bear to come to his office. But was Fitz indeed sincere? Or is the accusation that Cy made that he was the best politician right on and he was indeed played.



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