The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction – by Linda Gray

linda gray's book

Today on television, we are loaded with female role models. There are ex wives forced to work with their husbands, a lawyer who does her best to defend the slickest of cases, a woman saddled with three kids after her husband has tragically died, and a woman who has decided to embrace happiness risking  everything to be with the man she loves. We also have women who create such women like Tina Fey, Lena Dunham, and Shonda Rhimes. In the era of the night soaps, the shows were created by men and men were the stars behind them.

When i first picked up this book, I was so excited . Linda Gray was one of my television idols.She exemplified glamour and beauty in the era of big hair and shoulder pads. Whenever Linda took the scene as Sue Ellen, I would be mesmerized with her acting ability. She amazed me with her emotions as she played the scorned woman . Her eyes were so gorgeous and I would run to the store when I saw her on a magazine cover. One year in college, I dressed up as her for Halloween. She was my role model in the eighties as a young woman who was just entering adulthood.

At 75 years old, Linda still exudes beauty.. This book has so much more than just her life story. Linda gives her tips for living a great life. She talks candidly about the relationships that have meant the most to her. Linda was a young bride who worked as a model. She grew up in the “Mad Men” era and talks freely about how alcohol had affected the people in her life. Thankfully later, she fixed the relationship with her mother and she was richer for it. She also discusses how her and her ex husband had mended their feelings towards each other and how he eventually became her best friend.”Dallas” fans will love to hear stories from the show. You will be there in the time when “Dallas” was the show and Who Shot JR? took over pop culture. Linda takes great pleasure in talking about this special time in her life. She also speaks poignantly about her best friend and co star the late Larry Hagman.This was truly a love affair that was special, because there was no romance involved but friendship. She also talks about returning to her role as Sue Ellen for the revamped version that was on TNT two years ago. She also talks about how she never expected things to be the way they are now. Her biggest surprise was when People Magazine asked her to pose for their Most Beautiful People issue. They did a shoot involving her fantastic legs, which were actually used on the original poster for the movie The Graduate. It is obvious Linda is still a raving beauty inside and out. If you want to read a book written by a truly inspirational actress or a testament to a time  period when lavishness was the norm and bigger was better, then this book is for you.


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