The Way We Were..Olitz

header gladiator reportWhen one conjures up visions of a holiday episode, they turn into a show expecting trees and sharing the holidays with loved ones and friends.  Even on “Grey’s Anatomy” , the characters celebrated the holidays with warm feelings and singing songs between surgeries. Tonight’s travesty “Baby It’s Cold Outside.,” was far from a Christmas show. It did do one thing, Olivia has returned to her world but at what cost? All during the fifth season so far, many critics have praised the show as the best season. “Scandal” had returned to it’s roots. B613 had been stunted , Olivia had replaced her gladiators and continued to fix, and the romance that has powered most of the series had been given a green light. Instead of the many obstacles that Olitz had endured, the fifth season reunited them with the promise of a future. Tonight at this point, that future seems to have ended.

We have seen a new side of Olivia Carolyn Pope. This young woman has had to fight and has no idea how to love. She doesn’t know who to trust or believe when it comes to love because of the fucked up parents that she was born with. Eli could only make her good , not teach her what love was. She has been involved with three men and all three relationships have ended tragically. She needs some serious therapy. Olivia was born to be great, “to run with the big dogs.” as she said tonight. She was cornered by trophy wives who wanted to chat about cookies while she had to see her man talking policy on the other side of the room. This wasn’t the most ideal situation for the two of them. Olivia wanted to take things slow and then Lizzie Bear leaked the photo. When the photo was leaked, things spiraled out of control. Impeachment proceedings were put into motion and Olivia was thrown into the spotlight. Another highlight of this season, is that we have gotten some of the best monologues and scenes in five seasons. You could feel the heartbreak as a couple ended a twenty year marriage, the pain of a lonely woman, all courtesy of Shonda Rhimes. Even as painful as tonight’s scene was, you had to marvel at the two actors who pulled it off. Bravo to Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn for this award winning season taking us to new heights and letting us believe in Prince Charming and Cinderella again. Instead of the glass slipper, Cinderella wore the white hat.

i am a big dog“I am a big dog. Nobody puts Liviie in a corner.”

Now in the midst of all of this craziness, you are probably wondering who is the MVG of the episode. There is no question who took most of the episode and that is Senator Grant from Virginia. Lost and confused since the divorce, she makes her mark on Congress by launching a philibuster about Planned Parenthood. This is what she was born to do and she does it well. At last she has a purpose, to defend women. She also had girl power on her side. She was relieved to go the bathroom by Susan Ross and she had another cheerleader as well, Olivia. But there would be consequences , instead of being at the side of the President at the dinner, Olivia was taking care of something. It appeared that she was at the hospital and she was getting an abortion. To the eerie strains of “Silent Night”, Olivia Pope was getting rid of the President’s baby.

stay strong mellieGo Mellie go! Bellamy Young launches a phillibuster that yields consequences for her ex

But did she do the deed? There is questions that have been raised. Many people seem to think Olivia got rid of the baby because it wasn’t Fitz’s. Olivia has not slept with Jake or that fireman Russell for quite a while. She has been sleeping in the Presidential bed for about four months now. Also questions were raised because she was moving around a little too easy for just having an abortion. She sipped alcohol but not her usual gulps. Ever optimistic actor Tony Goldwyn answered gladiators on Periscope tonight when they told him how the show tonight made them feel. Social media buzzed from the tweets during the broadcasts to chats on Facebook . Gladiators were eager to hear what the Prez himself had to say since he was at another engagement during the tweet party. He tried to restore faith to the gladiators by telling them he hasn’t given up on them . Gladiators had voiced threats that they were done after tonight. The couple who had started the season with such promise ended with Olivia on her new couch and Fitz drinking alone in the White House. just a memoryAre they just a memory now?  Tony seems to think no!

Even though the central theme was the unraveling relationship, each cast member had their moments tonight. Lizzie and David continued their trysts. But there is someone who seems to deserve Rosen more than Lizzie, that is Susan Ross. Rosen strikes a blow for men everywhere by regifting a gift meant for the COS and giving it to the Veep. Huck realizes he can finally go home now thanks to talking to Rowan. Rowan remains alive. Jake finds out that the person behind Lazarus was none other than Russell. Now Brian White can return to Chicago to terrorize 51  after Jake shot him. Marcus tries to recover some normality for the holidays and Quinn resigns herself to being alone. Surprise! Charlie shows up with holiday cheer for her. Mellie enjoys her first holiday as a divorcee with Teddy and Karen. And once again , Shonda Rhimes destroys another couple as Olivia sips wine and Fitz gulps scotch alone. And to all a good night…

b613 in action“Chicago Fire’s” Brian White returns as spy Russell . Here he talks to everyone’s favorite former Secret Service agent, Tom (Brian Letscher)


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