Why “Scandal” Doesn’t Get the Industry’s Vote But It Gets Ours

presidential seal

frank underwood

fitz handles it

Today the SAG Awards nominations came out. Even though a lot of actors that were deserving were nominated, once again one actor didn’t deserve the nod.  Yet again, another actor was ignored by the media . Coincidentally, both actors play the same role President of the United States. Kevin Spacey was spoiled with the laurels, and Tony Goldwyn was overlooked again.

Why is this happening to an actor that has definitely paid his dues? Both actors have shown their versatility in different roles. Spacey has had an acclaimed career including theatre, movies, and television. This is a quality that he shares with Mr. Goldwyn. The difference between the two is that Tony comes from Hollywood royalty and Spacey comes from New Jersey. Spacey has taken the role of producer, but Goldwyn excels as a director. He has directed many movies and has taken over the title of director on “Scandal” several times.

Spacey’s  President doesn’t seem to have a heart. On the other hand, Goldwyn’s Grant wears his on his sleeve. He is an optimist, a romantic, and according to many critics, an idiot. Underwood was brought up as a poor farmer’s son while Grant lived in the lap of luxury as he was being groomed for his political destiny.

One  difference between the actors portrayal is that Goldwyn has more of a command with the audience. He brings the viewers along on every part of his political journey. His eyes show the story of the most tormented man on television. His baritone voice seems to be like a piece of silk. Last season, he teased female viewers with one of the sexiest phone calls ever on television. Viewers are treated with a passion filled performance when he goes to war with those who go against him. Even though Rhimes was crucified by the Christian media , one of the best scenes of this season was when Fitz and Olivia finally confronted their relationship. Each actor could hold their own in the argument as both characters fought for their relationship .

Another difference between the two actors is the fact that Spacey’s character is in it for power. Goldwyn’s is the man in love. His love scenes rival anything on cable. Fitz is a man of passion. Unlike Underwood, he was railroaded into a marriage of convenience for political gain. He truly didn’t come to life until he met Olivia. He makes this woman his obsession. He can’t sleep , can’t function, and drowns his sorrows with scotch. There is only one thing that keeps him going is the promise that he will be living in a house in Vermont with Olivia and a house full of kids. Come on people, the man is 55 and not getting any younger. On the other hand, he is a fine sight without his clothes on. Is there is anyone who wants to see Spacey without his on? I don’t think so.

frank and claireamerica's baby

As well as Spacey being nominated for his role, Robin Wright has also been nominated for her own portrayal of the First Lady. I have to say this , I may not have liked Mellie that much and was so happy when Fitz had enough and threw her lying ass out. But i will have to say that one of the acting forces on the show is Bellamy Young. She has taken a conniving , trophy wife and given her compassion and a heart. Her best season had to be when she had her breakdown after losing her son. As a woman who was filled with guilt, she lost her reason for living and retreating into a world where designer dresses had been traded for a robe and her days were filled with liquor.  Her return to power was the force last season. Finally she was getting what she wanted and as she found out at the ultimate cost. We also cheered when Mellie finally found love in the arms of VP Andrew Nichols. After all, her husband had Olivia.

smelly mellie

Andrew and Mellie

naked olitz

People should realize that “Scandal” isn’t just a soap opera. It’s a political drama that as of late has taken episodes and brought them right from the headlines. It has some of the best actors on television despite convuluted storylines. Two of the actors on the show were recipients of Emmy’s for their roles. Joe Morton as the maniacal Eli/Rowan Pope and Dan Bucatinsky as the late husband of Cyrus’s , James Novak.



Thankfully some actors that usually don’t get their due were nominated as well. Guillermo Diaz who plays Huck was nominated for the NAACP Image Awards. He shares this honor with Kerry Washington and Joe Morton , as well as the show as a whole. In the Female lead category , Washington is in one of the most competitive categories competing with Viola Davis and Taraji P Henson for the spoils.

analise wig

cookie and luscious

olitz pictures

If anything , this proves that times are changing . Maybe that’s a good thing. Here’s hoping that some of these amazing actors will finally get their just rewards. Time will tell.


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