It’s Been A Scandalous Year 2015

header gladiator report

Hello gladiators! Welcome to the first official gladiator report of 2016! We are weeks away from the return of our show and I figured that we needed some Scandal and Tony!  I am sure you are enjoying wine from your Olivia glass or watching old eps or movies with our stars on them. Well before we return to Washington, let’s look back on part one of Season 5… or the season of Olitz.

Heavy is the Head Episode One…

just a memory

The season began with the lovers in paradise. Fitz was being President and Liv was playing fixer to the Queen of Caladonia. They were in perfect sync with Liv now living in the White House. Fitz had asked Mellie for a divorce on the day she was sworn in as Senator of Virginia. Everything was fine until some unknown source turned in a tape to  Sally who told the world that the President was having an affair in the White House.

Episode 2 Yes


Olivia does what  she does best , runs , but this time she leaves Washington on a case. It is perfect timing except she takes Jake with her and they discuss what will happen if she does go to Fitz. He understands and sends her a message that he loves her so much that he is willing to take Mellie back to protect her. She makes her decision right before the First Couple go on the air to refute all rumors concerning Olivia. She is confronted by the press . When asked if she is the President’s mistress, she answers with one word that will change everything… yes


Episode Three Paris is Burning

olitz pictures

The truth has come out and so have the sharks. Olivia now hangs on to Fitz for dear life. Abby has taken a page out of the Olivia Pope playbook and used Cyrus’s kill file to save Fitz’ reputation. It paints Olivia as a party girl who used powerful,older men to get what she wants.

Episode Four Dog Whistle Politics

the hunt for olivia pope

America wants to know everything about the girl who won the heart of the President. The show is done as a clever documentary that examines parallels between Rowan and his daughter. It shows that she was not lacking ambition since they found a tape of her saying someday she wanted to work in the White House in her freshman year at Georgetown. Jake and Charlie go to Paris in search of Lazarus 1, he finds his wife , Elise. The gladiators have recruited a new member to help Olivia and that is Marcus (new cast member Cornelius Smith Jr.) He tells of her plight as a black woman that is strong.

new gladiator

Despite threats coming from all directions, Fitz talks to Abby about his dilemma and decides that he must stay true to his heart. He goes over to Liv’s and they go on their first date. Mellie sees this and is furious, she moves the committee to start impeachment proceedings.



Episode 5 You Got Served

It is now imminent that Fitz is going to be impeached. David tells him to get a good lawyer cause he is going to need it. Files from the White House have been seized and the couple realize that a President forced to declare war to save his mistress is impeachable. There is only way to save them and that is to get Cyrus back. He leaves a girly session with Mellie as they watch the fun on television. Olivia has to hire a fixer herself and she hires Leo (this is one of most hilarious moments of the season when he looks in the fridge and finds nothing. ) He tries to paint a picture of an every woman which goes out the window  when they find out about Deux bebe. She touches  America when she does an interview talking about how she hates to love Fitz. Cyrus brings tears to Fitz eyes when he realizes how much he means to him. He hires him back and gets rid of Lizzie Bear.

cyrus and fitz reconcile

The band is back together….

Episode 6 Get Out of Jail Free

will you marry me no

Mellie is brought to testify before the committee and all of her lies are brought fourth including Janine Locke. They realize that they are gunning for Mellie and then bring on the gladiators as well. Next up is Olivia and there is one way to avoid Olivia testifying and that is to get married. Preparations are made for a WH wedding but it isn’t the one that the First Couple has dreamed of, it is a shotgun one. Olivia can’t see it and then meets Mellie and the two of them conspire to have Rowan/ Damascus released from prison. Mellie finds out the real identity of him and also that he killed her son. He releases incriminating evidence and the committee disbanded.

Episode 7 Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance


Olivia returns to find out that her father has been released. She also helps in the celebration for Fitz not getting impeached. The team decides that Fitz needs to do some damage control and does it in the form of awarding a feminist who is a professor whose female students want his hide for sexually harassing them. The female students hire Olivia and she brings them out at a public hearing.

Episode 8 Rasputin

liv at the state dinner

Olivia is starting to be groomed for First Lady and one of these was as the hostess at a state dinner for a country that Fitz wants a treaty with. One of the men wants political freedom from the country and enlists Olivia to get it. It turns out that he is gay and in his country it is forbidden. He tells Olivia a secret about one of the factories that is really a nuclear reactor and then Fitz signs the treaty. Under his breath he says we will bomb your “soda factory”. Olivia is also arrested for the release of Rowan and then she is pardoned by the President. He tells her that her new home is the White House as she watches servants move her stuff into the closet.



And the season finale that shook things up for good…


Baby It’s Cold Outside  Episode 9

three girls

Between the scenes as the White House gals pose for a picture.

It’s Christmas time in the Capitol and there is plenty stirring. The White House entertains and Liv has been all over the media as the “First ” girlfriend. She is now actively pursuing First Lady duties and losing herself more. A lady asks her about something and it turns out to be a cookie recipe. Olivia is no Betty Crocker, she is one of the players. Fitz now wants her as a Mellie clone and she has no place at the table anymore.  Meanwhile Mellie stages a fillibuster against funding for women’s health. She gets the support of Susan and Olivia. Olivia is supposed to attend yet another boring dinner as Fitz’s date , instead she goes to a clinic and as Silent Night plays she gets rid of a baby. ( we assume its Fitz’s) Fitz confronts her later of why she never showed. She searches the closet for some of Mellie’s hooch and takes a swig then lets him have it. She is a big dog and not Mellie. He is inefffectual and then shoots him down for the father he was raised with. She drops the bomb by saying that there is no future , no Vermont, no jam, not any more. She takes her things and returns to her apartment with a new couch and a Christmas tree. Quinn celebrates with Charlie and stolen decorations. Mellie spends that first Christmas with Teddy and Karen alone. Jake shows up at Rowan’s and calls him father. Fitz drinks in the Oval alone and Liv drinks her precious wine. Is this the end of Olivia and Fitz? Time will tell.

i am a big dog

Is this the end of Olivia and Fitz ? Again!

Scandal holiday

Counting down to returning on February 11….Almost a month away….








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