McDreamy Has a Birthday!


happy birthdaypd1



Today is a special day for the folks at Shondaland. There are two birthdays being celebrated on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy”, creator of GA and “Scandal”, Shonda Rhimes and everyone’s favorite surgeon , Patrick Dempsey. Since everyone seems to be in love with McDreamy, we thought we would celebrate with some of his favorite roles on the screen and in real life. Plus it was fun to look at all those pictures .

Patrick Galen Dempsey was born in Lewiston , Maine on January 13, 1966. At an early age, he excelled as a skier.He also was diagnosed at an early age as a dyslexic. Today , Patrick memorizes all those complicated medical terms in his scripts. He is the youngest of three children. Patrick’s father was an insurance agent and his mother, Amanda , was a school secretary. With his mother’s cancer diagnosis, Patrick has become a champion for cancer by establishing the Dempsey Challenge bike race.  Acting has always been a passion for Patrick. His career began in the early eighties as a teen actor. It wasn’t until the start of the new millennium that Patrick ‘s career skyrocketed. In 2005, Patrick became the Prince Charming in scrubs as neurosugeon, Dr . Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy on “Grey’s Anatomy”  He has also appeared on “Once and Again”, “Will and Grace” and “Private Practice.”  He has become a romantic leading man in such movies as “Made of Honor” and “Enchanted” and appeared with Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette in “Scream 3”. Patrick has proven himself to be quite a competitor on the racing circuit in biking and race car driving.  At home, Patrick plays his favorite role, daddy to his three children, Tallulah, and twin boys, Darby and Sullivan. This is his second marriage to Jillian Dempsey.

Chitownstarconnections wants to wish Miss Shonda and Patrick a very happy birthday.

Here are the two birthday buds, Patrick and his boss, Shonda at the TV Land Awards. Both were born today.


Here is a young Patrick. Before he wanted to be an actor, he wanted to go to clown college. It seems how he always wanted to entertain.

young Patty

Here is Patrick when he was in eighties movies as a geeky teen.  As you can see, he has come a long way.


Here he is with Eric McCormack of “Perception” on “Will and Grace. Patrick was Matthew, a lover of Will’s who refused to come out of the closet.



Here he is as Detective Kinkaid in “Scream 3”. Neve Campbell returned the favor by appearing on “Grey’s Anatomy” as the sister who donated her nerves for his hand.


Here he is as Robert in “Enchanted. Disney loved him so much , that they created a doll based on his character in the movie.


Here he is as Tom in “Made of Honor” with Michelle Monaghan and Kevin Kidd. He would end up working with McKidd in a few years as Dr Owen Hunt.



One of Patrick’s loves is racing. He loves to drive fast cars and competes on a regular basis.

race car driver

Here he is in “Sweet Home Alabama” Now who ‘d want to dump him?


Here he is with his real family, his wife, Jillian, daughter Tallulah and twins Darby and Sullivan.


MV5BMjE5NDg3NjIyOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDIxNzE0Nw@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Derek is consulting with a patient when he visits LA on “Private Practice”

derekBut the role he will most be known for is as super neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd  on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” he vacated this role at the end of the 11th Season but not to worry look for Patrick on the big screen soon in Bridget Jone’s Baby!


Happy Birthday Patrick!!!B7QLll-IcAAXayd.jpg small!!!!


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