Mazel to you Joshua!!! You are Golden!!!


This is a golden year for some of television’s favorite actors. Many of your faves hit the big 50 this year. Sixty six seemed to be the year that a bunch of actors made their debut. Last week, was Patrick Dempsey. Today we are celebrating the life and career of one Joshua Charles Malina. Josh has been a television and movie fixtures for many years. Currently, he is the Attorney General with the White Hat on ABC’s “Scandal”  , David Rosen. Join with us as we walk down memory lane of the life of this beloved actor.



Joshua was born on January 17, 1966 in New York City to Fran and Robert Malina . Show business seemed to be in his blood since his father was an investment banker/ Broadway producer. Malina grew up in Scarsdale . He made a comment that people usually didn’t know that his name was Jewish, they usually thought he was Latino with his name. Malina in polish means “Raspberry.” He graduated from Yale University with a BFA in Theatre.


Joshua ‘s first acting role was in “A Few Good Men ” on Broadway. The play was written by prolific writer , Aaron Sorkin. Josh’s parents made the suggestion that Malina look up Sorkin since he was a high school classmate of one of his cousins. The cousin has spoken to Sorkin about Josh and he was encouraged to audition. Joshua was cast in the play and here is in the motion picture. Joshua went to appear in several of Sorkin’s projects in his career.


Joshua was Jeremy Goodwin on “Sports Night” He appeared with “Good Wife’s” Josh Charles


Joshua also was on Stargate as “Cicero”


Joshua also appeared in the HBO’s mini series “From the Earth to the Moon” . He would work with a lot of the talented actors in the show like George Newbern, Tom Verica, and Tony Goldwyn.


Josh also showed his comic side as he played the gay flight attendant , Randy Jones  Gweneth Paltrow in “View from the Top”.


Josh made quite a name for himself as Will Bailey in “The West Wing” Here he is with Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford)


Josh was also the President of Cal Tech on “The Big Bang Theory” . Here he is so rudely interrupted by Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Kripke (John Ross Barie)

Law and Order SVU Episode Thought Criminal 15023 12

He embraced his creepy side as a child pornographer on “Law and Order SVU”

joshua malina on grey's

Joshua’s first visit to Shondaland was on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Here he is with Alex Karev  (Justin Chambers) as he helps his wife with an unusual request for transplant. Josh also appeared on “Private Practice”




Currently Josh is appearing as David Rosen, Attorney General on “Scandal” Here he is with President Grant (Tony Goldwyn) when he was appointed for the office.



David may currently be with Lizzie Bear and have the Veep Susan Ross crushing on him but the love of his life is clearly Abby, (Darby Stanchfield)


Joshua is an animal lover and family man in real life. He has two children , Avi and Isabelle. Here he is with his lovely wife, Melissa who is the owner of Isarose, a flower shop in Pacific Palisades. You might even see Josh there in the shop on one of his days off.


From putting Vaseline on Martin Sheen’s phone to pranking Jimmy Kimmel on his birthday, Joshua is the jokester of his set. He sent flowers to Jimmy Smits and signed them from Bradley Whitford and put fake names on his “Scandal” castmates trailers. Here he is last Halloween as Olivia Pope.



Joshua is a great guy . How do we know this? I was fortunate to chat with him on the phone and interview this talented and fun guy. So on your golden birthday, Joshua, Chitownstarconnections wishes you Mazel and Happy Birthday.


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