Olivia-Gate Season 5 Part Two

header gladiator report

Hello gladiators!! For those of you who are true gladiators , I wanted to see the show from last night before I did my review . That way I would be able to give my true feelings on the return of “Scandal”. ABC had went out of its way to help this show with a day that started with two hours of cast on GMA and ended with a special appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with our own President, Tony Goldwyn.  He should have definitely gotten MVP for his character and also the actor last night.  Tony started the day at 2 AM with an Instagram takeover for People, Good Morning America, table read, live tweets for the show, ending the day with Jimmy Kimmel and then learning his lines for episode 5.16 . Whew!! As Fitz, he shows his broken heart has been broken too many times.

It is definitely a new day in Washington since six months have passed and America’s sweethearts are history. Olivia is now a celebrity for breaking up with Fitz. She is back at OPA and lovin it. She has also won the respect of her father who seems to have his own little agenda. He is envious that his little girl had the Oval and the power. Rowan loves Power and he also values his new son as well. Yes gang, Olivia is screwing her brother. And that isn’t the only one that Jake boy is playing. He is playing a few people. He is a truly a snake loose in the garden.

Fitz has decided to become strong in his last days of his term. But the problem is that he has never been alone before. He had Mellie for part of the ride, but she has her own agenda now. Mellie is on a one way road back to the White House with the help of Olivia. She has written a book with her agenda and coming clean for the American people. But will Mellie really tell all of her nasty secrets? Fitz does have a new woman but not for his bed. He has decided to make Abby his work wife and she ain’t having it. MVP number two is Darby Stanchfield as Abby. Abby is tired of taking on the duty’s of the Chief of Staff and First Lady as well as her duties as Press Secretary. She has a heart to heart with Olivia as they drink Fitz’s scotch. Olivia tells her that she was the last person that he trusted. But Abby has a life and reminds Fitz that she does and once again Fitz is left by a woman. So much for America’s most eligible bachelor.

Olivia has been hired by General Diane Peters because there is a leak called Project Mercury . Her assistant Billy has released this leak that copies of files from the world’s leaders. It basically says that we are spying on those leaders and is very dangerous. Abby is informed that the Post has found out about the secret project which has leaked as well. Fitz is nervous and asks for her resignation. But while everyone is looking for Billy, he shows up dead in the freezer. Olivia remembers that Jake was there looking for him earlier. She puts two and two together and realizes that Jake murdered him. Diane resigns and then a new head of the NSA is found. Jake and Fitz have a buddy chat and Jake lies through his teeth that he is talking to Liv. Fitz has yet to trust Cyrus , so he admits that he trusts Jake. Voila! the new head of the NSA is Jacob Hamilton Ballard. Oh Mr President, what did you do?

Next week, the race for the Oval begins… the days of Fitz are now numbered.

jake and fitz in white house Two Navy buddies or two deadly enemies?  Meet the new head of the NSA  … Captain Jacob Hamilton Ballard. Also the son of Eli Pope and fuck buddy of Olivia Pope.. what is his game?

the gladiators are bqackOlivia is in control? But the gladiators are back and fixing more than ever..Huck wants to protect Marcus and not get too close to new gladiator , Marcus. He is a “normal” and not us.

olivia and fashion choicesLyn Paolo has made some bold choices with our favorite fixer. Her muted colors and white hat are gone forever. This change started in the White House before the holidays. Love the ESCADA coat with the floral print. This change in wardrobe means that Olivia sees herself as strong and independent . She wants the power now thanks to Dad.

the new mellieLyn has also made a shift in the former First Lady’s as well. Gone are the power suits of red and bold colors. For the time being, Mellie is in pastels as she begs for the forgiveness and gain sympathy from the American voter. In this powder blue Caroline Herrera , she does this as she begs for Olivia’s help.

cast on GMAIt was SCANDAL day yesterday on ABC  as the day began with a cast session on “Good Morning America” .. Mr Social Media also took over Instragram for the day as well when Tony took fans through the day…

tony on jimmyAnd Tony ended his day on Jimmy Kimmel…such is the life of an actor


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