Happy Birthday to Bellamy Young – “Scandal’s Survivor and Possible POTUS”


Another one of our Scandal faves is having a birthday. Today we celebrate the wonder and the talent of Bellamy Young. Bellamy plays the ambitious , conniving former First Lady Mellie Grant. Mellie is beginning her quest for the White House with a very unlikely ally at her side.  With Olivia’s guidance , she has almost made itback  to the White House. She has also found love in the guise of Marcus Walker repeating how her ex found love as he ran for President. Now with the death of Frankie Vargas, Mellie and Cyrus battle for the Oval.

Born Amy Marie  Young,  Bellamy is truly a flower of the old South. She was born on February 19, 1970 in Asheville , North Carolina to adoptive parents. Her mother was her teacher from the fifth to the eighth grade. She changed her name to Bellamy when she joined SAG because there was already an Amy Young. Bellamy graduated from Yale Drama in 1991. Following this, she continued her education at Oxford. In 1987, Bellamy won the title of Miss Junior Miss North Carolina.

Bellamy has used her talents in many ways through the years and in many different mediums. She has conquered the stage, the big screen, and the small screen.

bells sings at the lighting of the Christmas tree washington

One of Bellamy’s most recent accomplishments was when she was invited to sing at the lighting of the National Christmas tree in Washington DC. She is an accomplished singer as well recently releasing her own album “Far Away So Close”.



Bellamy had a role on “Criminal Minds” as  Beth which made her recurring for six episodes


Former beauty queen, she was behind the scenes on “Castle” when the duo is solving a murder at a beauty pageant


Bellamy was hilarious as a surgeon on “Scrubs” Here she is with the cynical Dr Cox (John C McGinley)


Bellamy would start her education in politics on “The West Wing” with Bradley Whitford

bells on private practice

She had her introduction to Shondaland when she appeared on “Private Practice” as a woman whose husband wouldn’t touch her.


Here is Bellamy in her current role as Senator Mellie Grant on “Scandal” This has really been a breakout role for her since she was only originally slated for three episodes. In the fifth season, her character has went through a major life change. She won a seat in the Senate as Virginia’s Jr Senator, she has been divorced from her Presidential husband(Tony Goldwyn) , and now she is running for the Presidency herself. Mellie has also found love in the guise of Marcus Walker (Cornelius Walker Jr.)


 Here is Bellamy with her co star and campaign manager, Kerry Washington (Olivia) These frenemies have been through the ringer. She blackmailed her into being campaign manager and because of releasing her father , Olivia became the former First Lady’s campaign manager in her quest for the Presidency. The girls have had the opportunity many times to discuss the man they shared for four years. Here they dance to victory.


In real life, Bellamy is pictured with her baby, Bean.She has several fur babies and is an advocate for shelter adoptions. Bellamy has also practiced a healthy lifestyle by being a vegan since 1988.

bellamy and bean

Bellamy has been quite a fixture on the talk show and game show circuits. Most notably, she won Celebrity Jeopardy and 50, 000  dollars  for her favorite charity. Operation Blankets of Love.  She dominated the literature category . Not surprising since she and “Scandal ” co star Joshua Malina went to Yale. Go Bulldogs!  Bellamy is passionate to help our furry friends and like the other gladiators, was a huge part of the Hillary campaign last summer. After all, both gals were both former First Lady’s who ran for the White House.


Bellamy has had many doors open as a result of playing the fictional First Lady. This includes getting a chance to be invited to the White House with other celebrities for the White House Correspondence Dinner. Here she is with former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and her own fictional POTUS ex Tony Goldwyn.


 Bellamy Young has become quite the cover girl . She has graced fashion magazines , political magazines and was also part of the EW shoot of 2015 Who was she on the cover with? Only her ex and his new girlfriend from “Scandal” , Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn in the tormented love triangle of the ABC hit now in its sixth season. Hurray we get to see Bellamy and the gang for another year as “Scandal” gets another season. Thanks ABC!


Bellamy has also tried to step out of playing the role of the scorned First Lady and has played many roles in her career. Her latest was a Lifetime movie called “The Night Stalker” . She has also done a lot of indies as well.


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the role of Mellie Grant will be her standout role. Mellie made a complete turn as the shrewish First Lady in a historical episode called “Everything is Coming Up Mellie.” In this episode it was revealed that Mrs Grant had been raped by her father in law played by Barry Botswick.This event was a major turning point for the show. “Scandal” prides itself on telling the story with flashbacks. Here she is with her new hubby, “Fitz” (Tony Goldwyn) and the man hired to send him on the road to greatness. Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry)


The role won her acclaim and also a Television Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.  Not bad for someone who was only supposed to be on three episodes. Like most of her castmates, the Academy has only honored two people from “Scandal” . Bellamy should definitely be honored more for her work.


But now Bellamy has busted through her own glass ceiling as Mellie tries to be the first woman to be elected as President. With the same woman helping her that helped her ex husband win the White House, she is in the final stretch. But she can’t help but win with a national hero like Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) as a running mate. (But does she know who is really running the show)


From all of us at Chitownstarconnections Happy Birthday Bellamy…. we love you!


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