Let The Games Begin.. the Race for the Oval is On!

header gladiator report

Last night’s episode certainly sparked a lot of controversy. ABC scrambles for damage control as ratings continue to plummet and people abandon the ship , “Scandal” There is definitely  fear felt as episodes are scrapped , rewrites are done, and actors are paraded around to sing the praises of their creator.  There are some of us who have been like Pilate and washed their hands and others who can truly call themselves gladiators.  Let it be known that this gladiator will be hanging on until the bitter end. Let’s hope it will all be worth it.

Mellie is trying to find a way to put a spin on her own sad tale. She is choosing to play the poor beleaguered woman whose husband was screwing a mistress and lost a son. She wants to capitalize on the fact that while she was pregnant , her husband was near death after an assassination attempt. Enlisting Olivia’s help, Olivia says that isn’t the public is going to want to know. They will want to know why she stayed. Why did she want to stay with a man who was obvious not in love with her anymore. This is what they will want to read in the book and what will sell. Mellie turns on her and asks her a brutal question. Why did you leave? Finally someone is giving Olivia something to think about. Hah! and she even mentions Olivia should see a therapist. Hallelujah!

Toss away the white hat Rosen! Lizzie Bear has her own agenda. She wants to be Chief of Staff and she wants Susan to run for President. Susan doesn’t want it, so she uses her boyfriend to her advantage . David takes Susan for a date at Gettysburger. (Hey ! there needs to be a Gettysburger) Susan is talked into running and receives a kiss from Rosen. Her junior high crush is encouraged.She will run!

Meanwhile there is a man in the White House who is basically just biding time until his days ended. Both wife and love of his life gone, Fitz has lost it. But then comes his cheerleader, Cyrus reminds him of Reagan and Clinton and that when they were lame duck Presidents, they did things like take down the Berlin Wall. He could really do something to cement his legacy.  Cyrus also talks to Mellie and she tells him “that we made a President, we made Fitzgerald Grant.” Mellie goes back  to Olivia and the two have a chat over hooch. She tells Olivia that  she stayed because it worked. She could plan and breathe because Fitz was occupied with Olivia.

Olivia tells Mellie what she should put in this book. She should talk about how she got her strength when she was talking during the filibuster defending a woman’s rights. It is obvious that it hits a nerve with Liv since this is what prompted her decision. She has realized her strength and that is when she realized who she was. With her help, Sally reads a few choice pages on “The Liberty Report.” Mellie has made a mission statement. I guess Olivia has forgiven her for years of name calling .  Marcus continues to try to fit into the Gladiators and that includes bonding with Huck. Huck ‘s one joy in his life that is consistent is his son, Javier.

But Cyrus and Abby sit down with award winning reporter,  Lillian Forrester. But there is a fly in the ointment , Ms Forrester admits she has a crush on Fitz. Still nursing wounds from the big breakup, Fitz is enchanted with the woman and asks her on a date.  This could be trouble. The woman could be a plant from B613 or just someone to catch the President with his pants down again. It is pretty suspicious that she admits her feelings at their first meeting.  One thing is for certain, it is our sincere hope that this skank (not pretty at all) doesn’t stick around the WH for long. Maybe it will be the thing that will urge Liv to think.

Meantime, Cyrus stands in the back and watches as an unknown governor speaks at a town hall in Pennsylvania. The wheels are set in motion. He is basically looking for his new “Fitz”. He knows 61his days are numbered as well. Another note is that Joe Morton was promoted from recurring to permanent cast. What does this mean. Is an unholy alliance brewing between Papa Pope and Jake? What does this mean to Fitz ? Is B613 alive and well?

Mellivia a power couple

MVG for the night had to be Bellamy Young. Mellie is finally taking charge of her own life. She has also caused Olivia to question her own motives for ending her and Fitz. Meet our new power couple…Mellivia

rosen and susan on a date

Good bye white hat for David as he pretends to care so Susan will run for President. The two are enjoying a bite at Gettysburger

fitz and the whore

And the sharks have come out. Annabeth Gish is a reporter who has her plans for the Commander in Chief. Let’s hope she won’t be around long. The gladiators have made it pretty clear how they feel about her.

joe morton with jake

Congrats to Joe Morton who goes from recurring to permanent cast . What evil will Rowan and Jake cook up now that they have an in into the White House ?



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