The Evangelization of Fitzgerald Grant

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Somebody has been a bad boy! Ever since Fitz has gotten his heart broken , he has let someone take over his body, his Father. Abby has a new job, Presidential pimp. Her job is to usher the parade of bimbos through the White House to Fitz’s bed. Well, he is a healthy , heterosexual male and girls it is a shame to waste all that sex appeal. The line forms in the rear to play Presidential whores. But the Commander in Chief isn’t the only one who wants to play , his boys want to play as well. Unfortunately, the party gets out of hand and there is a dead body at a Secret Service party. Instead of it getting back to the media, Abby calls in the calvary. Finally the “gladiators” are back on the job in the White House.

Unfortunately, there are costs to Fitz’s new freedom. He forgets that Mellie is coming over for Teddy’s visit and Mellie catches him with a girl. Mellie reverts back to her old self, and tells Fitz “you can screw all the whores you want, but keep them away from my child” Mellie picks up her child and takes him away from his philandering daddy. Fitz returns to his bedroom and the flavor of the day. But this girl has some news about Olivia working with Mellie. The two are working on the release of Mellie’s memoirs. Since the breakup, Olivia has changed her behavior as well. She has become Jake’s stalker . Crouching behind the wheel of her car, she watches Jake on a date with a woman. Jake sees her and then comes over to tease her. He knows this is killing her.

The race to the White House continues with trickery, truth, and sex. Rosen continues his affair with Susan and also with Lizzie Bear. Cyrus has made Governor Francisco Marcus his project and has even gotten the Governor on the Liberty Report . Cyrus has also been doing some digging and finds out that the Governor has one very sick little girl. He knows he won’t run.So Cyrus  The governor also has an education program for free college that he is trying to push. Fitz is not impressed by him at all. Liz talks David into making Susan go on Sally’s show and talk about the same plan. Once again she is being played.

It is painfully obvious who tonight’s MVG is and that is President Fitz Grant himself. Tony’s performance once again showed a troubled man who didn’t know how to handle rejection. He is a man caught between women and it is still very obvious that the “Fixer” holds a place in his heart. For the past two weeks, the network had teased about a showdown between the former lovers. He has spent his entire term being a man who is torn between being his own man and being someone’s puppet. With no partner , he is confused because he has been with someone for so long. He reverts back to the only male role model he has known and that is his father. When Olivia entered the Oval, you could cut the air with a knife. Then the couple greet each other like they had before with their traditional “Hi”. The eyes tell the story as we could almost see the tears welling up in Fitz’s eyes as he stares at her. Olivia calls him on the carpet about his behavior. At first, he tells her that she has no right to question his behavior. But then she reminds him of who he is and how he needs to be an example to Teddy. She also asks him if he wants to be remembered for being wreckless. Once again her words make the POTUS think, especially when she compares him to his father. Fitz calls Susan into the Oval and then tells her to be true to herself and not to let people play her. He also says that she will want his endorsement when the time comes . After this , he addresses the press and tells that he does not endorse the actions of his SSA and there will be consequences. Olivia sits by a television and watches her “man” be the President she knows he can be. Maybe there is hope yet, gladiators. The spark is still there.

Olivia starts her week by going to her dad’s. Eli is surprised to see her . She walks into the house and sees Jake and his new girlfriend. Eli proposes a toast to Jake and Vanessa, his fiance. Jake is getting married!!! Olivia’s mouth is agape.

It is no secret that our favorites are backing Hillary Clinton . Tony himself has followed Madam Secretary on the campaign trail . (I am sure that he can relate to this because of Fitz and the Trail)  Tonight , viewers were treated to their favorite gals of TGIT. (Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington, and Viola Davis) talking about strong women. Shonda herself explained why she is backing Hillary and how the nation needs her as President. The gals were directed by that awesome “Scandal” director and Kerry’s leading man, TG. Gladiators were also given a treat last night . TV One aired a special episode of “Unsung” featuring Joe E Morton. The hour showed how versatile the actor was and told the tragic story about his father’s death. Joe has certainly had a long and glorious career. The important thing is that Joe could have settled for playing roles that demoralized African Americans, but he held out for positive black role models instead. Joe was praised by several of his cast mates , including Kerry, Scott, and Tony. If you get a chance, definitely watch this special hour. it will allow you a chance to see what Joe has put into his roles and give you a new understanding into his process.

mellie and her book

Mellie (Bellamy Young) has finally finished her memoir and what a book it would be. I know gladiators that I would want to read it and all those juicy secrets she hides. ABC already markets books that are marketed by the show “Castle” so this would be a win win for Shonda.


But while Mellie starts her quest for the Oval, her ex( Tony Goldwyn) has been counting days until his departure. He also has been counting girls that he has slept with . Mellie won’t tolerate this and while she doesn’t give a damn about who he screws, she warns him to keep his “whores” away from her children. Is Olivia responsible for his bad behavior?


scandal_video_2830999_362x204_1457652471859But Olivia gets the shock of her life when she gets to Eli’s house for dinner and Jake (Scott Foley) announces that he and Vanessa are engaged. How will this woman participate in Jake’s plans.

thumbnail_PicsArt_03-12-02.43.11 Looks like the exes may not look so ex. Each of them is just too stubborn to start talking but the eyes tell the story and it is obvious that the story is far from over. Gladiators, we just have to wait and we will be rewarded.  Olivia sat in her office watching Fitz on television and drank a toast to him returning to the man she knows he really is.

tgit gals directed by TGIT guy Heading into some of the major contests of this election, Hillary Clinton has some all star support. A disclaimer was broadcast and TGIT queen mother , Shonda Rhimes enlisted her girls to show their support for Ms Clinton. Each of them talked about how their characters have struggles but have come out strong. The ad was directed by Shonda’s go to guy Tony Goldwyn , who is once again on the trail this weekend in Arizona.



2 thoughts on “The Evangelization of Fitzgerald Grant

  1. Just get back to the S1, S2A format. We adored the love relationship of Olitz. Not the sexcapades Shonda keeps writing for everyone and their brother. Ugh. Sex for sex sake isn’t good story telling; it’s cheap soap-opera tactics. Bring back Judy Smith to fix Scandal.


  2. ‘The line forms in the rear to play Presidential whores.’ Are we joining Mellie in calling all women we don’t like whores now? Is Mellie’s brand of slut shaming ‘feminism’ what we all aspire to? NONE of those women were sex workers.
    ‘ he has let someone take over his body, his Father’ How, thoogh? His father was a serial adulterer and rapist. Fitz is merely a promiscuous single man, and the idea that a group of thirty-something secret service agents suddenly started killing hookers because their boss is sleeping around is a nonsensical premise, especially since the real life incident which inspired this plot happened during a scandal free presidency. This nasty habit this show has of allowing all the adults to blame their choices on the president typifies the kind of adolescent thinking that has made American politics such a mess. Now we have people trying to blame President Obama for Trump’s candidacy. Are we not doing personal responsibility at all anymore?
    ‘He forgets that Mellie is coming over for Teddy’s visit and Mellie catches him with a girl.’ NO. Mellie came unannounced, on the wrong day and barged into his bedroom. Short of never dating, their was no way to avoid that and given that Mellie herself was caught by their daughter giving a BJ to a family friend while married, she had no right to withold his child. I don’t recall him banning her from seeing Karen after that little incident.
    The whole thing was an insult to the viewers intelligence and the idea of this bunch of lying, child murdering hypocrites telling Fitz off is laughable, when none of them considered the effect it will have on Teddy when he finds that his mother and Olivia conspired to free Rowan, the man who KILLED his big brother.


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