How Olivia Gets Her Groove Back

header gladiator report

Gladiators , it has been quite a while but Olivia is back to her old tricks again. Yes, she is still jumping on the Jokester in bathrooms and no there is no Olitz in sight. But let’s go back in time to election time and she is pulling out all the stops for Mellie . But Mellie makes a major goof tonight and it costs her. Olivia has her brought before a focus group and finds out that the American public thinks she is aloof and stuck up. Well when you have lived in the Calif governor’s mansion and White House for the last decade, you might be out of touch with America. Olivia comes up with a great idea. Mellie visits Gettysburger and talks with the public. But Mellie is caught in a lie in her Burger Bungle, Gettysburger is not open on Sunday. Back to square one.

Susan Ross is also being groomed too, but she is being coached by the White House and that includes the President. Susan is thrown off her game though because of thinking with her heart and not her head. The reason is that she is falling for David Rosen and he is falling for her. It is tearing him apart so he is asking for love advice from his ex Abby. Liz slips up and says that David is dating two women. Susan is crushed. First David breaks up with Liz saying that he is in love with Susan. Susan is confused by this development and then she asks Fitz about what he knows about cheating. She has her suspicions. If anybody knows about cheating, its Fitz. He just shrugs his shoulders, puts his hands in his pockets and says “If you suspect he’s cheating. he’s probably cheating.” (And thus ends Tony Goldwyn’s five minutes on screen) This is throwing her off and she needs to pull it together , so she tells David its over. Now she can get her head back in the game with her special endorsement from the President.

Vargas continues his quest with the help of his brother. Cyrus doesn’t like this and sends Tom to find the dirt on the brother. Hey , am I the only person who is wondering whether Tom is sleeping with Cyrus? I mean all the time he was Presidential body guard, was he looking at Fitz’s booty? Another cast member joins the Scandal gang and that is Danny Pino as Alex  Vargas .Vargas is there to make sure his brother , Francisco is going to be President. He plays dirty but how will that go over with Cyrus Beane?  Another candidate has joined the parade and that might mean trouble for Olivia. It is another man who is part of her past , Edison Davis. Edison has been approached by Rowan because he has his own plans. Olivia calls him a monster and Edison rebuffs her by calling him the father of the monster. Ouch!!! But Vargas is here to play and so is Olivia. She has dirt on Edison and he has dirt on Susan. So what could the Veep have in her past? All hands on deck for Grant 2016! The MVG for the episode is Artemis Pendami. Susan has grown a lot since her arrival. She was originally brought on as a also ran to make Mellie look good. The joke is on Mellie though  because she has proven to be a contender and may actually get that important Presidential endorsement. She has also won the heart of the two timing David Rosen and she showed her stripes by getting her head in the game and dumping the Attorney General. Watch out Mellie!

Olivia continues her quest to find out what is up with the upcoming nuptials with Jake and Vanessa. She sends Quinn to spy on her and interrogate her. Quinn finds out that they have looked into her funds and background and Olivia has her suspicions. She also accosts Jake in a ladies room and then whispers that she will win. But look out gladiators when next week, Olivia gets a visit at OPA from the President. What business does she have with the POTUS?  This week’s episode is directed by Regina King.


mellie as first lady

From the First Lady … to


Mellie of the people… man Olivia has her work cut out for her.


Hollis Doyle ( Gregg Henry)prepares for the great Republican debate.

danny pino - governor's brother

Danny Pino joins Team Vargas as Alex Vargas, Francisco’s brother. He is not above playing dirty to win. But will Cyrus and him be able to work together?

Law and Order with Rosen

Danny formerly was on “Cold Case” and “Law and Order SVU” . When he was on “SVU” he assaulted Joshua Malina’s creepy pedophile.

susan ross and david rosen

Has Susan ( Artemis Pendami) found love and did she find it in David? Susan is also MVG of the week. (Most Valuable Gladiator)

olivia gets a visitor at OPA

But gladiators , Olivia gets a visitor at OPA guess who?


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