Actors and Actresses Who Played Doctors

Caduceus Medical Symbol

In special honor of National Doctor Day, we are proud to present our favorite  actors and actresses who have played doctors through the years



dr ken jeong

He has made people laugh in movies like Role Models . but Ken Jeong keeps everyone in stitches on ABC’s Dr Ken. He was also a real doctor

big bang theory

They may never lift a scalpel , but these science guys and gals have PHds in comedy.  Plus Amy Farrah Fowler aka Mayim Bialik has a real PHd .


You can’t talk about doctor shows without talking about those sexy surgeons on “Grey’s Anatomy” Many of these actors have gone on to other pursuits including Chyler Leigh on “Supergirl” and Eric Dane on “The Last Ship”. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) is starring in the third Bridget Jones movie since his “death”


tony on matlock

Today he is the President on “Scandal” but here is Tony Goldwyn as a young intern on “Matlock ” in the eighties

bellamy young on scrubs

Bellamy Young broke quite a few hearts as a female surgeon on “Scrubs” Today she aims for the White House on “Scandal”

josh malina in bones

Here Joshua Malina helps the team on “Bones” out as a psychiatrist

joe morton as dr charles richmond

Joe Morton has caused the cast members of “Scandal” much grief as Rowan Pope . Here he is as Dr Charles Richmond  on “Proof” last year

kate burton as ellis grey

As Sally Langston, Kate Burton terrorizes everyone on “The Liberty Report” Let’s not forget that she was the brilliant Dr Ellis Grey who was the mother of Meredith on “Grey’s”

dr temperance bones

Emily Deschnel is Dr Temperance Brennan , a doctor who loves to mess with dead things like “Bones”

waitress  darby stanchfield and nathan fillion

From the indie movie “Waitress” is the woman behind the man on “Scandal” Darby Stanchfield and TV’s favorite writer/ investigator Nathan Fillion from “Castle”. They played husband and wife gynecologists

tamala jones on castle

Tamala Jones is the doc who helps solve crimes on “Castle” as Dr Lainie Parrish.

debbie allen katherine avery

Debbie Allen has had a long career and currently she wears two hats . She is producer on “Grey’s Anatomy”where she plays Dr Katherine Avery

er cast photo

Before there was sex in the on call rooms of “Grey’s” ER “was the medical show for 15 seasons. “Good Wife’s Julianne Marguilles played Nurse Carol to the original McDreamy George Clooney.

Virginia Dixon mary mcdonnell

She runs the unit in LA called “Major Crimes” , but she also was a doctor looking to be the new cardio attending on “Grey’s” Mary McDonnell


I think everyone can name these doctors as among their favorite tv doctors. It’s the doctors of the 4077th of the classic tv series “M*A*S*H*” G W Bailey of “Major Crimes” played a happy sergeant by the name of Rizzo.

st elsewhere cast

Another great doctor show was “St Elsewhere” . Superstar Denzel Washington got his start from this show . CSI’s Mark Harmon was also a cast member as a playboy doctor who got AIDS.This was also the starting place of comic Howie Mandel as well.

frasier niles and liith

Everyone’s favorite shrinks were obviously Dr Niles Crane, Dr Lilith Sternin , and of course the king of radio shrinks Frasier Crane

chicago hope

Before ER, there was another hospital that was open in the Windy City, “Chicago Hope” . Mandy Pantinkin of “Homeland” was a surgeon . Adam Arkin spent a large part of the season this year on “How to Get Away With Murder” .

csi miami khandi

Khandi Alexander used to help Horatio and the guys on “CSI Miami” . Most recently . she has been known as  the escaped Maya Pope on “Scandal” , the mother of Olivia

scrubs - cast

Bill Lawrence wanted to write a medical show not only with heart , but with laughter. So he created “Scrubs” . Northwestern ‘s Zach Braff headed a cast of looney hospital staffers as he looked for love.

marcus welby md

One of the most popular shows of the seventies was “Marcus Welby MD “. Robert Young was the old fashioned doctor with a new associate . James Brolin of “Life in Pieces” and also the father of “Castle” played Dr Steven Kiley


The modern black woman is played by Tracee Ellis Ross on “Blackish” Her doctor is constantly at comic odds with her ad man hubby.

trapper john md

A “M*A*S*H*” spin off that was successful was “Trapper John MD” Pernell Roberts was the third actor to play the iconic doctor. Trap was now in San Francisco and Chief of Surgery . He had a young upstart played by Gregory Harrison who has recently guest starred on “Castle” . Aaron Sorkin stallworth Timothy Busfield was his son and Broadway actor Brian Stokes Mitchell played a young intern.


Shonda Rhimes second series “Private Practice”  was a spin off of “Grey’s” Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery let Seattle and her hubby go . She settled at a clinic in LA with her best friend Naomi and her colleagues. Today three of these actors are currently on tv. Tim Daly is the husband of “Madam Secretary” Paul Adelstein is the fixer boyfriend of Abby on “Scandal’ and Caterina Scorsone reprises her role of Dr. Amelia Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy”

beverly crusher

Gates McFadden played another Star Trek doctor ,Commander  Beverly Crusher on “Star Trek  the Next Generation”

bones mccoy

Deforrest Kelley as Dr. Leonard  Bones McCoy kept the original crew of the Enterprise  healthy on “Star Trek”

ross and leonard green

The two men in Rachel Green’s life on “Friends” were both doctors. Ron Leibman played Dr Leonard Green, her father and David Schwimmer played Dr Ross Geller , her paleontologist boyfriend and father of her child.

sean meher  firefly

We finish up this salute to doctors with Dr Simon Tam aka Sean Maher on the legendary sci fi show “Firefly”  He took care of the crew of the Serenity.


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