Working My Way Back to You, Liv

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A triumph ! No other word could describe tonight’s episode. Despite a fandom that is still split apart, “Scandal” moves along. One person that should take credit for tonight’s episode is first time director Scott Foley. This is the first time that Foley took the helm of the SS Scandal and he proved that he can definitely play with the big boys. (Verica and Goldwyn) Scott has directed in the past but this is the first time he is on the home field. Kudos to Rhimes for tonight’s script and bringing the game back to the show. It is the closest this show has come to pre Season 3. and the best non Olitz episode this season.

Our story begins with everyone’s favorite right wing nut job , Sally Langston bringing the three Republican candidates on to debate. Hollis stands alone, Mellie has her cheerleaders ,Olivia and the gladiators, and Susan has Lizzie Bear and the White House. It becomes a mud fest between the three candidates with low blows like  Hollis Doyle bringing up Mellie ‘s sins and Ross panning his labor practices. Ross wins the round. But Lizzie Bear wants to play political matchmaker and talks Susan into taking back David. It’s a fight though when she flips him the bird and then calls him “Stupid face”. Ross further humiliates him when after he declares his love , she calls him a prop. Ouch!!!

Olivia has been a naughty girl as well. She has met with Vargas ‘s brother and has some dirt on Ross. The precious father and the story about the fallen husband is nothing more than a lie. Her daughter’s real father is in prison. Olivia salivates at this news and can’t wait to use it. The gladiators are getting scared and they see her heading to dark places where she can’t come back from. In the meantime, Mellie is defeated and Olivia ‘s job is to bring her back and make America love her. They have only seen her as the cold, unlovable bitch that has been unreachable. Olivia books her to go on Kimmel and sends Marcus to work with her. They  give her some of her own nasty tweets which will allow her to make fun of her image and after a thrashing with Marcus, she is a hit. Edison has been brought out with an addiction to pain pills. He is livid and calls Rowan on the carpet about Olivia’ YOU DON”T DO THAT so its a safe bet that Edison is either gone or an accident will happen. No body takes down command or his daughter. The most comical scene of the show is when Jake watches the whole encounter and is gnawing on a piece of fried chicken. No Gettysburger tonight.

No question who takes the prize for Most Valuable Gladiator tonight and that is the POTUS himself. Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington bring fire to the screen anytime whether they are fighting or F@#$@! Fitz is finally realizing things that he should have learned about five years ago. He sees what is happening with Susan and he doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes he did. He tells her to bring out the truth and tells her how he wants her to earn the Presidency. He then makes a confession that may come back to haunt them and says he didn’t earn the office . Ross just stands there floored. But that isn’t all. The gladiators are scared that Liv is headed somewhere she doesn’t want to go. She is taking pages from Rowan’s playbook and tells Mellie that she will make her President come hell or high water. Hmmm! sounds familiar. Since she is out of control, it’s time for an intervention. Olivia walks in and sees Abby, Quinn, Huck , and two large men who of course are SSA. And there he stands in all his glory… Fitz.

The looks are there as he begs Olivia not to be this way .. He starts by using the phrase “Let’s get real.” Olivia makes fun of this by saying you should fire who said that. He calls attention to the fact that she barged into his office and told him off. This was the brief period when he had hot and cold running whores going in and out of the White House. He wants her to stop playing dirty. He tells her this isn’t really who she is . He also shows hope for the first time since the break (“Baby It’s Cold Outside) . He uses the phrase us and has that look of begging again.  It’s obvious he is still a man in love and he wants to see that they are on the same page. Bad news though, Susan’s real love kills himself and its a question of is it suicide or murder? After this happens, Olivia calls a truce and says she wants a fair fight and wants to win squarely this time. She pours a celebratory drink for the two of them and the exes toast to the election. With that smirk that kills he smiles and says “I’m going to kick your ass.” She toasts and then gives him that coy look. For the first time in a long time, Olivia and Fitz smile at each other.  Vermont is real again!! foley takes the helm

Here is Scott Foley directing his first episode. Previous to this, he has directed “Felicity” as well as his first movie that he wrote, starred, and directed “Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife”

the race is on

All three Republican candidates debate on “The Liberty Report” The debate starts as mudslinging but in the end Susan (Artemis Pendami) takes it.

tom and cyrus

People watch out because you never know what these two will do in the quest for the Oval

back atcha livvy

Gladiators that look is still there. There’s hope….


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