“You Called Her Sweet Baby?” The Start of OMG

season 1 cast

Evolution of the seasons. In the beginning Henry Ian Cusick was a gladiator until the end of the season . Bellamy Young wasn’t even considered lead cast yet. Also notice the positioning through the seasons.



Four years ago, we met a young woman as she walked into a bar on a presumed blind date. The guy she met led her to a world filled with kidnappers, blackmail , and secret rendevouz with the President. Since then , we have been taken on the roller coaster of our lives thanks to Shonda Rhimes. We have also been treated to some of the greatest monologues on television and the sexiest scenes on network television.

April 5, 2012 Scandal premiered. I have to admit I was a little confused the first time I watched it. But the one thing that drew me in like so many others was the romance that has driven the show. What kind of woman would have the ability to be able to seduce the President of the United States? And what exactly is a political fixer? In the early days , Washington fixer Judy Smith was a producer on the show. This was to bring realism to the situations on the show. Kerry was an established movie star that had been lured to television . The rest of the cast were relatively unknowns with the exception of Joshua . He was a name because of “West Wing” and “Sports Night.” Two characters were slated for early exits but their performances were so strong that they were saved. One of those actors had so much chemistry that he literally sets the screen on fire with his love scenes with Kerry . Bellamy Young wasn’t even considered a major character. Mellie was originally set for three episodes and she is now one of the characters carrying the show. Fitz was to die after the assassination , but he was saved when the Olitz relationship drove the show and the ratings. Another interesting fact is that Jeff Perry didn’t know until the sixth show that his character was gay. Now as we end Season 5 and head into Season 6, the hot storyline is the election.  So grab your wine glass and lift it to the air as we celebrate that first episode .

do you want to be gladiator in a suit

The show starts with Quinn (Katie Lowes) being recruited for OPA. Harrison( Columbus Short)  asks her do you want to be a gladiator in a suit? She answers the call.

i need your help

 Olivia is called by her friend Cyrus (Jeff Perry) He needs your help.” I don’t work for the White House any more.”

amanda tanner

Olivia and Quinn go to confront Amanda (Liza Weil or Bonnie on “How to Get Away With Murder”) Amanda Tanner is set on bringing the President down and Olivia has been asked to threaten her.

camp david

For the first time we are introduced to the couple that will drive this show. No one knew anything except that Olivia used to work for the White House  and quit.

sweet baby ...

Perhaps this was the reason. Of course Olivia had been having an affair with the very married President (Tony Goldwyn) For us gladiators, this was the beginning of the story. It wouldn’t be until later in the season that we would learn about the Trail.


Season Two includes Joshua Malina as David and now Bellamy is a full cast member as Mellie Grant. Kerry takes center as Olivia.


season 3 or 4

Now we are into Season 3 and we have added Scott Foley as Jake. Also notice Tony Goldwyn’s Fitz is also at center next to Olivia.

season 4 castSeason 4 dresses the cast up in their finest and moves Mellie away from her husband. Now Columbus Short is no longer a cast member and gone

season 5 cast

In the current season , Olivia has traded her white for some color. To the cast we have added Portia Di Rossi as Elizabeth North and Cornelius Walker Jr. as the newest gladiator Marcus . As the established leads now, Fitz and Olivia remain at the front and center



2 thoughts on ““You Called Her Sweet Baby?” The Start of OMG

  1. This took me back through Scandal history. I have been through many ups and downs with this show and I truly hope Olivia keeps it real with Fitz and they both run good campaigns.


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