Putting the Cray- Back in Crazy!!

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I am still recovering from that old entity the “Scandal” hangover. All week long we have been saturated with promos that took us back to the craziest of “Scandal” history. Those moments when our jaws dropped actually bring back the sweet as well as the sour. Well tonight was one of those episodes that kept you on the edge of your seat. If those ratings have been falling , tonight and last week are guaranteed to bring back some of the viewers. There were a lot that are still following the boycott , but more wanted to be loyal to their President. That’s right folks, tonight’s episode “Thwack” was directed by none other than the Admiral  himself. Tony ‘s episodes always have been masterpieces. Most actors when they direct have a tendency to be relegated to one or two scenes an episode. When Tony directs, he is right in the thick of the action. He has directed himself in a love scene in 2.20 “A Woman Scorned.” and tonight Fitz had another ghost from the past haunt him. Sure enough, Fitz and his team had a problem.

The President’s “friend” Lillian has been sneaking around clinics.Everyone is still involved in the throes of the election and digging dirt com Instead of her possibly being pregnant, she has been snooping. Could this have been the reason she was seducing the Commander in Chief? Just when another sin is swept under the rug, it rears its ugly head. Jon Tenney played his heart out as the deposed Andrew Nichols. Andrew has recovered enough to say that he is going to the press with his knowledge of West Angola. Even though he was the mastermind behind Olivia’s kidnapping, Fitz has a lot more to lose. He could still be impeached for declaring war because of Olivia All of the candidates have everything to lose This causes a meeting of the minds and each of the coven meet something .Elizabeth North goes to Huck and blackmails him into taking care of the former Veep.  . , Fitz and company gather to discuss how to handle Andrew. Mellie volunteers to handle him after Abby tells her she needs to .  She goes to see him and he immediately sees right through her plan. He moves her hand down to his crotch and she grimaces. Andrew spouts off and says , ” I can see you are as disgusted at it as I am with you.” Andrew then asks for ten million dollars to keep his mouth shut . The most hilarious moment of the episode is when Cyrus gives a dollar to the pot.Thanks to Fitz, he is immune for all of his crimes .Scott Foley has another great scene where he sits , says nothing, and just eats.  Lizzie offers five million. and then so does Fitz. Olivia has a feeling so she goes to her father and Jake , they place a bug so they can hear Lillian make a deal for the article.It goes to press in 48 hours. West Angola may still come out so Fitz decides to take the blame for everything. Olivia is impressed. He is finally the leader she believed he would be. Everyone on the team has sacrificed so Fitz could stay President, so he feels it is his turn. But finally Abby has gotten her claws and informs Olivia that she runs the White House and she is one of the big dogs. She can’t have him give up. She likes the taste of power too much. Abby is insulted when Olivia tells her she can always be a gladiator for her again.Abby gets a look to kill and goes to make a deal with Nichols.Abby talks about the body count and that she now runs the Oval. she then bans Olivia from the White House. Olivia is not done and asks Jake to get her into the White House.  . Olivia goes to visit Andrew and he decides that ten million is not enough. He starts insulting Olivia and goes too far. Olivia has been having flashbacks of her kidnapping and she picks up the chair . In one of the most graphic deaths ever, Olivia smashes Andrew Nichols skull in. Sitting up against the wall, Olivia is covered with blood and then… what we have all been waiting for since the fight . Fitz takes her in his arms and hugs her and tells her everything will be alright. She hugs him back. Olivia takes charge and tells the two how to handle Andrew’s death. With a deadly look, she turns to Abby and says “Don’t ever cross me again.” Following that Liv heads for sanctuary , her father’s where she belongs.

Tonight’s MVG was hard to decide, but I guess my pick for MVG has to be Olivia. She has been on a journey since Season One. With no viable male role models, she has used men for their power and with this mindset she has no idea how to show a man how to love her. For the longest time, she was the woman who wanted everyone else to be happy. She made the ultimate sacrifice when she let the man she loved go back to his wife to save his ass. Time and time again , she did the right thing. With the kidnapping, all bets were off. She was not in control for the first time in her life. She always made the decisions, but not now. She has also been fighting a battle in her mind all along between good and evil. She has been caught between the role established by her father and the too good to be true “Helen of Troy ” that men have established for her. Olivia has felt trapped ever since the kidnapping and has felt like she has been a prisoner. This might explain her weird behavior when she was in the White House or it might even explain the decision of the abortion. Both would have trapped her to one person and she didn’t want that . She is still feeling the effects from the kidnapping and the flashbacks were obvious of that. When Olivia was bashing in Andrew’s head . she was taking back the power she lost when she was taken and tortured. She knew he was behind her abduction. But notice after she lost control, she fell into the arms of the man she loves. (Present tense folks) He took her in his arms and showed her the love she never received from Rowan. It was further demonstrated when he ran his hands through her hair and told her that everything would be alright. He actually should have done this when she was rescued and I had every hope this would have happened. This was her sign that she needed to embrace both parts of her the good (Fitz, the fixer, do gooder) and the bad (Rowan’s child, avenger, revenge) It is obvious that Olivia has embraced the better and the worse part of her. This might just make her stronger or it might break her.

This episode was a bit of a catharsis . Olivia has been suffering since the fourth season. Truthfully, each character could be a victim of PTSD. Olivia has watched little pieces of her fall off since then. The love is there but Olivia saw the White House as a prison. Fitz could have been the loving person he was by offering to talk about their relationship instead of being a dictator. Prophetically, Mellie saw the downfall of their relationship when she talked in the closet when she was looking for her hooch. Was the abortion really Olivia bailing or was it Olivia having to face a child that may not have been the superchild that a power couple would have. The child could have had a disability or been born retarded. Olivia has been teetering between good and bad since Defiance. She told herself that she was doing this for the man she loved. But was this the case? She has finally accepted her birthright as the anchor in “Dog Whistle Politics” . announced. One thing is certain , Olivia is headed for a fall. Let’s hope she finally gets the help she needs. We know there is someone for sure to hold her when the nightmare finally ends.

tony directingTony directed tonight’s episode which was guaranteed to thrill , shock, and have its memorable moments


Jon Tenney returned for the last time tonight as Andrew Nichols. He was intent on bringing Fitz down that is until Liv foiled his plans.

secret meeting

The White House coven gather to discuss how to deal with Andrew.


Now the truth can be told. Cyrus ‘s new boyfriend is Secret Service Tom (Brian Letscher) Vargas’ brother can use this to get to Michael


This scene was the big draw of the night as Olitz fans got some of their favorite couple. When it all comes down to it, He will always be there for her. Damn Abby for showing up .

welcome home livvy

But for now , Liv has decided that she is her father’s (Joe Morton )monster and this is where she belongs. The red door symbolizes freedom because it was the same color as the hallway where she was held . She may think she is free, but she is not.


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