Everybody Loved Doris

doris roberts main

Yesterday the entertainment world lost one of its brightest and funniest stars. At the age of 90, Doris Roberts passed away. Doris was in the business since the fifties but she is  most remembered for the endearing , but meddlesome Marie Barone on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” She is truly the character actress ‘s actress for her versatility as well. She has had roles in shows that were television’s most historic shows. Born on November 4, 1925 , Doris May Green started life in St Louis. The first part of her life was far from laughable . Roberts father left her and her mother ,Ann Meltzer. This development caused them to move to the Bronx where Ann brought up Doris with the help of her parents.Doris took her stepfather’s name , Chester H Roberts. Her stepfather and mother opened a steno agency that catered to actors and playwrights. Doris ‘s family is from Russia and she was of  Jewish persuasion.

 Help us celebrate the life of this great actress by remembering her greatest roles

doris on all in the family

Here is Doris when she was on “All in the Family”

doris -flo flotsky soap

Doris was the mother of Sal Viscuso’s “Father Tim ” on SOAP  . She was disgusted when her son left the priesthood to marry Corinne Tate.

doris on angie

Doris was the adorable mother of Angie on the sitcom “Angie” Here she is meeting Robert Hays’s father on the seventies sitcom. Robert Hays was in the movie “Airplane” and on the sitcom “That 70’s show” as Hyde’s absent father

doris on alice

Doris also played Linda Lavin’s mother on the show  “Alice”

st else where

 Doris won an Emmy for playing Cora the homeless woman on St Elsewhere. James Coco played her homeless buddy .

doris on remmington steele

Doris was the lovable secretary Mildred Krebs on eighties detective show “Remmington Steele” . It will be known for the suave , sophisticated Pierce Brosnan who would go on to be the next James Bond.

christmas vacation with doris

Doris will always be remembered in the holiday  classic “National Lampoon Christmas Vacation”

doris as rose fieldler in keeping up with the steins

Doris celebrated her Jewish heritage in the movie “Keeping Up With the Steins” it starred Jami Gertz, Garry Marshall, and Jeremy Piven as a Jewish family who are celebrating their son and grandson’s Bar Mitzvah.

every body loves raymond

But the role that Doris will always be loved for is Ray Barone’s mother on “Everybody Loves Raymond” Marie. Here she is joined by her television family , Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Patricia Heaton, the late Peter Boyle, Madelyn Sweeten, Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten. She won Emmy awards 2001,2002, 2003, and 2005 for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

doris on grey's

Doris had a wonderful guest role for an arc on “Grey’s Anatomy” . She was an elderly woman named Gladys who made Karev’s life a living hell. Alex found out that she was rich and he wanted to bring a group of orphans from Africa to do surgeries on them. In the end, she gave the money to Alex. If it wasn’t for Gladys, then the Shepherd family would have never gotten to adopt Zola.

star on the walk of fame

Doris was also honored with one of the highest honors a celebrity can have and that is to be given a star on the Walk of Fame . Here she is with her television family . At this point, Peter Boyle , who played Frank had passed away. Doris has been married twice but only has one child, Michael . She is also survived by her three grandchildren.

major crimes

One of Doris ‘s last performances was on “Major Crimes” here is Doris with the cast.. Doris was also an author . She wrote a combination of her memoirs and a cookbook entitled “Are You Hungry Dear?”

doris final shot

 She is indeed a treasure and will be missed…1925-2016


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