Till Death Do Us Part..Mr. and Mrs . Harris?

header gladiator report

I just got down from tonight’s ride and wow what a trip. After a wait of two weeks, we were once again presented a episode to remember. We have learned about the family of Diego Munoz, we have seen the evolution from Lindsay Dwyer to killer Quinn Perkins, and we have found out about the destruction of the marriage of Mellie and Fitz. Tonight we add one more story to the fire. That is the story of Pete Harris aka Jake Hamilton Ballard.

We have been told that Jake and Fitz were Navy buddies. We have also had explained to us about Operation Remington and the beginnings of B613. Tonight we were treated to the back story of Jake and why he felt that he should devote himself to Rowan. Jake eating chicken was just so he could save his energy for this episode.  We start the episode with a young Jake .A young boy is seen playing with army men as his parents are arguing and his father abuses his mother. To escape this life, young Jake enlists in the Navy. This is probably where he met Fitz . They see that Jake has some real talent, so then we are witness to his early days in B613. (We saw this earlier when we saw the history of Huck)  Charlie was actually in B613 with Jake. Rowan was the one who recruited Jake when he kept getting arrested and thrown in the brig for drunken brawls. He gave him a choice between going back to his abusive father and joining B613. He naturally joined the evil spy organization.

Meanwhile Jake is also preparing for his wedding to Vanessa. It is the equivalent of the Royal Wedding as all of Washington will be there when the power couple marry in a grand ceremony. But Olivia is still healing from her ordeal.  In the beginning, Olivia looks like she did when she was kidnapped. She lays in bed and has Jake feeding her toast. Finally she gets some energy and goes for a run. It seems like Olivia is playing her father and meets her team . The game is on. Jake and Olivia talk and she tells him that he can’t marry Vanessa because he doesn’t love her. They argue and then end up kissing. (Bleech) Jake confesses his love to Olivia. and then the two of them plot to have him dump Vanessa very publicly at the altar. At a party at the White House, Jake and Fitz have a conversation about Vanessa . He asks him if he loves her. No answer. Then Jake asks him how it is with him and all he says that he is free. Fitz is in denial for the one who he wants and that is Olivia.

It’s wedding day and Jake and Olivia are putting their plan in motion. But we finally find out Rowan’s evil plan. Edison will run for President and Jake will be his VP. Vanessa will be the perfect political wife. Jake wants to cut ties and wants to do this. Rowan is not stupid and tells Olivia that if Jake doesn’t get married , he will kill him. Once again, Olivia makes the supreme sacrifice and tells Jake that she doesn’t love him and that she will always love Fitz. She sends him to marry Vanessa and runs from the ceremony. On the way out, Fitz once again asks if she is alright? She runs past him and says she can’t stay there. So as the President of the United States hands him a ring, Jake and Vanessa marry and a evil dynasty has begun.

And how did it all begin, Jake went home after his sister hung herself and then shot and killed his father… then he was in B613…the sad part was that most of the cast was MIA with the exception of Huckleberry Quinn. Everyone continued their tweeting and the best tweet of the night came to Mr President. A gladiator asked Tony if Fitz if still had the house in Vermont. His answer ? Yes and still waiting  for squishy babies. There is hope!

Next week: It’s the battle of the gladiators as the candidates are pitted against each other. GRANT and POPE and ROSS and WHELAN!!!


olivia looks like shit

Recovering from her ordeal, Olivia has come to her poppa’s house to heal. Or has she come to foil her father’s latest evil plan?

olivia and jake

Olivia wants Jake to admit that he doesn’t love Vanessa and stop the wedding . A lot of stuff has brought Jake to this point and we find out what made him the way he is.

olivia gets wise

Rowan  ( Joe Morton )tells Olivia that this is Jake’s fate and if he would try to leave , he would be killed. She tells him that she doesn’t love him to save his life. Rowan has put all of his hopes on Jake since Olivia is such a disappointment.

jake gets married

So Jake and Vanessa get married and Rowan’s evil plan rolls along.(Hey gladiators I had to get in Tony in at least one pic) LOL


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