It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Ride

header gladiator report

Just like in real life, the campaign rages on. Tonight was mostly focused on the Republican candidates . Friends became enemies.. Gal pals Olivia and Abby are no longer on the same team. Olivia and the gladiators are working for Mellie and Abby is on the WH team for Susan Ross.

may the best woman win

 The Republican candidates are now vying for a hefty prize . They are competing for the endorsement of the governor of Florida which means the candidate will win the state. It was a real treat tonight for me when Madam Governor was played by none other than that “Designing Woman” Annie Potts. It was a reunion of sorts for Annie on the “Scandal” set. Annie had appeared with Mr President on her show way back in the eighties in a classic episode called “Killing All the Right People” Tony was a young man who contracted aids and asked the gals if they would design his funeral for him.

tony on designing w

Annie would definitely not recognize this young man when she did “Scandal” . He obviously aged quite well…

Fitz swag

 The candidates are all on their way to Florida, well one is stalled. The “Mellie” team is waiting to take off, but can’t . No other planes can be in the air before Air Force One. Olivia hears that the plane hasn’t left because of mechanical problems. She knows better than that and blames Abby. Olivia plays her own card and lets the media know that there is nothing wrong with Air Force One. Abby wants to make Mellie late because she knows the governor wants to favor her. Nothing ticks her off more than tardiness. Quinn can’t understand why Liv is battling with her friend. Mellie is clued in by Marcus to make her move and she does that by waving into the Presidential jet.  Both her and Fitz get off the planes , which is a field day for the media as the two exes chat on the runway. But thank God, they can’t hear Fitz telling Mellie about Liv killing Andrew. The two share a special moment as they both voice their concern about Olivia’s personality. Fitz tells her to make sure she eats and gets enough sleep. He knows how she is when she is in her work mode. So it looks like as we predicted. Fitz isn’t over her and probably never will be…

the exes

Air Force One takes off with the Chief Executive ‘s orders. Abby calls him on the carpet and says that she runs him. Fitz argues with her, and then because of her tactics, Mellie is almost not admitted to the dinner. Olivia uses her own magic as she gets Fitz to admit Mellie’s lateness is his own fault. The governor makes room for Mellie. Abby steams more. Hollis uses his charm , causing Lizzie to call it a hillbilly hoedown.David has made a deal for Susan if he seizes an investigation. Susan starts out quiet but then she makes her case to the governor. Following the dinner, David says he is proud of Susan, yet he is still sleeping on the floor. But Susan is trying and she reaches down to take his hand. He promises that he will never hurt her again. The next day, Susan is told that she got the governor’s endorsement . Unfortunately, neither lady comes out the victor. Hollis wins the state primary and Lizzie finds out that David made a deal with the governor.

huck comforts liv

Huck shows his tender side as he shows his own concern for Olivia.He tells her that he fears what is happened to her since Andrew’s death and how she needs to grieve.  He warns her that she has gone down the rabbit hole and he tells her he understands. Olivia strikes back by saying that Andrew had it coming and she felt powerful and free when she killed him. She could actually sleep for the first time in a year. Olivia also admits that her father would kill Jake if she didn’t leave him alone. Olivia breaks down into Huck’s arms.

cyrus and michael

The shit hits the fan with Cyrus. Vargas’s brother wants Michael to get some dirt on Cyrus. Cyrus admits to him that he has been sleeping with Tom and it breaks Michael’s heart. A war starts when Michael starts calling Ella his child. Cyrus is livid and tells him in no uncertain terms that Ella is his late husband ‘s child, not his!! Later, he returns to find Michael is gone and he has taken Ella with him.

the grants post divorce

There is no question who this week’s MVG is and once again as POTUS gets ready to leave the White House, he is cleaning up so many messes. On one hand he wants to help his VP get the nomination. But this man has a lot of baggage and he also has a woman he doesn’t want to let go of. In the midst of the gladiator war between Abby and Olivia, he is stuck between support Susan and loyalties between his wife and the love of his life. He knows that Olivia is ill and he has been willing to be there for her. He also has been a friend to Abby when she broke down in the Oval Office. He told her he had gone down the same road and that she needed to find a line to pull her back up from the darkness. Abby had been the go between for Fitz in the past for Olivia. Can Fitzgerald  Grant head toward redemption as well as make the one dream that he still holds come true? Hang on gladiators we are headed toward the season finale guaranteed to deliver a cliffhanger to thrill…OMG!!!


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