It’s Gettin Real Now Folks!!

header gladiator report

The countdown has begun to the finale and we have one week to go. “Scandal” was definitely the talk of the week last weekend , as our gladiators took over the White House for Barack’s last WHCD.  The hit of the event was our couple , now dubbed “Washington’s Favorite Couple’ by the media. Kerry managed to slay everyone at the Met Gala sporting a killer gown and a killer announcement. Izzy is gonna be a big sister. That’s right gladiators! Kerry is pregnant. The media has given congrats to both Kerry and her (husband?’) on this joyful occasion. Her MIA hubby coincidentally appeared at a few events previous to the announcement. But body language doesn’t lie, Kerry was aloof to her hubby. On the other hand, she was all smiles to her co star and sometimes romantic on screen POTUS. Hmmmm stay tuned . Because of this new development, the season has been cut from the usual twenty two order to sixteen episodes.

“Cyrus” is definitely not the father of the year. He asks to meet Liv in their spot but he doesn’t ask her about helping to find Michael and his daughter. No, he is much more concerned with Vargas and Edison and the Democratic race. Vargas is losing to Edison. Doyle is stomping all over the female candidates. This causes a truce between Abby and Olivia which causes Quinn to say its a “Gladiator Throwback” as the former enemies drink wine. The two decide to unite forces and take down Hollis. Doyle makes an offer to the two Republican candidates , whoever quits , the other will be his running mate. The OPA-White House team takes down Hollis, preparing the way  for the truce to end. Edison is confident until he is visited by Jake. Edison tells him in no uncertain terms that he is not going to take Jake as his Vice President. Jake threatens him and tells his that he was the one who was responsible for Edison’s little car accident. (Fall in love with Rowan’s daughter and you WILL PAY!!!)  Olivia visits Edison and informs him that he will not be running the country. Her father will. She gives the ammunition to him so he will be able to drop from the race. Edison is history and then Vargas is the Democratic nominee.

Now the race for the Republican nomination is on and so is the drama. It almost looked like there was going to be another happy couple when David Rosen proposed to Susan and she accepted. But each side is digging for the dirt on each other. The gladiators have dirt on Susan and Abby is given some dirt from an unlikely source, Rowan. He informs her about Olivia’s abortion. Abby wants to meet with Olivia and she says they will meet in the White House.  Abby arrives and then Olivia informs her to meet her in the Oval. Everyone is gathered together and the two mutually agree to listen to the dirt on each other’s team. Olivia presents her dirt on Susan and its a doozy. Susan finds out that David dropped an investigation so she would get the endorsement from the Governor of Florida. She is hurt that David wouldn’t have the faith that she could do this by herself. Besides that, David is asked by Fitz to resign as Attorney General. Now it’s the White House’s turn and Abby ‘s has the power to not only siderail Mellie but it also has the potential to destroy her friend and the President. She can’t do it. They may be political rivals , but in the end they are still friends. Abby definitely went over a cliff and deserves to be MVG for this week. Instead she reveals that Mellie was seeing a psychic while she was in her mourning period following Jerry’s death. She actually wanted to try and contact her dead son. Susan quits the race and then the Republican nominee is none other than the former First Lady. Marcus and her share a moment before her big interview. The moment is reminiscent of the Olitz moments as the two look at each other. It looks like Mellie is seeing what her ex saw so long ago.

Next week is the infamous season finale. Who knows what will happen as the curtain comes down on crazy Season Five? And as per usual, the season finale is directed by none other than “Peeping Tom’ aka Tom Verica. Since Hiatus has started, your favorites are working hard over their breaks. Joe Morton is appearing in Brooklyn in “Turn Me Loose” a play about African American comic Dick Gregory. As Kerry prepares for motherhood again, she is also promoting her new shades for OPI nail color. Tony is currently in Atlanta filming “Felt.” which explains why he was sporting a new haircut. Darby is also filming “Slumber” during the summer.

abby and liv at peace

Old friends sit down for a truce. Once a gladiator…. always a gladiator.

rowan spills the beans

Rowan visits Abby and tells her that his daughter had an abortion. She aborted Fitz’s baby.

hollis on the liberty report

Hollis makes an offer to have the race end by having one of the female Republicans  leave the race and that one will be his running mate. Now the races have one goal, eliminate Doyle.

showdown in the oval

They are both armed with secrets . and each secret has the potential to destroy the other candidate as well as hurt someone. Abby can’t do it, so Susan quits after she finds out David broke the law

mellie and marcusIt is just almost like history repeating itself ….the fixer and the candidate.



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