Golden Moments of Goldwyn’s Career-A Birthday Tribute

tony from ghost

On May 20, 1960, a little boy was born to Jennifer Howard and Samuel Goldwyn Jr. . Today 56 years later , we celebrate a man who is a father, husband, human rights activist, writer, director , and actor. For Tony Goldwyn, his career has been filled with ups and downs . He has played comic, historical characters, and for most of it political figures. Come on this magical trip down memory lane for movie, television, and theatre roles in front of and behind the camera. Let’s celebrate our POTUS!!!!

friday the 13th  tony


Tony first made an impression in the Friday the 13th movies. It would be the first time he would hold a gun and also became a victim. It wouldn’t be the last .

designing women kendall dobbs


Tony was cast in “Designing Women” as Kendall Dobbs in “Killing All the Right People” . Kendall asked the ladies to design his funeral because he was dying of aids. It was a very prolific episode for its time. Recently, Tony was reunited with one of the ladies when Annie Potts appeared on “Scandal”



Tony played Bobby Powell who was a young man rumored to be having an affair with a married politician. This was also the pilot of the long running Candice Bergen show “Murphy Brown” . Murphy was scheduled to do an interview with Bobby

tom jones williamstown tony with george wendt

In 1988, Tony also was on stage at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Tom Jones. Here he is with “Cheers’ George Wendt



“Ghost” Here is Tony as Carl Bruner. He had Patrick Swayze murdered and he is trying to kill his girlfriend , Molly (Demi Moore)

tales from the crypt


“Tales from the Crypt”

kuffs tony and christian slater


“Kuffs” Tony is Ted Bukovsky , Christian Slater’s partner as he tries to fight the bad guys who murdered his brother.

pelican brief


Tony is the evil Chief of Staff in the “Pelican Brief” It would be his first foray into the West Wing.

doomsday gun


It’s the battling Presidents in “Doomsday Gun” . Tony played a CIA agent along with “House of Cards” Kevin Spacey. President Underwood meet President Grant



Robert Steed in “A Woman of Independent Means” with Sally Field



“The Substance of Fire” Tony is the gay eldest son of a Jewish publisher who tries to sell his ancient manuscripts. Ron Rifkin plays the patriarch who is starting to get Alzheimer’s

trouble on the corner  joe and tony


“Trouble on the Corner”  Tony plays Jeff Stewart , a therapist  who murders his wife. This would be the first time that Tony would work with African American actor , Joe Morton.

from the earth to the moon


Tony blasts off as astronaut , Neil Armstrong , in “From the Earth to the Moon”  for HBO

a walk on the moon


Tony directs for the first time for the movie “A Walk on the Moon” Here he is with Ann Paquin. He will direct movies , television, as well as his own series.

sixth day  michael drucker


Tony is not his usual hot self in “The Sixth Day” . He is a clone from the future that kidnaps Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s family when they threaten to tell his secret.

frasier tony goldwyn


“Frasier” Love Stinks- Tony is Roger, a lovable garbage man who is dating Roz (Peri Gilpin) . Roz has problems because her new boyfriend makes less than her. She comes to her senses and they reconcile

withut a trace


“Without a Trace” It’s two times the Tony as two twin brothers who are accused of murdering the girlfriend of the other brother.

the l word


“The L Word” Tony is an actor who is afraid to come out of the closet for his own career. One of the girls is assigned to interview him.Tony has played gay quite a few times.

godfather of green bay

Tony really can dance as he shows in this clip from 2006 “The Godfather of Green Bay” He plays a former jock who now deals drugs and refuses to give up his former glory. Thomas Lennon of “The Odd Couple” also stars in this indy. Check out the mullet!

the waters edge


Tony returns to the theatre in “The Water’s Edge” . He also reunites with his “Love Matters” co star Kate Burton. Kate will be known for stripping Tony own stage down to his naked body and this clip will be popular on the internet. Kate and him will work together on “Scandal” as President and Vice President

Law & Order: Criminal Intent



“Law and Order Criminal Intent” Forget Tony ‘s fancy Brooks Brothers suits . In this series of L and O eps, Tony is Bobby’s older ne’er do well brother who is a drug addict and only uses his brother and mother. Sadly, Frank ends up dead

judge henry baxter


“The Good Wife” “Lifeguard” Tony is Judge Henry Baxter , a friend of Will’s who is a juvenile judge who takes money for sending kids to a far away prison

the last house on the left


“The Last House on the Left” . In this Wes Craven remake , Tony is a doctor whose daughter is the victim of a rape and then the rapists and his crew invade the house until Tony wants revenge for the rape. Then all hell breaks lose.

promises promises


“Promises Promises” Tony does his first Broadway musical as Mr Sheldrake. He steals the show when fans find out that he has the most amazing baritone voice. His big song is “Wanting Things” and a duet with Sean Hayes  “Our Little Secret”


 Tony also did a voice for Disney . He was the voice of Tarzan in the Disney movie .

the mechanic


Does this scene mirror his future? Tony is a hired killer who is chased by the best and also killed by him. The name of the movie is “The Mechanic”

olivia and fitz


Tony’s life gets ready for a boost as he takes the role of Fitzgerald Grant 111 on “Scandal” He is the married President who falls for his campaign manager. It seems that he is the best chemistry  with his leading lady , Kerry Washington. It is hard to tell whether their relationship stops when the camera does.

sound of music  with kids


Tony does a benefit performance as Capt Von Trapp in “The Sound of Music”




“Divergent’ Tony makes quite an impression as the patriarch  Andrew Prior in the movie version of the popular book series. Unfortunately , he doesn’t survive the first movie and is brought back briefly in “Insurgent” ,

outlaw prophet.png


“Outlaw Prophet” Tony plays Warren Jeffs , a Mormon bishop who practices polygymy and forces young girls to have sex as part of his sect. It is a very disturbing movie.

tony for hillary

Tony has spent most of this year campaigning for Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton



“Where the Sun Don’t Shine” Scandal – Tony directs the season four winter finale and Olivia is being taught by Jake how to shoot so she can stop her father once and for all. Tony has not only directed his own Shondaland show, but “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” as well.

fitz birthday picture

So this gladiator would like to wish a Happy 56th (Seriously?) to our President…


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