Timeless and Emotional Classic For the Whole Family

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One of the most endearing musicals of all time has came to Chicago and just in time for Father’s Day. The “Sound of Music ” is one of those timeless classics that can be on television or on stage that invokes emotion . Any one can recall the many actors that have played the roles of the “Captain” and “Maria” . but for all those actors only a few can hold a candle to the premiere duo of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. (Although I would have died when a certain television actor who plays President was the Captain in a production a few years ago.)

Any time an actor portrays a popular role on stage, the actor might have the tendency to copy the movie or actor from the show they have been cast in.  Obviously the shining light of this production is Kerstin Anderson as Maria. Leaving school at Pace to play the role of a lifetime , she captures the optimism and idealism of the young postulant. Her voice has a sweet , innocent quality. Watch out for this one . You will definitely be hearing from her in the future. Her scenes with the Von Trapp children steal the show as well as the breathtaking kiss with her leading man. Ben Davis is the staunch, unemotional patriarch of the Von Trapp family . He makes a wonderful transformation from unfeeling military man to the man who is captured by the young girl. His eerily haunting rendition of “Edelweiss” brought me to tears , partly from the song and the context of the scene. Davis is mourning the end of his country as the Third Reich comes in. Him and Anderson are pure magic with their romantic scenes .

But Maria asks for counsel, and she gets it from the Mother Abbess . Melody Betts uses her powerful soprano voice when she entrances the audience with the standard “Climb Every Mountain.” The power and the range of this woman made everyone take notice and despite the power, she still conveyed the tender and loving woman. Others noted in the show were the comical Max Detwiler (, beautifully played by Merwin Foard, ) the conniving Elsa Schraieder (Teri Hansen) and the young Nazi enamored by the new order Rolf (Dan Tracy) . Woven together, each part of the musical enthralled the audience. This musical is truly something special and would make a great gift for Father’s Day or that grad you know loves musicals.

But hurry! you don’t want to miss this show because it is only here for two weeks.Tickets range from 24 to 115 dollars. Group tickets can also be purchased as well. For more information go to http://www.BroadwayinChicago.com.



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