When Destiny Calls… Disney’s Tarzan Celebrates an Anniversary

tarzan poster

In 1999,  Disney had made a decision to make an animated version of the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic of a man forced to live in the jungle among the apes”.Tarzan” is also considered one of the great classics before the Disney slump.With its huge gross, it was also the most expensive animated motion picture ever made. This classic has also the distinction of having a winning team for the music and vocal cast. The score was created by the incomparable Phil Collins of Genesis and the instrumental by Mark Mancina . Many awards awaited Collins for one of the singles from the soundtrack “You’ll Be In My Heart.” Most notably was that the song had received an Academy Award for the best original song for a motion picture the following year. The actors that lent their voices to the characters in the movie today range from a cop eating doughnuts to the President of the United States. So let’s see who the voices are for those crazy animals and others in this classic.

wayne knight

Wayne Knight of Seinfeld fame and Third Rock from the Sun was Tantor


ben stryker on castle

Here is Lance Hendriksen when he was a guest star on “Castle” He voiced Kerchak


nigel hawthorne in the object of my affection

Nigel Hawthorne is shown here as the theatre critic in “The Object Of My Affection” He voiced Professor Porter.

professor porter in tarzan

Les 101 Dalmatiens


Glenn Close is usually remembered for her dramatic roles like Cruella De Ville in “101 Dalamatians” “Fatal Attraction” and “Sunset Boulevard” She is the charming mother of Tarzan , Kala


rosie o donnell on empire

Rosie O Donnell has had her own talk show , played a variety of roles from best friend to Meg Ryan in “Sleepless in Seattle” , played ball with Madonna in “A League of Their Own”, and mothered a child with Jack on “Will and Grace”Most recently she appeared on “Empire” as one of Cookie’s former cell mates. . Rosie sings up a storm in “Tarzan” as Terk , Tarzan’s buddy


minnie driver on will and grace

Minnie Driver is a theatre actress , film actress, and television actress. Her most hilarious role was on “Will and Grace” as the woman who stole Stanley from Karen, Lorraine Finster. Minnie had also worked with her “Tarzan” when he directed her in the movie “Conviction” Minnie was the Jane in the movie.


Finally we come to Tarzan himself. At the time , the actor had done guest roles and was most known as Carl in the romantic classic “Ghost” . Of course today , Tony is known for being the man in another woman’s life.

naked olitz

tarzan and jane

phil collins 2000

In 2000, Phil Collins won the Oscar for the movie’s hit song “You’ll Be In My Heart”


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