I’m Not Really A President-Just Play One on TV-Goldwyn Goes Political

convention picture

For months now, Tony Goldwyn , better known as President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the third, has been on a real life campaign trail. He has crossed this country and spoke about why Hillary Clinton should be President in real life. His passion is contagious and has managed to get a lot of people on Hillary’s band wagon. These include his castmates, his boss, and many of his fans. Hillary has gotten a lot of gladiators on board as well. Tonight, Tony was part of history as Hillary Rodman Clinton became the first woman to accept the nomination of running for President of the United States.Politics has played a huge part in the course of Tony’s career, so it is no surprise that he would have such a huge part in helping this extraordinary woman.

the pelican brief

Tony ‘s first foray into the West Wing was in the thriller “The Pelican Brief” . He was the President’s (Bill Culp Everybody Loves Raymond) Chief of Staff.

doomsday gun

As a CIA operative, Tony’s character is arguing with another man who occupies the Oval. It’s the Battle Royale Grant vs. Underwood  as he stars with “House of Cards” Kevin Spacey.

tony on truman

Next Tony took a real life character and made it his own. Both “Nixon” and “Truman” allowed him to take historical figures and portray them. Another note, , Tony would work with Steppenwolf founder, Gary Sinise in “Truman”  He would work with other founder, Jeff Perry as his Chief of Staff , Cyrus Beane on “Scandal”

tony in nixon


Tony would play another elected official on the first season of “The Good Wife” . He would be Judge Henry Baxter , a pal of Will’s and a crooked judge who takes kickbacks.

i'm in love with an incredible woman In 2012, he stands before the American people and declares that he is in love with an incredible woman as Governor Grant running for the Presidency on “Scandal” We soon find out that its not his wife…

heavy is the head

the divide

When Tony was directing the movie , “Conviction”he learned about criminals that were unjustly imprisoned  called the “Innocence” project. He has been involved with it for years and made it the basis of his WE-TV series “The Divide” . .Here he is with co -creator Richard LaGravenese

potus and flotus fake and real

One of the biggest honors that Tony has had is to be invited to the WHCD . Here he is with the real POTUS and FLOTUS. He is also pictured with his FLOTUS, Bellamy Young. Both Barack and Fitz ‘s days are numbered in the White House.


Even in the blockbuster hit based on the book, “Divergent” Tony is a political official who is overthrown for a new society. Here he is defending it. Sadly, Tris ‘s father dies fighting for the cause.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stops with actor Tony Goldwyn to greet people at Fido coffee shop in Nashville

Here is Tony on the road with Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton . He traveled with her to meet the people and help her get the nomination for the Democratic party. Tonight she made history, but the fight is just beginning.


I’m With Tony …. Because I ‘m With Her

i'm with her


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