Washington Seems at Home in Political Drama – Confirmation


The nineties are now considered a part of history .”Friends” t shirts are considered retro wear that is worn by kids that weren’t even born when the show was on television. “Grey’s Anatomy” is the only true medical show to the millennial  before the surge of shows like “Chicago Med” and “The Night Shift” . Millennials also have embraced the current events of the nineties as well. This is evident by the nominations of the Emmy awards this year. Shows like “The People vs OJ” and “Confirmation” were acknowledged as well as their actors. Kerry Washington has taken herself out of the fight between Viola Davis and Taraji P Henson. Her only real competition this year is the scary Sarah Paulson  in “The People vs OJ.” Both are experienced actresses who have been acknowledged by their peers as well as having regular roles on prime time television. This has been Washington’s year as she has graced many covers , worked with some of the biggest names in cosmetics, and prepared for the birth of her second child. Another first for TV’s sexiest fixer is producing her first project with “HBO” “Confirmation.”

“Confirmation” is the perfect role for Washington since she has firmly planted an image of a woman who has the Capitol at her disposal. Political drama seems to be her milleu. The hardest thing that viewers might be able to accept for her in this movie is the difference between the shy Oklahoma law professor and the very sexual Miss Pope. No skin flick in this one . Washington does play the role with the same conviction as her portrayal of Olivia Pope. Wendell Pierce shines in his portrayal of Clarence Thomas. The movie shows Thomas as a man who really doesn’t think he did anything wrong . The biggest irony was how Washington fixer, Judith Smith aided in the confirmation hearings. Coincidentally, Smith was one of the original producers of “Scandal” and also the real life counterpart of “Olivia Pope.” Greg Kinnear and Treat Williams add to the star filled cast playing Congressional players Joe Biden and Edward Kennedy. Oscar award winning Jennifer Hudson also adds to the stellar cast as witness Angela Wright. Not one actor in the production disappoints. This is truly a piece of television history that any one who is a political show junkie or fan of Miss Washington’s will be glad to purchase. Added features are real news clips from the period as well as clips from popular shows of the period that  addressed the topic.My favorite was a clip from the Linda Bloodworth Thompson classic “Designing Women.” It’s funny how this show is still popular two decades later. Kerry has worked with Annie Potts and on a regular basis George Newbern and Tony Goldwyn, who had all appeared on the CBS comedy. Other features include Kerry Washington and Wendell Pierce discussing their roles as well as other actors from the movie.

Was he guilty or innocent? Did Anita tell the truth? These are questions that are still being pondered almost two decades later. The HBO production and its wonderful cast will have you pondering these queries as well. This movie is especially relevant in this special election year . The movie is available now and on hbo.com.



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