Dempsey Delivers in Bridget Jones Baby


It ‘s something that all of us middle aged girls deal with…another birthday and we are single. Bridget Jones has to deal with the same thing. It is brought to her attention at the passing of her former lover, Daniel. Her friend, Miranda (Sarah Solemandi) invites her on a wild weekend at a music festival. Drinking and moshing , the girls have fun and then Bridget falls in the mud. But a prince comes to her rescue and that is the former Dr Derek Shepherd of “Grey’s Anatomy.” (Patrick Dempsey ) . Dempsey is introduced to the series as American millionaire, Jack Qwant.Throwing caution to the wind, she sleeps with the man. After her one night stand, she attends her niece’s christening and guess who is the godfather but Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) . Darcy is now divorced and Bridget realizes  that things happen for a reason. The two exes spend a night of passion together . Now Bridget is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. Mark or Jack?

This is Patrick’s debut to the big screen since the much publicized departure from “Grey’s” last year. By no means, is it the first time that he has played in a chick flick. Dempsey has that killer body and that look that made women want to have tumors just so they could be examined by him. He also has that romantic hero quality that leads in Shondaland have. They will do anything for their women. I will admit that it was odd to see him with another woman besides Ellen Pompeo. He seemed to fit in with Firth and Zellwegger and they made a delightful little triangle. Bridget and Darcy have brought back their own magic. in this third part of the trilogy. Once again, Jemma Jones adds to the comedy by returning as Bridget’s mum, Pamela Jones. Photograph singer , Ed Sheeran makes a cameo and performs in this outing. With Sheeran, the movie has a kick ass soundtrack and fans of the series are in for some fun surprises. And girls that are fans of McDreamy , he doesn’t disappoint and there is eye candy as well.  The movie is rated R.


Yes this is McDreamy on a bike. He still has it !


A blast from the past is at a christening. Colin Firth returns as Mark Darcy.


Finally Bridget walks down the aisle, you will have to see the movie to find out who is the lucky groom.


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