There Are More Roars in the Lyons Den


Less than twenty four hours from now, viewers will be returning to that place of evil known as the “Lyons Den” and rooting for Cookie, yelling at Boo Boo Kitty, and loading Jamal’s tunes to their phones. It’s “Empire’s” season three premiere. Before we find out what happened in that ending with Rhonda and Boo Boo Kitty, let’s just take a quick look back…

Our season premiered with Luscious in jail and Cookie having a Free Luscious concert in Central Park. Cookie made quite an appearance in a gorilla suit and the boys sang for their father. Jamal was the ceo of Empire but Cookie and the others with Anika were planning a hostile takeover. Chris Rock took a chance by going out of the box and playing an old partner of the Lyons. He didn’t last long since Luscious had his boys take care of him.


The Empire has its problems and Cookie decides to break away from Empire Records and form their own company Lyon Dynasty . Hakeem wants to show he is more than talent and auditions girl groups. He falls hard for the lead of his new discovery, Valentina Galindo.


Luscious is out and tries to reconcile with the family. But Cookie ain’t having it. She unites with Boo Boo Kitty and crashes a party at Club Leviticus. Hakeem is sleeping with the lead singer of Mirage A Trois. The girls cry foul and Cookie takes over the training. Luscious makes a vicious move when he signs Valentina to “Empire” . He is haunted by his past as memories of his childhood and his mentally ill mother come to his mind



Things are looking up for Jamal as he works with Ne Yo and is sleeping with his new producer Michael. An artist commissions a painting that is destroyed by a jealous Hakeem. Jamal agrees to be marketed as a straight artist  Michael is also threatened by a budding relationship between Jamal and him.


Family becomes more complicated as Luscious is inspired by a childhood moment. Cookie tries desperately to save her sister. Andre is torn between his new faith and his old past and family history. Hakeem tries desperately to get away from Anika. Good news for Andre and Rhonda turns tragic when she is mysteriously pushed down the stairs . Rhonda loses their baby.  Despite their public kiss, Jamal tells Skye and Luscious he is still gay. Alicia Keys made the biggest impression as a guest star when she kissed Jamal.


Luscious makes an impression when he goes back to recording and the video becomes a testimony to his troubled childhood. Old enemies come back to settle old scores .Hakeem is kidnapped and Cookie starts sleeping with the enemy. He pays a high price for his involvement with the kidnapping .Luscious gives his son a gun when he tells him that he killed Bunky for the Empire. He then tells him to kill him.  The ASA comes out and its son against father as Jamal and Luscious are both nominated for their songs.


Jamal is shot by Freda and its serious. Boo Boo Kitty is being called by the grand jury to testify . At the same time, Hakeem proposes to his Valentina and she accepts . Her father is leery of her hooking up with a family with drug ties. All of Luscious’s friends are invited except for Shine. Shine made a deal with Cookie and shows up for the wedding. All hell breaks loose. Before this, Anika announces she is pregnant with Hakeems child. Valentina’s father demands she leave Hakeem. In the midst of everything, Anika is served with a summons to testify. The only way to save her is for Luscious to marry her and the couple is married by Andre. Rhonda goes nuts and the two battle on the portico of the Drake. One woman falls. Who was it?



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