Great Gift for the Theatre Geek-The Ultimate Broadway Musical List Book


 The big news in town is “Hamilton.”  But some people don’t exactly understand what is the big deal about a musical that is about a man who was never a President. They have friends that put show tunes on their iphone and have a library of movie musicals that were made from Broadway musicals with their dvds. They are the theatre geeks and I am proud to say I am one of them. Steven Friedman’s new book is the perfect book to give Theatre students, people that are planning to go on Jeopardy, and of course Theatre geeks.

Steve M Friedman has loved the theatre since he was exposed to it as a child.  He talks fondly of an era when the original cast recording was on vinyl. Steven would pull the record from its album sleeve and put it on the turntable. You could just imagine hearing the grand old songs from the classic Broadway musicals. Friedman takes the reader on a musical journey of decades of Broadway memories. There are also great descriptions of the plots of shows and also lists of songs . Friedman doesn’t just talk about the good shows, but the bad shows as well. I shuddered when I read his description of a revival of “Promises, Promises” as one of the worst revivals of all time. You can also relive all of the Broadway divas and their stories as well. Some women should have never walked the boards . Thrill to the story of the Queen of Comedy, Lucille Ball and her miserable Broadway failure “Wildcat.” You will curl up as you read about battling divas competing for roles and that all important Tony nom or role in the movie version. Since I am also an actress, I like Friedman’s list of songs that are perfect for women for auditions. The book is not only informative , but entertaining. Tuck it in your bag for that trip to the Big Apple or when you are on your way to the latest offering of Broadway in Chicago. If you are sending a student off to NYU or Northwestern, it is a great reference book for theatre classes. Definitely keep it in mind for holiday shopping

You can find The Ultimate Broadway Musical Theatre Book at Amazon. com





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