Hold on there Fitz! There’s a New President in Town-Designated Survivor


You have to say this about Presidents on shows , there seems to  be   one for every taste. You have the evil President who rules the country with deceit and a wife that is just as evil. Another President has spent most of his term chasing a woman and now is getting ready to be succeeded by his ex wife. Kiefer Sutherland joins the POTUS Parade as President Tom Kirkman. in ABC’s newest political thriller “Designated Survivor”.

When the President makes the State of the Union address, there is one person that is left behind in case something happens like an explosion. The person that was picked to stay behind was a Cabinet member who was slated to be fired. But the most incredible thing happened , Tom Kirkman was the lone man standing and then he was sworn in as President. So begins the story of this new show.

Fresh from being Jack Bauer of 24, Sutherland has that quality that makes the viewer want to cheer for this President. He is not filled with ego, he actually is quite nervous about taking on this much responsibility. There are people who praise him, but there are others who want to see him gone. Natascha McElhone plays his devoted wife, a government lawyer who has also been thrown into an impossible situation. Imagine ! a First Lady without an opposite agenda for herself. Tanner Buchanan and McKenna Grace round out the First Family as Leo Kirkman and Penny Kirkman . Leo is a typical rebellious teenager and it remains to be seen how he handles the constant surveillance of the Secret Service. Penny is definitely her father’s daughter. Stoner movie favorite Kal Penn is Seth Wright. Wright grows to be one of Kirkman’s biggest advocates. Maggie Q is Hannah Wells , another graduate of Quantico who is investigating the attack. She is convinced they are not done yet. Kevin R McNally and Virginia Madsen seek to overthrow the government. Madsen is the most evil Republican since Lizzie Bear and they want POTUS gone.

This remains to be seen as this year’s biggest hit of the new crowd. It has already received the 22 show pick up. The show on the bottle of the barrel is “Notorious.” The viewers have obviously not embraced the “Scandal” replacement and want their show back. Until TGIT returns us to the Grant White House, I am just going to have to stay here with a true patriot.



Designated Survivor can be seen on ABC on Wednesdays



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