Torn Between Two Teams What’s A Girl to Do?


There is celebrating in the Windy City tonight. The Cubs have done the impossible , they have taken the National Division. For the first time in 71 years, they have made it to the show. The Cubs will be playing in the World Series. Chitown is flying high and proud.

Two nights ago, the Cleveland Indians clinched the American League. The last appearance of the Tribe in this position was in the nineties. I remember it well. I had just discovered my love for America’s past time. After years of being a football fan , I had found a new passion baseball. I sat in TGIF’s with my friends as we watched the loser team portrayed in the movie “Major League.” win. I got on a bus with a bunch of little old ladies and went to the Jake . This was great! I got to hear the roar of the crowds, eat a hot dog and as a special added feature take home a little souvenir. My first major credit card was an Indians card. Now how can a girl compare a thrill like that with anything else! That little card brought magic as I shopped and went on vacation. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

In 2006, I came to the Windy City following the end of a dead end nine year relationship. With my newly dyed blonde hair and my “That Girl” attitude, I started my quest to take on the Windy City. I will admit that Chicago has given me alot of sadness but it has also brought me a lot of once in a lifetime experiences as well. (Plus a lot of free stuff!) Some of those experiences included going to parties at Wrigley Field and winning tickets to see the Cubs. What fun it was to adopt a new team since the Tribe was going no where . Cubs fans seem to have their own culture as well. In Ohio, I had to get on a bus or freeway to see my Tribe. Here in Chicago, they were only a train ride away. Fans would get the whole train involved with their song of “Go Cubs Go.” as it sped along the tracks of the “El”. I would buy t shirts, flip flops, and a real cute hoodie to celebrate my team. I also own a pair of Cubs earrings and have the cutest little stuffed bears. I was the ultimate girl fan who came to Wrigley in my little , body clinging t shirt.

Now both teams have made history and want those losing streaks to end. I admit , the Tribe did have their day in the nineties. (Remember the Drew Carey show opening with their theme by the Presidents of the United States Cleveland Rocks?) but they still haven’t won the gold yet. Chicago has an even sadder history that involves a curse and a goat. They say that some man brought a goat to Wrigley and they made it leave. The man cursed the team and to this day, the Cubs have never made it this far. Until now. My problem is that I love each of these teams. The Indians introduced me to the fun of going to the ball park. The Cubs introduced me to a fandom that was loyal and true. No band wagonners here. They  had known pain and losing and had just accepted the fact that the Cubs would never win. The Sox won in 95 and the Bears in 85. Everyone is familiar with the recent wins of the Blackhawks and the glory days of Jordan and the Bulls In nearby Evanston, Northwestern won a NCAA Division One National Championship.. Cleveland shares this history as well. The Browns took the Central Division in 85, but never made it to the Super Bowl. The Cavs won this year and they even have three NCAA National Championships in three different divisions. This is going to be tough.


Maybe one reason for my love of the Indians.  My souvenir from the first visit to the Jake . it took away the pain of losing my mother in 98. It also helped to plan the wedding that never was. Needless to say, this is now history. Boy do I miss that card. What serious damage I could do on the Mag Mile today. Louis Vuitton anyone?


So where will I be next week? Rooting on the winning team and then buying a shirt to show my pride. What will my shirt say… 2016 World Series Champs… who will that be ?  ask me in about a week.  At least this time I won’t be stupid enough to throw away my World Series ticket if i get one . Now how girlish can you get?


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