“Supergirl” Writer Has Hollywood Connections

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“Supergirl” is the perfect example of female empowerment. I have to confess I am not a geek, but I love this show. Kara, Alex , and even the superficial Kat demonstrate that women can be strong and that is an important message in this election year. It would only figure that one of the writers, Anna Musky Goldwyn be all about female empowerment as well. She is one of the author’s of tomorrow night’s episode “Cross fire.” Anna is a fitness enthusiast and has her own blog, she participates in marathons, and she has quite a Hollywood legacy. Her sister , Tess is studying drama at Northwestern . Her aunts and uncles are the children of the late producer Samuel Goldwyn Jr as well as her father.Her Uncle John was the producer of the gory television show ,”Dexter.”  Who is Anna’s daddy? Turn on the television, pick up a magazine cover and see his face, or just look for him on social media campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Anna is the daughter of Tony Goldwyn, the romantic leading man to Kerry Washington on the ABC hit , “Scandal.” It doesn’t stop there. Anna ‘s mother is art director  , Jane Musky , who is most known for her work on the movies “Hitch” and “Ghost.”  Anna’s grandmother was the actress Jennifer Howard , who was the daughter of Sidney Howard , known for his work on the legendary  movie, “Gone With the Wind.” Anna’s great grandfather was the Hollywood mogul and founder of MGM studios, Samuel Goldwyn. So as you can see, Anna is firmly planted in show business.It’s in her blood.


Here is a picture of Samuel Jr. and Samuel Sr. They are Anna’s grandfather and great grandfather

But Anna has been doing another job this year, she has been helping to get Hillary Clinton elected President. She knew how important it was to help get this woman in the White House. She hadn’t really had that much exposure to politics  and was hoping the trip to Iowa with her father would be worth it. . She was glad she came. Here she discusses why she decided to help Hillary. “One night , some Hillary supporters welcomed us to into their home . In Iowa it is very common to have house parties to talk about issues and give people the information they need. I stood patiently as I watched my dad give his short speech on why he so fervently supports Hillary. Then one of the hosts turned to me and asked me to speak about why I support Hillary. I wasn’t expecting this.”  She continues by saying that she was scared that the country I will raise my future family in will not be the country she had envisioned. There is conflict that is within our country and outside its borders and she wants someone averting that crisis that I can trust. “That someone is Hillary.” she stated. She has been championing the cause ever since that fateful trip to Iowa. She will end this journey when the Clinton team meets in New York on Tuesday. Hillary will be there with her family, as well as Anna’s family, including her father’s castmates.


Here is Anna helping Hillary in Nashville with her father.

Neither Anna nor her sister Tess are comfortable with her famous father’s sex scenes. As the philandering President of “Scandal”, their father has been party to some of the dirtiest scenes on network television. Often his character appears in scenes shirtless and Anna says that she would give him a hard time and text things like “Ewwww disgusting ” when he would be bedding the fair Olivia Pope. She has always thought of herself as normal ,rather than being surrounded by Hollywood’s elite. This can be difficult when your family is constantly in the spotlight. This is a trait that she shares with her father. Despite being the grandson of Samuel Goldwyn Sr., he was sheltered by his parents from the Hollywood life. Health and fitness are  very important to Anna, she is actually a yoga instructor in Hollywood. Places in her classes are always in demand, especially when Dad decides to sit in  one of her classes. She loves the water and California is the perfect place for jogging and exercising. Another one of her causes is gay rights. She has led spinning classes for the Trevor Project . Her baby is her fur baby , Mika. She can always find a baby sitter for Mika.Mika is also an awesome running buddy.


Mika makes an awesome training buddy for Anna when she trains for triathalons. Nutrition is very important to Anna as well. That explains her great body. Who is Anna’s favorite baby sitter for Mika? Dad !

This UCLA graduate is proud of her alma mater and the work she has done on “Supergirl.” On Twitter she said , ” So proud of what we’ve done so far and can’t wait for the world to see.” Neither can we Anna. We will also be watching and waiting to see if all the work that Anna and her father have done will have paid off. “Supergirl” airs on the CW on Monday nights.


Can Kara / Supergirl and James foil a bank robbery ? Find out on “Supergirl” this Monday night on the CW.


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