Join The Circus Like You Wanted to…


In 1991, I was cast in the Cy Coleman show “Barnum”.It proved to be a challenging show because it pushed my limits and actually helped me to learn to dance better. But the most exciting part of getting cast, was learning about the master showman, PT Barnum. He truly was one of a kind. When the show closed, more than anything I wanted to go to see the original, The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. I would see this magnificent circus on television, but alas I could only see second class circle circuses for now.

Well , that changed last week. Thanks to Motion PR in Chicago and the wonderful folks at US Family Guide, one more thing was marked off of my bucket list. I finally got to see “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Things have certainly come full circle when the circus consisted of Tom Thumb and Jenny Lind. Now it is all about pageantry and showmanship. It was very appropriate that the circus that we saw blasted us off into the middle of space . Soon we were “Out of This World.”


 One of the best parts of the whole night was being right next to the action. We were seated right in the front row. I think I had a better appreciation of the show because of my theatrical background . This particular production was filled with not only pomp , but pomp that was taken into the twenty first century. Magnificent lighting was thrown into the mix and added to the excitement of the show.


Every little girl wants to dress up like a pretty little princess and some boys like to wear something with lots of glitter. Costumes were an intregral part of the show. The unitards that the acrobats were wearing in the suspended balls were perfect to give the illusion of outer space and futuristic. I think that my favorite costume was worn by the “evil” Tatianna. You can’t go wrong when you are sporting a long train, especially a glittery one.


 You can’t have a circus with out animals and I loved seeing the cats up close. They didn’t seem like the ferocious beasts of the jungle. The tamer made them seem more like great big overgrown pussy cats.I was a little bit disappointed that there wasn’t any elephants. I didn’t know they were an endangered specie and the circus foundation helps with the preservation of them. The domestic animals were adorable , but for the life of me I never expected to see a pig at the circus.


 I think that the best part of this experience was seeing the children’s faces as they experienced the circus . It was hard to tell if the kids were like me , never seeing the circus before. Their faces told the story , as well as their squeals of joy and questions. I definitely wished I could I had have a chance to buy a souvenir . Maybe the next time. The Greatest Show on Earth stays at All State Arena until the 13th . It arrives at United Center on the 17th and stays until the 27th.For more info on the circus go to


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