TOW the Friends Thanksgivings


Ah Thanksgiving! It ‘s time for turkeys, the parade, and gratitude. For most of us, it also includes those great Thanksgiving television episodes. One television show managed to go through almost every season with a Thanksgiving episode and that is” Friends.” “Friends” has managed to survive and also is currently going through a “Friendasance.” Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc are currently on CBS and David was nominated for an Emmy for his role in “American Crime Story” on FOX. Lisa made quite a splash as Josie Marcus on “Scandal” Jen is appearing in Aveeno commercials and has a movie coming out. But looking back on ten seasons, “Friends” had some great episodes. Remember when Brad Pitt visited or when Chandler spent Thanksgiving in the box? We learned about the friends past through some of these episodes like why Chandler hates Thanksgiving or when Chandler and Monica first met. Relationships were examined and great tidings were spread on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving became the holiday  associated with the show. Join us as we visit that Bedford Apartment and celebrate the holiday with the gang.

SEASON I  The One Where Underdog Gets Away


It is a sad holiday because Rachel is supposed to go to Vail, the Gellers parents went to Puerto Rico, Joey’s family thinks he has VD, and Chandler wants to feast on toasted cheese sandwiches and funyuns. Ross goes to visit his unborn child and sings the theme from “the Monkeys” to his ex wife’s belly. Monica offers to cook but is inundated with special orders and freaks. While Monica is cooking, Chandler realizes that the balloon of “Underdog” has flown away. Everyone runs and locks themselves out of Mon and Rach’s apartment. The turkey is burned and then the gang is forced to eat Chandler’s food. Toasts are made and then they spot Ugly Naked Guy and he is with Ugly Naked Girl.

SEASON THREE  The One With The Football


Men love to do nothing and just watch football. That’s how this classic starts. Suddenly, the gang decides to embrace a beautiful fall day and play football. Memories of their childhood rivalry come back when the two decide to play against each other. They also recollect the Geller cup, an ugly thing where a troll is nailed to a board. Chandler is still in mourning for him and Janice. He and Joey have their own fight as a beautiful girl from the Netherlands arrives and the boys fight over her. Dirty tricks are played as the friendly game becomes a boys vs girls all out war. Chandler gets the girl and Rachel wins the game.

SEASON FOUR  The One Where Chandler in a Box


Joey and Chandler are at it again. This time , Joey found out that Chandler was fooling around and fell in love with his girlfriend (Paget Brewster) This episode is chock full of guest stars that include Michael Vartan (fyi Michael was the co star of “Alias” that Jennifer Garner left Scott Foley for. Why?) Vartan is Dr Burke Jr, the son of Richard Burke. Monica has an eye emergency and the doctor on call is Burke. Monica invites him to the annual Thanksgiving dinner. Chandler wants to prove that he is worthy of Joey’s friendship so he gets into a box for the day. Christmas is right around the corner, so everyone picks their Secret Santas . No one wants Rachel since she exchanges everything . Rachel gets furious when Ross points that out. She brings out her Ross box which contains trinkets from the time they dated. Ross hates to tell her that the prehistoric bone that she kept as a souvenir of their lovemaking was actually a no no. Kathy decides to give both of the guys up and this inspires Joey to let Chandler have her.

SEASON FIVE  The One With All The Thanksgivings


It has been a bad year for Ross. He has just went through his second divorce and lost his job at the museum. He moans about this being the worst Thanksgiving ever. This opens the door for the group to tell about their worst Thanksgivings. Joey talks about when he got the bird stuck on his head, Phoebe gives some ridiculous story about her as a nurse in the Crimean war losing her arm, and Rachel tells about Monica’s worst Thanksgiving. This allows us to travel back to the eighties with Miami Vice suits and Rachel’s original nose. Monica cuts off Chandler’s toe. We also are treated to being in that dining room where Chandler’s father outs himself and leaves his family. The story has a happy ending when Monica puts a turkey on her head and for the first time Chandler proclaims his love.

SEASON SIX  The One Where Ross Gets High


Joey and Ross have gotten invited to Joey’s room mate ‘s dancer Thanksgiving. No one can cook so they just get drunk and dance. Rachel decides to be domestic so she sets out to make dessert for dinner. Her intentions are well and good except the trifle recipe got stuck to a shepherd’s pie recipe to make a nasty dessert. No one can tell her that the dessert is yucky and everyone finds a way to get around it.Monica also wants to tell her parents that she and Chandler are living together. She can’t because of a lie that Ross told when he was in college. He lied and said that the pot they smelled in his room was Chandler’s. Phoebe then adds her insanity with her unhealthy wet dreams about Jack Geller. Finally the truth comes out about Chandler and Monica , but not before the Geller siblings spill secrets about each other. Judy finally embraces Monica and her relationship.

SEASON SEVEN  The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs


How can someone hate dogs? They are furry and lovable and crawl in your lap. But leave it to neurotic Chandler Bing to find a way to dislike them. He doesn’t trust them and you never know what they are thinking.. Chandler gives everyone a test when he asks the gang to name all fifty states. This results with everyone from Ross and his PHd to Phoebe scratching their heads. Rachel starts to question whether she and Tag should get together. Joey offers his advice “It’s a moo point.” Ross is the lone one who makes a bet that he can think of all fifty states , he can’t eat until he gets all of them. Clunkers steals everyone’s heart. FYI: I remember playing Chandler’s game at work. I won a free lunch.

SEASON EIGHT  The One With the Rumor


Rachel is pregnant and Monica is making a smaller turkey. Why is this? Well. Chandler hates Thanksgiving, Phoebe is a vegetarian, and Rachel can’t stand the smell of poultry. The only person who cares is Joey , so Monica tells him he has to eat the huge turkey. Chandler finds a way to get out of Thanksgiving chores by lying and pretending to watch a football game. The highlight of the episode is guest star Brad Pitt. (At the time, Aniston was married to Pitt)  Brad plays a former fattie turned hottie . The fattie ‘s life was made a living hell by Rachel Green and he and Ross formed the “I Hate Rachel Green” club. The two nerdy teens started a rumor that Rachel had a teenie weenie. Probably the funniest Thanksgiving episode ever for the Friends.

SEASON NINE   The One With Rachel’s Other Sister


First Reese Witherspoon  played her one sister, now we find out about her other sister, Amy. “Married With Children’s own Christina Applegate is Rachel’s other sister. Rachel and her never got along because Rachel grew up and became independent and Amy didn’t. Since her married lover couldn’t join her for sushi for Thanksgiving,  Rachel takes pity on her and invites her to the Friends Turkey Day. Amy has no problem putting down Rachel’s lifestyle or not remembering the boy who chased her. Ross and Rachel have a decision to make, they have to find someone to take care of Emma. The logical choice is Monica and Chandler , but Amy is hurt that she isn’t considered. It all results in a chick fight between the sisters that turns on the boys. FYI: Christina Applegate won an Emmy for this episode.

SEASON TEN  The One With the Late Thanksgiving


Monica and Chandler are the chefs for the yearly feast. This wouldn’t be a problem except for there being a hockey game and a baby beauty contest on the same day. Everyone is late for the feast because they lost track of time. Joey and Ross come up with a lie that they were robbed . Monica finds out and then locks them out of the apartment and tells them no dinner. The four shameful friends peek in the door and try to convince Monica that they are sorry. No dice. Finally the couple break down and let the “heads” in . While they are eating dinner,  Monica and Chandler get a phone call that a baby is waiting for them. Thus begins the countdown toward the end of the series on May 6, 2004. FYI Courteney Cox became pregnant with her daughter Coco at this time.

Happy “Friendsgiving ” from Chitownstarconnections …


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