In Tribute : Florence Henderson


We are all a part of the boomer generation. There isn’t a bigger symbol of the boomer generation than the” Brady Bunch.” I don’t think anyone over the age of forty can not think of at least five plots of the Brady Bunch.  Remember when the boys broke Marcia’s nose? Or the tiki curse in Hawaii? It was the first blended family and the wedding was ruined by the antics of a dog named Tiger and a cat named Fluffy. The kids were swept up by that other singing family on Friday nights and formed their own group. One thing can said about the Brady’s is that the show transcends generations.

Today “Mom Carol Brady” joined her television and real husband and entered into immortality. She was 82 years old and remained active in show business up until her death. In fact, the active performer was a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” in 2010. She has done a lot of classic television like “Roseanne” and “The Love Boat.”

Florence Agnes Henderson was born in Dale, Indiana as the youngest of ten children. Her father , Joseph was a tobacco sharecropper and her mother, Elizabeth was a homemaker. Singing has always been a part of her life. At the age of 2, she had memorized a repetoire of fifty songs. She is an alum of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She first established herself by appearing in the touring companies of “South Pacific” and “Oklahoma” . This is where she met her friend, Shirley Jones. Coincidentally , Jones and Henderson appeared on rival television shows at the same time. The tabloids loved to start rumors about the divas , but the rumors died in vain. They remained friends .


Florence was the first women to host the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson and became the first female news girl on the new show “”Today.” This part would be taken over by Barbara Walters when she left the show. Florence also played “Maria” in the Rogers and Hammerstein classic “The Sound of Music.” The only actress to play it more was the iconic Mary Martin. Henderson’s most recognizable role was from 1969-74 as Carol Brady in “The Brady Bunch.


Here is Florence with her television family the Bradys. Her television husband, Robert Reed , who proceeded her in death from AIDS, the late Ann B Davis, Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Susan Olsen were her kids


Here is Mike and Carol aka Robert and Florence

Florence is survived by four children by her first husband. All of us at Chitownstarconnections give our sympathy to the family and friends of the beloved actress.


Florence Henderson  2/14/34 -11/24/16


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