No One Can Take the Sky From Him Now … RIP Ron Glass aka Shepherd



Today the Serenity is draped with black crepe as Browncoats mourn. Their spiritual leader, Shepherd Derrial Book, went to be with his Creator today. Ron Glass who was best known for two roles. He was the fussy, stylish and snobbish Detective Ron Harris on the classic police comedy “Barney Miller”  in the seventies.


Ronald Earle Glass was born in Evansville, Indiana on July 10, 1945 to Letitia Mae Gibson and Crump Allen Glass. Ron always knew that he wanted to be an actor and was given the chance to audition while he was at the University of Evansville.  From this school , he received a Bachelor of Arts  in Drama and Literature. Glass made his first professional appearance at the world famous Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. From there he went to Hollywood, where he appeared on such shows as “Sanford and Son”  “Good Times” and “All in the Family.” In 1975, he got the role of Harris that he held until 1982.


Here Ron is one of the actors to play the role of Felix Unger on television in an all African American version called “The New Odd Couple”

Following “Barney Miller” Glass continued to act and appear on television. He had done appearances on “Family Matters” “Star Trek Voyager” and many others including “Teen Angel.”  His most famous guest role was on the show “Friends” as Russell  Ross’s divorce lawyer.


Ron played the role of Russell, Ross Geller’s divorce lawyer on “Friends.”

 Ron also lent his voice for animated cartoons like “Rugrats” “Superman” and “The Proud Family.” His career got a revival as he was known to a whole new generation as the pseudo Christian “Shepherd” on Josh Whedon’s “sci fi cult classic “Firefly.”


One of his last appearances was on “Marvel’s Agents of Shield” . Ron also has done movies like “Death of a Funeral” “The Butler” and “Lakeview Terrace”


Here is Ron in “Lakeview  Terrace” with Patrick Glass and the lovely Kerry Washington “Olivia Pope” of “Scandal”


Here he is in one of his last roles on “Marvel’s Agents of Shield” with as Dr Streiten

Chitownstarconnections gives their sympathy to the Glass family and to the many fans


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