The Iconic Songs of Scandal -Part Two

Note: On January 19, “Scandal” returns for a sixth season. We are getting “Scandalized” again by posting a few new articles. The first was “Eight Years of Torment-An Examination of the Grant Years”.


“Scandal” is one of the shows that uses the music to tell the story. Shonda Rhimes did this in her other show “Grey’s Anatomy” . The Fray is now as infamous for their song “How to Save a Life” as the Rembrandts are for that certain tv theme.

“I Can See Clearly Now” by  Nina Simone in “You Can’t Take Command”


The White House is in turmoil. Fitz finds out about Mellie and the jurors and throws her out. He then continues cleaning house by firing Cyrus. Suddenly Fitz can see that the two biggest roadblocks of their relationship is gone. Olivia is told by Jake that his mission is over and he knows he can’t win. Olivia thinks about what he said and heads for the White House. At the same time, so does Fitz and they miss each other. Fitz comes to the conclusion that he has lost again and goes to the Truman to think. He is startled by her voice and the two are reunited. The scene and season end with the two kissing as the camera pulls away . The song definitely talks of a brighter day and that is what we are to see for these two .

“You Got the Love” from” Heavy is the Head”

the dress is coture.gif

It’s a new day in the White House and the lovers can’t keep their hands off of each other. They are clearly in love and at the same time the evil Sally Langston talks about a state dinner that Fitz is having to get a new Naval base. As they she talks about a commoner and a prince, the two are shown making love and getting ready for this dinner. The two stories mirror each other.

TONY GOLDWYNmellie-and-fitz-the-interviewyes

“Do Right Woman Do Right Man” – Aretha Franklin  from “Yes”

Olivia is facing her fears and she goes on the road with Jake to do that while they work on an OPA case. But just like her client’s son, she is hiding and on the run. She is scared of what will happen when she returns to Washington since she and Fitz have been outed. Fitz tells Olivia he loves her so much that he is willing to let Mellie back in and do an interview to explain the mess. Olivia finally comes to a decision when her office is swarmed with paparazzi and reporters who ask the question. “Are you the President’s Mistress?” her answer “Yes”

“How Do You Keep the Music Playing” James Ingram and Patti Austin from “Paris is Burning”


It is all over for the Grants. The two apologize to each other. Fitz feels that it is his fault the most because he didn’t count on falling in love. He tells Mellie that he believes that she will be the first woman President and he has sadness that they won’t grow old together. There may have been a lot of regrets , but they do care for each other. The song playing with the two looking out into the horizon, unsure of what the future holds. The sun is setting on their marriage.

“You’re All I Need to Get By” by Aretha Franklin


In Season 2.20 “A Woman Scorned”, Fitz tells Olivia that he came over to earn her while they wait for Mellie to go on television. At nine o clock, the interview airs and the couple get hot. During this sequence, the original duet of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell singing “You’re All I Need to Get By” was played. In this episode, Aretha sings the ballad while the couple watch as Abby takes down Olivia as a homewrecker who has a history of dating older powerful men. Fitz is furious and Liv tells him to let him choose her.

“Signed Sealed Delivered , I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder for “Dog Whistle Politics” this-is-my-girlfriendOPA has a new client , Olivia. She has to make people not hate her or see her as a homewrecker. , New gladiator ,  Marcus teaches the gladiators how to put the fix in for Olivia. Olivia is terrified because she is being threatened by creeps on the computer. A news woman dedicates her program to proving that Olivia’s dating rich powerful men is part of her pattern. Mellie is being courted about impeachment and the good ole boy Republicans aren’t thrilled with Fitz’s choice of woman. They resort to blackmail and Fitz ain’t havin it. He tells them to kiss his ass and then takes Olivia on their first date.


“Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye for “You Got Served”

The committee has met and the documents from the White House have been seized. Olivia has to warn Fitz that the disc that told about the kidnapping . It isnt impeachable to have a mistress ,but it is to declare war to save her life. Olivia hatches a plan to seduce Fitz so she plays the ancient record so she can tell him about the trouble he is in.

cyrus and fitz reconcile

“Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

Cyrus has been called by Fitz after being told by Olivia that the only way to be excused for the kidnapping is to give him his job back. At first, Cyrus is insulted and then the two reminisce about their lives together. They realize they are really brothers and he is welcomed back into the White House. Elizabeth North is history.


“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” by Roberta Flack for “Rasputin”

Olivia has been arrested for releasing her father. Fitz has come to find out what is going on. There is no audio while we see Olivia mouthing an explanation to the President of why she had him let go. He is hurt and leaves. Cyrus engineers the arrest along with David Rosen. He makes a decision and has Olivia and her things brought permanently to the White House. She is home.

someday at christmas.jpg

“Someday at Christmas” by  Stevie Wonder for “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Note: This is the show that many fans called it quits. They said it was too sad and couldn’t abide by the fact that Olivia could get an abortion . Maybe not if there was a question about the parentage of the child, but we were sure who Daddy was.

The song shows the joyfulness of the season. This was also the first time that the political thriller show actually had a Christmas show. Olivia is now being groomed to be First Lady. She gives tours and plays trophy wife while Fitz plays with the big boys. But Olivia is miserable.


“Silent Night ” by Aretha Franklin

This had to have been the most controversial scene of the episode. Mellie had made her mark with her filibuster on women’s health care. With Olivia’s help , she made quite an impression. Unfortunately, Olivia is not Olivia and the PTSD made her get the abortion. The irony is that the ancient song talks about mother and child. Unfortunately for many of the show’s fans, the Christian song is forever ruined by the image of Olivia killing Fitz’s child.



“Ave Maria” by Stevie Wonder

I often wonder why non Catholics consider this a Christmas song. It is the same reason why they consider “My Favorite Things” also a Christmas song. There is no definition for what consists of a Christmas song. In our church, this song is sang at funerals and weddings. I have sang it many times my self. This is once again a song of irony. This couple did not expect the day to turn out like this. They expected to spend their first Christmas together, instead she celebrates her freedom with a glass of wine and he mourns the end of the relationship by drinking scotch. We see a collage of the different holiday celebrations as well. Charlie brings Quinn a tree, Liz sees the bracelet on Susan that David gave her, Mellie with her kids and Jake talking with Rowan. Mission accomplished, Olivia and Fitz are finished.


“Use Me” by Bill Withers for “The Fish Rots From the Head”

What does a man who was celibate for fifteen years  and then just get dumped do? He drinks a lot and screws a lot of women. Fitz takes his pain of losing Olivia out on liquor and women. The problem is that Abby has to take the fall for this behavior. She has to have the women sign disclosure statements. It’s hot and cold running women and two women don’t like it . Mellie tells him knock it off or she will want permanent custody of the kids. Olivia does it with more tack. She asks him when did he decide to become Big Jerry and is this the legacy he wants to leave for history. Needless to say, he decides to work on the remainder of his term. Also there is a murder within the Secret Service involving prostitutes, and that is also why he needs to clean up his act.


“Sunny ” by Steve Wonder for “The Miseducation of Susan Ross”

The election continues and so does the competition between the former lovers. Fitz is backing Susan and Liv is running Mellie’s campaign. The funniest thing about the music on this show is that Shonda uses the same song or uses a different singer on a familiar song. “Sunny” has been used on three episodes. It described when Jake and Liv were on the island in the premiere episode of Season Four. “Randy, Red, Julia, and Superfreak” . It would also be used in “Run” to describe the dream sequence in Vermont that Olivia has when she was kidnapped. For the first time, Liv and Fitz are being civilized and toasting the race. With a smile, Fitz says to Olivia “I’m going to kick your ass.”


“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” by Robert Flack for “Till Death Do Us Part”

Before this episode, Jake was a mystery. We knew about the stories of Abby, Huck, Fitz, Mellie, and Cyrus, but Jake didn’t have a past. All we knew about him was that he and Fitz were in the Navy together and that was it. This episode finally told all about Jake and his relationship with his abusive father. It is also the end of the relationship between Jake and Olivia. In this season, Olivia has ended both of her relationships. But she ends Jake’s to save his life. It is still obvious who has feelings for her again.


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