Happy Birthday to Olivia’s Most Loyal Gladiator – Guillermo Diaz

guillermo diaz

Today in 1975, a gladiator was born. That’s right, this is the day that Guillermo Diaz other wise known as Diego Munoz or Huck on the ABC hit “Scandal” . Huck has certainly had an interesting go round on the show. Starting out as a killer, who we have found out had a wife and kid. We have seen him try to find his identity and tame the beast as a member of B613. We have even seen him as the man who was arrested for trying to kill the President . (Totally a set up). We have even seen him as a lover. But the real Guillermo is proud of his gay relationship and especially of the tattoo of his true passion.Guillermo loves Madonna and has seen most of her concerts.

huck s tattoo

Here is Guillermo and his tattoo of Madonna. Guillermo has actually met the singer when she was on Ellen. He is such a fan that the only two tours of hers that he didn’t get to see was  “The Virgin Tour” and “Who’s That Girl.”  (I actually saw the “Who’s That Girl” one) Guillermo is from the Big Apple like several of his fellow “Scandal” stars. Like Kerry Washington

guy and kerry washington

Guillermo was born to Cuban parents and as a result has played many hoods and gangsters. He was a regular on the series “Weeds” and was also on “The Sopranos” “Law and Order” and in the sixth season of “Without a Trace” . which featured another “Scandal ‘ star . Tony Goldwyn. He also had a role on “Law and Order SVU” in the same season as Joshua Malina.


guillermo diaz on the sopranos

Guillermo also had a role in the landmark gay film, “Stonewall” He is proud of his relationships . His boyfriend’s name is  Mike Webb.

guy and his guy mike

His best friend in the world is none other than his co star Katie Lowes. It’s Huckleberry Quinn.Huck hasn’t had the most stable love life, but he has always had Quinn and Guillermo has Katie

guillermo and katie

Other than “Weeds ” and “Scandal” , Guillermo will always be remembered for his role as “Scar Face ” in “Half Baked”  Who couldn’t forget this scene?

half baked

But Guillermo has cemented his place in tv history as former Marine and current gladiator, Huck.  When Olivia needs it handled, she can always count on Huck. Here he is with Olivia and his fellow gladiators. Whether its saving some millionaires ass or helping out the POTUS, the gladiators can be counted on. Here he is with Kerry Washington, Columbus Short, Darby Stanchfield, and Katie Lowes

huck and the gladiators

 Here is Guillermo with the award winning cast of “Scandal” . including  Jeff Perry, Joshua Malina, Darby Stanchfield, Portia di Rossi, Tony, Kerry, Bellamy Young, Scott Foley, OPAs newest gladiator, Cornelius Walker Jr. , and Katie. Guillermo has been nominated for Image Awards and Glaad Awards.

scandal cast 2017

Here is Huck enjoying his birthday cake . He is very lucky since he gets to celebrate his birthday with the President. Of course, it’s “Scandal” ‘s POTUS Tony Goldwyn. This gladiator is proud to wish Guillermo a happy birthday

huck and fitz

The Year of Kerry.. A Tribute to Kerry on her 40th

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Kerry Washington has led a charmed life. Today is a milestone for her as she turns the big 4-0!  She has had an incredible year professionally and personally. She is an icon for the modern woman as an artist, humanitarian, political activist, designer, lover, mother, and spokeswoman. Shonda Rhimes said that her character Olivia Pope has been on a journey .The journey has included her own personal growth as well as her personal relationships. Well, Kerry has been on her own journey.  This year has allowed her to have many firsts as well . Come on the journey that Kerry has come and relive some of her moments.


In September of 2015, Kerry began her special time with a cover story talking about her Scandal character and her creator, Shonda Rhimes. Here she is pictured with her leading man, Tony Goldwyn and former First Lady Bellamy Young

Yahoo News/ABC News White House Correspondents' Dinner Pre-Party

Always the fashion icon, Kerry actually has been to the White House many times during the Obama White House. Here she is with Shonda, Guillermo Diaz, (Huck) Cornelius Smith Jr. (Marcus), Scott Foley (Jake) and Katie Lowes (Quinn) The ruffled dress is from Victoria Beckham.


Wanting to commemorate the famous scene in the Rose Garden on “Scandal” , here is Kerry and Tony as Olivia and Fitz in the White House Rose Garden


Kerry made her mark on the world of beauty in a big way this year. She worked with the people at Neutrogena to design a make up shade line for women of color. Millions of women now use Neutrogena because of her and not only that, she uses the make up when she walks the Red Carpet .


She also was responsible for designing and naming  15 new shades for OPI . The nail polish line reflected her “Scandal” character.


Kerry became her own producer with the HBO movie event “Confirmation”. Her portrayal of the history making Anita Hill who brought down the nomination of Supreme Court judge, Clarence Thomas . The role brought many nominations for Kerry in the course of the year.


Kerry was nominated for “Confirmation” for an Emmy and it was a fun night when ABC decided to add her co star and friend as a presenter. As you can plainly see, another event this year was when Kerry gave birth to her son Caleb which is why there was a six month hiatus for the “Scandal” crew. Kerry’s dress was designed by Brandon Maxwell.

2017 Weinstein Company And Netflix Golden Globes After Party - Arrivals

Kerry was nominated once again but was defeated by Sarah Paulson for the “OJ” movie. But Kerry was not a loser when it came to her look. That hot gold dress from Dolce and Gabbana.


Kerry celebrated an anniversary as the spokeswoman for Movado and Elle magazine and Movado threw her a celebratory dinner to commemorate the anniversary.


Kerry got a chance to be political just like her character this year. All of the “Scandal” cast helped with the election and nomination of Hillary Clinton . Tony spoke at the DNC and Hillary herself showed up on the “Scandal” set when Scott directed.


Kerry made a politicial statement at last night ‘s Screen Actors Guild awards. It was concerning Trump’s ban on the borders and Muslims. She still looked great in her Cavalli Couture



Kerry shares her birthday with her castmate , Portia Di Rossi ….they both were born on Jan 31


But there isn’t anyone that loves Kerry more than her baby , Josie

welll maybe there is….


HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY Kerry!!!

Joe Minoso -Role Model and All Around Good Guy


Look down any of the streets of Chicago and a common sight is a film crew and actors. There are more shows shooting in town now than ever. It seems like our city is turning into another Hollywood.  There is one show that started the trend, and that show is now entering its fifth season. The show did so well in the ratings that it spawned three other spin offs . Dick Wolf had told enough stories in New York, so now it was time to move the narrative to Chicago. Instead of the law, Wolf focused on the stories of firefighters. In a media windstorm in the fall of 2012, Chicago Fire premiered. The show changed a lot of people’s lives and one of those people was Joe Minoso. It gave him a role that showed him as a hero and it found him the love of his life. Coming from the streets of the Bronx, Minoso has taken his love of acting and theatre and made a career of it.

I got the privilege this week of getting a chance to chat with Joe. This was lucky because on Sunday, Joe will be getting married to Caitlin Murphy Miles. Love found its way to the Chicago Fire set when Caitlin was hired as a make up artist . The two became fast friends and the friendship blossomed. Family is very important to Joe because he values the relationship he has with his “Chicago Fire.” family Naturally, the “gang” from Firehouse 51, will be when he says his vows. After four years, he thinks of his cast members “as close to family without being blood related. ” Joe stated.  His values are related in his character , Joe Cruz. Cruz has a close relationship with his younger brother as he tries to get him away from his gang life. He maintains a close relationship with his brother despite his returning to the gang in an effort to help Chicago PD get rid of the gang permanently.

Minoso has a lifetime love of acting and theatre. Passion is the only word to describe his love for the theatre. Minoso graduated from Adelphi University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and continued on to get his Masters at Northern Illinois University. He got most of his theatre training at Chicago ‘s own Teatro Vista , which is the largest Latino theatre company in the Midwest. Minoso treasures his Latino heritage and background. He also thinks it is an honor to portray a positive Latino character. In a media that stereotypes Latinos as “gangbangers” and “drug dealers” , says that he welcomes the opportunity to portray Cruz as a family man and a firefighter. Minoso has also been honored by being nominated for an Imagen award for his role in “Chicago Fire.” This is the highest honor that a Hispanic actor can achieve .

Joe believes in giving back to the community . He is the national spokesman for the Shriners Hospital . He frequently goes to the hospital to visit young patients to encourage them to get well. Joe has also worked with Joe Trainor Jr.. “I have learned a lot about PTSD from Joe. I wasn’t aware that police officers and firemen suffered from PTSD as much as soldiers in the field.”

I asked Joe about what he thought would be his dream role. Without thinking, he answered “Othello, it is just the best role ever. He felt like the world let him down.” Feeding into the “Hamilton” frenzy, he also admitted how he could picture himself as Aaron Burr also. Obviously Joe is at home here in Chicago. He is one hundred per cent behind our Cubbies. “It is a legal right for a Chicagoan to be a Cubs fan . What they have done is extraordinary .”

Heading into the fifth  season, we are excited to see what is in store for Cruz and the gang at Firehouse 51. But in the meantime Joe will be hanging out at his favorite eatery , MadSocial. After Sunday, Joe will take on the most challenging role of his life. He will take on the role of husband. We wish Joe and Caitlin the best and we’ll keep on watching Joe on Chicago Fire Tuesdays on NBC.



I’m Not Really A President-Just Play One on TV-Goldwyn Goes Political

convention picture

For months now, Tony Goldwyn , better known as President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the third, has been on a real life campaign trail. He has crossed this country and spoke about why Hillary Clinton should be President in real life. His passion is contagious and has managed to get a lot of people on Hillary’s band wagon. These include his castmates, his boss, and many of his fans. Hillary has gotten a lot of gladiators on board as well. Tonight, Tony was part of history as Hillary Rodman Clinton became the first woman to accept the nomination of running for President of the United States.Politics has played a huge part in the course of Tony’s career, so it is no surprise that he would have such a huge part in helping this extraordinary woman.

the pelican brief

Tony ‘s first foray into the West Wing was in the thriller “The Pelican Brief” . He was the President’s (Bill Culp Everybody Loves Raymond) Chief of Staff.

doomsday gun

As a CIA operative, Tony’s character is arguing with another man who occupies the Oval. It’s the Battle Royale Grant vs. Underwood  as he stars with “House of Cards” Kevin Spacey.

tony on truman

Next Tony took a real life character and made it his own. Both “Nixon” and “Truman” allowed him to take historical figures and portray them. Another note, , Tony would work with Steppenwolf founder, Gary Sinise in “Truman”  He would work with other founder, Jeff Perry as his Chief of Staff , Cyrus Beane on “Scandal”

tony in nixon


Tony would play another elected official on the first season of “The Good Wife” . He would be Judge Henry Baxter , a pal of Will’s and a crooked judge who takes kickbacks.

i'm in love with an incredible woman In 2012, he stands before the American people and declares that he is in love with an incredible woman as Governor Grant running for the Presidency on “Scandal” We soon find out that its not his wife…

heavy is the head

the divide

When Tony was directing the movie , “Conviction”he learned about criminals that were unjustly imprisoned  called the “Innocence” project. He has been involved with it for years and made it the basis of his WE-TV series “The Divide” . .Here he is with co -creator Richard LaGravenese

potus and flotus fake and real

One of the biggest honors that Tony has had is to be invited to the WHCD . Here he is with the real POTUS and FLOTUS. He is also pictured with his FLOTUS, Bellamy Young. Both Barack and Fitz ‘s days are numbered in the White House.


Even in the blockbuster hit based on the book, “Divergent” Tony is a political official who is overthrown for a new society. Here he is defending it. Sadly, Tris ‘s father dies fighting for the cause.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stops with actor Tony Goldwyn to greet people at Fido coffee shop in Nashville

Here is Tony on the road with Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton . He traveled with her to meet the people and help her get the nomination for the Democratic party. Tonight she made history, but the fight is just beginning.


I’m With Tony …. Because I ‘m With Her

i'm with her

Real Life vs Reel Life-Hillary vs. Mellie

hillary clinton at conventiion

mellie and jake

It is no wonder that Hillary Clinton has drafted Tony Goldwyn to be on her team. Tony has been living her story in real life for almost six years now. He has played a President whose First Lady is now running for his job. Hillary Clinton has made no secret of how she wanted her husband . Bill’s job. She has been biding her time and even had an unsuccessful run back in 08. Scandal’s fictional First Lady, Mellie Grant has succeeded in getting her party’s nomination as well. Bellamy Young has shined in her portrayal of a woman who has had her world turned upside down in the course of a few years. Despite all that has happened, Mellie still has the support of her ex, the President. and the services of the best campaign fixer in the biz. How can you lose when your campaign manager is Olivia Pope!  What really shocked me is how easily she got Ms. Pope. After all for most of her husband’s Presidency , she has called Olivia such names as “slut” “whore”, and “tramp”. But I guess Olivia figured that she could forgive and forget.

hillary  and her family

the first family

 Both of the women obviously have the support of their husbands. Hillary and Bill have quite a team and their marriage is still strong. This is where the similarities end between the two women. Mellie is now a single woman since her and Fitz divorced. They are still amicable however. Family is important to Hillary, but on the other hand, children have only been seen as photo ops for Mrs. Grant. She has made it well known that she never wanted to have babies. Her children have been shipped off to boarding school and only come home long enough to be photographed. She only had her last child to prevent a scandal for her husband.

monica and bill clinton


There is another similarity between the two men. Each of them had the power to be brought down by a woman. Monica Lewinsky was not part of the Clinton future. Now in the fictional story, Fitzgerald Grant did divorce his wife and he had every intention of marrying the love of his life, Olivia. She had even gone as far as moved into the White House. As far as we know till the present day, Fitz is still in love with Ms Pope.

Who will be the woman who will make history?  Well time will tell. We will know if Hillary makes history in November. Unfortunately, we won’t know of Mellie’s fate until after Christmas . But each woman has one man in her corner to help her win.

tony and hillary in penn

Take a Look at Our All Star Pets and Their All Star Owners

hollywood pets and their owners

 The biggest stars in Hollywood are no different than us, they just want to spoil their pets. They will travel with them and they will take them to work as well. Sometimes they will even get a chance to be on screen with mom and dad. In honor of  National All American Pet Day, we present those pampered pooches and catered to kitties who call our favorites mom and daddy

kerry washington and her dog josie

One of the most pampered and loved doggies is Josie Washington. Kerry takes her dog everywhere , including to work with her. But she shares Josie with everyone ,including this guy.

tony goldwyn and josie

deacon and blue

Charles Esten of the show “Nashville” adopted his on screen dog , Blue.

mayim bialik and esau

Here is “The Big Bang Theory’s ” Mayim Bialik and her cat , Esau

bellamy and bean

She may be the ruthless and ambitious Mellie Grant on “Scandal” , but Bellamy Young has a special love for animals. She has cats and here she is with her dog, Bean. Bellamy has recently become the new spokesperson for the Human Society.

EXCLUSIVE: Ellen Pompeo says goodbye to her dogs

Ellen Pompeo of “Grey’s Anatomy” treasures her dog , Gigi and takes them everywhere

hillary clinton and dog

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders can’t claim a pet, but front runner and Democratic candidate , Hillary Clinton has three. She loves to walk her dogs in the Hamptons with Bill. Great exercise!

Jen and Courteney walk Dolly

Pardon the pun but here are two “Friends” Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston walking Jen’s dog , Dolly on the beach in LA. Jen even has her own dog in one of her Aveeno commercials.

smokey joe and scott

Here is super spy and Vice Presidential candidate , Scott Foley , with his cat, Stinky Joe. It’s a full house at the Foley’s with kids and animals both.

kate walsh and cats

She was the ex wife of McDreamy and has kissed her way through Shondaland, including playing the wife of none other than Tony “POTUS” Goldwyn in “Felt” Here Kate Walsh relaxes with her kitties, Pablo and Billy

jim pickens and horse

It’s hard to relax after running a busy hospital, but Jim Pickens aka Dr Richard Webber finds a ride on his horse very relaxing. Ride em Chief!

tony and mika

Here is the most adorable POTUS again as he babysits his daughter’s fur baby, Mika. Tony truly loves dogs

Stana Katic of the late “Castle” is just too talented to not have a job. I am sure her dog, Sonar , agrees. Here is Stana and Sonar on the set of “Castle.”

seamus and julianna  and dogs

Here are other “Castle” stars and real life husband and wife, Seamus and Julianna Dever. The couple played Kevin and Jenny Ryan and they treasure their fur babies. Love the beagle, Detective Ryan!

uncle willie and cookie

Along with stars Kaley Cuoco, Bellamy Young, “Empire’s” own Cookie, is also an advocate for animals as well . Here is Taraje P Henson’s own Uncle Willie in a PETA ad.

ellen and portia

The very cool Ellen DeGeneres and her wife , the devious Elizabeth North on “Scandal”, Portia DeRossi are true animal lovers. They have dogs, cats, and a horse. Here the dogs shared as part of the couple’s wedding day.

hayden pantierre and dog

One of the darlins of “Nashville” , Hayden Pantierre truly loves all of her dogs.

kat dennings with pig

“Two Broke Girls” star Kat Dennings thinks that her pet pig is Pork- tastic

gaga and taylor

“Chicago Fire’ ‘s own Taylor Kinney shares dogs and a cat with his lady love, Lady Gaga. Taylor is holding Asia and Gaga holds Koji

ernie hudson and winston

 Who you gonna call? Ernie Hudson and his own dog that is coincidentally named , Winston Ernie will be reprising his role in the new “Ghostbusters” movie that opens on the 15th.

melissa benoit of supergirl

“Supergirl “herself, Melissa Benoist thinks her puppies are super! So do we. Super cute.

bryshere and prince

Here is Bryshere Gray of “Empire” with a pup that is fit for a prince. Prince is the adorable pups name.

matt mcgorry

Matt McGorry’s dog should be told “how to get away with cuteness” . Matt is the adorable Asher on “How to Get Away With Murder”

jane fonda dog

Legendary star, Jane Fonda is pictured here with her dog. Jane is tearing it up with Lily Tomlin in Netflix’s hit, “Grace and Frankie”

Laura Prepon and pet

Here is Laura Prepon of “Orange is the New Black” with Lambert

Kevin Spacey with Boston

We finish up our celebrity salute with another television President, Kevin Spacey “President Francis Underwood” in “House of Cards” is pictured with Boston

Golden Moments of Goldwyn’s Career-A Birthday Tribute

tony from ghost

On May 20, 1960, a little boy was born to Jennifer Howard and Samuel Goldwyn Jr. . Today 56 years later , we celebrate a man who is a father, husband, human rights activist, writer, director , and actor. For Tony Goldwyn, his career has been filled with ups and downs . He has played comic, historical characters, and for most of it political figures. Come on this magical trip down memory lane for movie, television, and theatre roles in front of and behind the camera. Let’s celebrate our POTUS!!!!

friday the 13th  tony


Tony first made an impression in the Friday the 13th movies. It would be the first time he would hold a gun and also became a victim. It wouldn’t be the last .

designing women kendall dobbs


Tony was cast in “Designing Women” as Kendall Dobbs in “Killing All the Right People” . Kendall asked the ladies to design his funeral because he was dying of aids. It was a very prolific episode for its time. Recently, Tony was reunited with one of the ladies when Annie Potts appeared on “Scandal”



Tony played Bobby Powell who was a young man rumored to be having an affair with a married politician. This was also the pilot of the long running Candice Bergen show “Murphy Brown” . Murphy was scheduled to do an interview with Bobby

tom jones williamstown tony with george wendt

In 1988, Tony also was on stage at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Tom Jones. Here he is with “Cheers’ George Wendt



“Ghost” Here is Tony as Carl Bruner. He had Patrick Swayze murdered and he is trying to kill his girlfriend , Molly (Demi Moore)

tales from the crypt


“Tales from the Crypt”

kuffs tony and christian slater


“Kuffs” Tony is Ted Bukovsky , Christian Slater’s partner as he tries to fight the bad guys who murdered his brother.

pelican brief


Tony is the evil Chief of Staff in the “Pelican Brief” It would be his first foray into the West Wing.

doomsday gun


It’s the battling Presidents in “Doomsday Gun” . Tony played a CIA agent along with “House of Cards” Kevin Spacey. President Underwood meet President Grant



Robert Steed in “A Woman of Independent Means” with Sally Field



“The Substance of Fire” Tony is the gay eldest son of a Jewish publisher who tries to sell his ancient manuscripts. Ron Rifkin plays the patriarch who is starting to get Alzheimer’s

trouble on the corner  joe and tony


“Trouble on the Corner”  Tony plays Jeff Stewart , a therapist  who murders his wife. This would be the first time that Tony would work with African American actor , Joe Morton.

from the earth to the moon


Tony blasts off as astronaut , Neil Armstrong , in “From the Earth to the Moon”  for HBO

a walk on the moon


Tony directs for the first time for the movie “A Walk on the Moon” Here he is with Ann Paquin. He will direct movies , television, as well as his own series.

sixth day  michael drucker


Tony is not his usual hot self in “The Sixth Day” . He is a clone from the future that kidnaps Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s family when they threaten to tell his secret.

frasier tony goldwyn


“Frasier” Love Stinks- Tony is Roger, a lovable garbage man who is dating Roz (Peri Gilpin) . Roz has problems because her new boyfriend makes less than her. She comes to her senses and they reconcile

withut a trace


“Without a Trace” It’s two times the Tony as two twin brothers who are accused of murdering the girlfriend of the other brother.

the l word


“The L Word” Tony is an actor who is afraid to come out of the closet for his own career. One of the girls is assigned to interview him.Tony has played gay quite a few times.

godfather of green bay

Tony really can dance as he shows in this clip from 2006 “The Godfather of Green Bay” He plays a former jock who now deals drugs and refuses to give up his former glory. Thomas Lennon of “The Odd Couple” also stars in this indy. Check out the mullet!

the waters edge


Tony returns to the theatre in “The Water’s Edge” . He also reunites with his “Love Matters” co star Kate Burton. Kate will be known for stripping Tony own stage down to his naked body and this clip will be popular on the internet. Kate and him will work together on “Scandal” as President and Vice President

Law & Order: Criminal Intent



“Law and Order Criminal Intent” Forget Tony ‘s fancy Brooks Brothers suits . In this series of L and O eps, Tony is Bobby’s older ne’er do well brother who is a drug addict and only uses his brother and mother. Sadly, Frank ends up dead

judge henry baxter


“The Good Wife” “Lifeguard” Tony is Judge Henry Baxter , a friend of Will’s who is a juvenile judge who takes money for sending kids to a far away prison

the last house on the left


“The Last House on the Left” . In this Wes Craven remake , Tony is a doctor whose daughter is the victim of a rape and then the rapists and his crew invade the house until Tony wants revenge for the rape. Then all hell breaks lose.

promises promises


“Promises Promises” Tony does his first Broadway musical as Mr Sheldrake. He steals the show when fans find out that he has the most amazing baritone voice. His big song is “Wanting Things” and a duet with Sean Hayes  “Our Little Secret”


 Tony also did a voice for Disney . He was the voice of Tarzan in the Disney movie .

the mechanic


Does this scene mirror his future? Tony is a hired killer who is chased by the best and also killed by him. The name of the movie is “The Mechanic”

olivia and fitz


Tony’s life gets ready for a boost as he takes the role of Fitzgerald Grant 111 on “Scandal” He is the married President who falls for his campaign manager. It seems that he is the best chemistry  with his leading lady , Kerry Washington. It is hard to tell whether their relationship stops when the camera does.

sound of music  with kids


Tony does a benefit performance as Capt Von Trapp in “The Sound of Music”




“Divergent’ Tony makes quite an impression as the patriarch  Andrew Prior in the movie version of the popular book series. Unfortunately , he doesn’t survive the first movie and is brought back briefly in “Insurgent” ,

outlaw prophet.png


“Outlaw Prophet” Tony plays Warren Jeffs , a Mormon bishop who practices polygymy and forces young girls to have sex as part of his sect. It is a very disturbing movie.

tony for hillary

Tony has spent most of this year campaigning for Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton



“Where the Sun Don’t Shine” Scandal – Tony directs the season four winter finale and Olivia is being taught by Jake how to shoot so she can stop her father once and for all. Tony has not only directed his own Shondaland show, but “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” as well.

fitz birthday picture

So this gladiator would like to wish a Happy 56th (Seriously?) to our President…