It’s Hard Out Here For A Pope!

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We have been treated to another show this season. No it is not about Olivia and her gladiators or her and the tempestuous romance with the President, it is all about the story of an election. We have watched the candidates campaign and even witnessed how it was all put together. But this election has been unlike the other ones that have been portrayed on the show. At this point , all we know is that another President is going to take over the Oval and Fitzgerald Grant will eventually leave the White House. He claims he will go to Europe to write his memoirs , but we are still hoping there is a house in Vermont just waiting for him and Olivia.

Tonight’s episode was called “Extinction” and it showed a side of Eli Pope that we have never seen before.The show took place 53 days before the election. Ironically , Olivia was concerned about Mellie starting a romance with Marcus. The show was filled with all these delicious allegories mirroring show history.  Last week, we found out that the great manipulator himself was no longer in charge . Eli was being threatened by the mysterious lady played so devilishly by Zoe Perry. She should know a thing or two about evil because “Daddy” is Jeff Perry, other wise known as Cyrus Beene. Tonight Eli Pope was more like Ross Geller than the terrible killer he usually is. Eli was swept away by his passion which involved a woman from his past and dinosaurs. Tonya Pinkins embraced the role of Sandra , a woman who stole Eli’s heart.Sandra turned out to be a fellow paleontologist that Eli had worked with but never taken that step. Maybe he was inspired by his son’s passion for Vanessa or his daughter’s love for Fitz to make that leap. With wine and some Marvin , Eli becomes the player. The two make love.

eli gets it on

Eli/Rowan (Joe Morton)  lays in bed after he makes love to his former flame Sandra (Played by Tonya Pinkins )

But back to reality, Sandra was a plant. That’s right ! She was used to manipulate Rowan by some real evil people lead by Zoe Perry. The objective is to make sure that Mellie becomes President and Cyrus is framed for the murder of Frankie Vargas. Mellie ‘s election brings back some memories from the past. Mellie ‘s winning is dependent on one county in California and the thugs fix the voting machines. (Just like Defiance )so Mellie wins . When Olivia finds this out , she freaks. She says she deserves to put one candidate in the White House as a winner. After all, this is why her and Fitz had their major fight because he couldnt trust anyone. Olivia is concerned that Mellie’s romance with Marcus is going to cause problems. There are too many parallels with Mellie and Olivia’s romances and history. Vargas ‘s shooting from a radio controlled gun brings back memories of Becky setting up Huck . Eli was the actual shooter and he is sad to know that he and Sandra can never be together. Olivia seems to have a little more genial relationship with her father than in other episodes.

eli talks with olivia

Eli discusses the Grant situation with Olivia(Kerry Washington). She is witness to history repeating itself as they discuss voter machine fixing and a white candidate with a black man

Two names should be praised for their parts in tonight’s episode. Joe Morton and Tony Goldwyn. Tony may not have had an active part in his usual role as Fitz, but he took that invisibility and used it to his advantage. This had to be one of the best episodes this season and best of all it moved the story along. We know that it was Eli who shot Vargas and why Jennifer had to remain dead after Jake blew up the cabin. Joe won the MVG title hands down. He took a vicious monster and made him vulnerable and in love. We saw a completely different Eli Pope who for once wasn’t the puppeteer , but the puppet. We also saw a different dynamic to the Eli Olivia relationship.  But next week . its back to the same old tricks and Olivia telling Huck to kill her father.

tony directs joe

Joe is directed by none other than Anthony Howard Goldwyn who is taking a vacation from his place in front of the camera.




Nightmares Do Come True

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Okay gladiators! it’s time to put down those Angela voo doo dolls and also remind our selves its only a show. My late father said that if you hated an actor then they are doing their job. So  Miss Saycon Sengbloh. is definitely doing her job. Every Olitzer hates her guts and wishes that Olivia would find the nearest chair and use it. It is definitely dividing the fandoms. Some people feel that Fitz has suffered enough and he is a big boy so he can pick who he wants to move on with and then there are others who don’t want to see Olivia hoppin on Joke and Fitz with a skank in his bed. These people  hold in their hearts the hope that the two will walk hand and hand into the sunset to  Vermont. But I digress. . . Next week, there is no “Scandal” but don’t be sad for there is two hours of “How to Get Away With Murder” instead.

 America’s most wanted man is one Cyrus Rutherford Beene. He has been arrested for the assassination of President elect Francisco Vargas. David was the arresting officer as Attorney General . (Hey did David learn all about this when he was watching Huck get beat up when he was arrested for shooting Fitz?) Bravo to Director Tom for the realistic scenes when Cyrus is going through intake at the prison. This must be quite a shock to Cyrus for someone of privilege like the hanger on to Fitz for the past twenty years. He is not the former Chief of Staff, he is a condemned felon. At OPA  its time to celebrate, Mellie twerks for her victory. She is going to have her dream come true, she is going to be sworn in as President of the United States. But something isn’t right and Olivia tells the gladiators until she has her hand on the bible,  to make sure she is POTUS.

Meanwhile the current POTUS, is in his bed with FBI Whore! (Sorry, they have been together not that long and she is in the bed with Fitz! Something ain’t right) Abby has been trying to save Cyrus and take the death penalty off the table. She takes a cue from Liv and bullies Rosen to fix things. But Miss FBI Whore tattles to her boyfriend and he goes off on Abby. Meanwhile, Cyrus is in a living hell . He can’t even go outside for a walk. Tom is also in prison and then Cyrus gets an idea. He asks for a pen and paper then finds out he can’t get things in the slammer.  By talking with another death row cellmate, he finds out he can get things . He uses his Cyrus manipulations to get a pad and paper and then gets Lizzie Bear to take the letter to Tom. All of this is because of a scorned lover. Tom did not appreciate being used like that. He truly loved Cyrus. Cyrus apologizes to Tom and tells how he truly loves him. Lizzie Bear hates Cyrus and wants to see him fry. She takes the letter and shows it to Michael who is furious. He wants a divorce. Cyrus also encounters a group of Vargas lovers who beat the shit out of him. While he is unconscious , he has a dream. Olivia believes him and then he is being sworn in as President . He walks into the Oval and it is a new Oval. Mellie enters and he looks around . The pictures are Mellie’s and she reminds him that he is not the President. Fitz makes the final announcement , he is seeking the death penalty. Cyrus has one last resort, he calls Olivia and tells her to trust her gut. Mellie wouldn’t be President, so she ignores him. He and the dangerous guy hatch a plan that involves the guard and Tom. Cyrus cons the guard to give him a belt. His partner uses it and gets Tom to confess. Huck finds out that is true. The other prisoner kills the guard. Cyrus and Tom are free as they are beat up by the guards. Most valuable gladiator? No question it is the raw and uncut acting of Jeff Perry. We have seen him go from the halls of power to prison. He made Cyrus Beene human and vulnerable . The performance tonight had me in tears. But in a typical Cyrus twist he uses manipulation and deceit to get out. Only a great actor can make you sad and then disgusted in just a few minutes.

Who killed Frankie if it wasn’t Tom or Cyrus? …….next ep its Jake’s women go to war. Vanessa and Olivia.


“Scandal’s ” actors are directed by the best directors in television. Each of them have  loads of experience and have also taken their turn in front of the camera as well. Tom Verica is also the late Dr Sam Keating on “HTGWM” . Here he is directing Jeff in tonight’s episode.


Cyrus are you finally paying for all of your crimes? Jeff Perry puts on a bravura performance that had me in tears. I couldn’t be prouder to say I am a Chicago actor.


Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Mellie (Bellamy Young) dance it out because Mellie thinks she is going to be the next President. It’s a “Scandal” 30 second dance party.


There is a reason why I am using this version of the bedroom scene. I felt that the only woman who belongs in this bed is this one… olivia and fitz


Will we get to see this? Is it a dream or a nightmare? President Beene

It’s A Different Show Now…Who’s Running the Show?

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We start the Gladiator report tonight with good news. All of your TGIT favorites will be coming back! That’s right. The doctors of Grey’s, the Keating five, and OMG twisty turny drama that you crave will be back . ABC renewed  all three shows . The main reason is that all three shows have won ABC the night in the 18-49 demagraphic. Last night, ABC tied with CBS with the two powerhouses “Mom” and “Scandal.” Ever since the return from the hiatus, our show has gone from the bottom and is making waves again. But before you dust off that suit for the Grant – Pope wedding, be warned that you are not watching the lovesick President anymore. In fact, its a whole new show. Shonda has made it that we see what has happened before Inauguration Day. We see all the drama of the election and the assassination of Frankie Vargas. It changes alliances and destroys friendships. Power becomes the catalyst. Power has also destroyed relationships and people have killed in the pursuit of it. People have also ended up dead for the sake of it.

In five seasons, we have seen the who were the evil people were. We have also seen the innocent victims. In the pursuit of power, people have lied, cheated, and murdered for it. Each character has a dark side and each character has either killed, thought about having it done, or had someone else do it. We started out on the journey of Olivia Pope, her fixing ability and how she couldn’t fix her own life. How she found a man who had as much passion as her and how that passion almost destroyed him . Olivia was no longer a woman, she became “Helen of Troy” and she was sold to the highest bidder . Now we watch as four people fought for the Oval, there can only be one winner. The weakest candidate was killed and now two others have battled for the Presidency. One was a seasoned politician and the other a newcomer to the political arena. Her only experience was back seat to her husband as he climbed from the Governor of California to the White House. Cyrus is a monster and his only liability was the fact he is gay. Fitz has had to become King Solomon to decide the fate of the country and make the call since the electoral college legally couldn’t elect the popular vote. He makes a decision and makes Cyrus President. One problem, there is a tape of Frankie Vargas threatening him when he finds out about the staged shooting to convince him to run. Add to that a phone call from Jennifer Fields  that accuses Bean of murdering Vargas. Following that, Fields is blown up.

Olivia thinks that her father is her rescuer now. She wants to see Cyrus pay for his crimes. Oh gladiators, let’s not forget that any of the candidates could go down for the crimes. That means you too, Mr President. If Cyrus is taken down, then he might open his mouth about the kidnapping and Remmington. Fitz wouldn’t being going to Vermont, Olivia would be making conjugal visits to prison. Someone could also find out about Mellie and Defiance as well . She also had the twelve jurors murdered as well. OH and lets add that little forgery that she did when Fitz was shot. She forged the President’s signature to reinstate him as POTUS. Jake has all of the people he has murdered as well. (He shot Cyrus’ real hubby James) . It’s all cylinders people as Olivia has drafted the gladiators to find the proof she needs to hang Cyrus. Her main reason is that if Cyrus is in prison, Mellie becomes President and she would be back in the White House. With this tape, she has convinced Fitz to have David conduct an investigation. (Once again, Fitz listens to Olivia as always) With the proof, Fitz offers him a deal. Resign and leave politics or be arrested, convicted, and then executed.Fitz literally makes Cyrus sick.He will resign only if Mellie does the same. He can’t let Olivia win.   Olivia was convinced that Cyrus had done something to get on the ticket in the beginning and told him she wouldn’t stop until she found out what dirty trick he pulled to get to be Vargas’ running mate. Cyrus had made a claim that he was the run who ran the country , knew way too much about Olivia , and watched them grope each other like cheap porn.



But there is one person who stands between Cyrus and the White House, Tom. You remember him?  He is B613, Rowan’s loyal soldier, and the one who killed Jerry Jr. He also developed a crush on Mr Beene. and he sees himself the same way as Olivia saw herself with Fitz . This is why he barked. He is the dog on the leash that is not good enough to be Cyrus ‘ husband. Tom admits he took care of the staffer to punish Cyrus . Some of the most dramatic moments of the hour was when Tom held the gun in Cyrus’s mouth. I was on the edge of my seat thinking that Cyrus would be joining his real hubby in heaven. (Or Hell) But Tom took the fall again , like he did for Jerry’s death for Rowan. Tom blamed Cyrus for Vargas death and then he was arrested. The innocent victim in this of course is the young, Ella Novak Beene. Ella has had one father killed and now her other father is going to prison. Now she is being raised by a literal stranger. But this also might be the catalyst to bring together her godparents aka Olivia and Fitz. I think one of the strangest relationships to change is the whole Cyrus and Olivia relationship. Cyrus was the person to call Olivia to help this unknown governor win the WH. Cyrus has been her bedrock all along even in the days when Fitz hated her guts. Cyrus has also had his days when he wanted to destroy Olivia. He has had her arrested and also possibly killed. It is very odd to see her wanting to completely destroy her drinking buddy.


There is no question of who is the MVG of this week and that is the founder of Steppenwolf Theatre, Jeff Perry. So many of the actors on these shows have been around for years and they are finally coming into their own. Jeff is one of those actors. His monologues have been one of his shining examples of what makes him such an outstanding actor. He began as such a sweet guy and has metamorphised into a man who is as evil as Rowan Pope himself. Did he trap his sweet James into a relationship in his quest of getting Fitz into the White House. Before he was Cyrus, Jeff had made an impression on “Grey’s Anatomy” as Thatcher Grey. Thatcher had suffered and finally left his wife and daughter when he found out about her affair with Richard Webber. In time, Thatcher also became a drunk and his two daughters had to suffer with his addiction. Perry knows how to capture the scene and give it the intensity it deserves. He also knows how to make the viewer feel sorry for him as well as wanting to see him get what ‘s coming to him. He has definitely taking the acting spotlight from Tony to him. Cyrus is a very complicated character because he has spent his whole life struggling. He struggled to comform to the world in his quest for power. James got him to admit what he was and he loved him the more for it. He could pick up a phone and order a hit on his husband and at the same time, cuddle his baby daughter. He has definitely been someone to watch all along. If you haven’t seen the whole show, I suggest a binge watch of the show from the first season and see how all of the characters have changed.  The show ended last night with Cyrus being arrested  and being read his rights by Attorney General, David Rosen. Before this as a touching version of the old Negro spiritual “Wade in the Water.” played, Cyrus tearfully says good bye to his little girl, Ella. Haven’t the Beene’s suffered enough.


MY OMG Moments of Scandal Season 5

poster season 5 a

Ah going back to September, a year full of promise after the long hot summer. Promos were filled with laughing happy people , dancing , and eating popcorn. The publications were filled with Shonda and her girls. All was right with the world. We were encouraged with this poster and looked forward to many shirtless POTUS moments. The war had ended , Cyrus and Mellie were gone and Olitz ruled the White House. But that was months ago….

Now we end with an election and Poppa Pope thinking he won again. There was no bomb or murder, the season ended with a whimper not a bang. There were some good performances tonight by Bellamy Young, Kerry , and of course Tony gave his all when he showed that Vermont is still in the cards. But the biggest surprises came from Cyrus as he ignored his daughter’s disappearance and then dumped Tom and returned to Michael. The reason was because Vargas named him as running mate. Cyrus was never good enough for Veep in the Grant administration . (I think they would have made a good team)  But as the curtain comes down… here are my own OMG moments. well they made me go OMG …

From” Heavy is the Head ” – The Lovers are Found Out

the lovers are discovered

the picture says it all

Sally has finally gotten her revenge on Fitz. Someone has fed her a feed into the White House and gotten pictures of him and Olivia getting ready for the State Dinner for the Royal Family. After making a mutual decision that the couple will wait to come out , Abby calls them to the television and they see themselves on the Liberty Report.

 From Heavy is the Head – I’m Divorcing You

divorce papers

It’s the most important day in Mellie’s life as she begins her quest for the Oval. She is being sworn in as Virginia’s Junior Senator. On the same day, her husband tells her that he is divorcing her. It’s gonna get ugly.

“Yes” – Olivia admits she is the POTUS’s mistress

olivia says yes

After a talk and trip with Jake and a voice mail where Fitz says he will let her go, Olivia shocks everyone by admitting to the media that she is the President’s mistress. This proclamation throws the WH for a loop as the First Couple prepare for an interview to cover up the split . Fitz is inspired that Liv is finally fighting for them. But the war is just beginning .

Olivia Finally Makes Her Decision – “Paris is Burning”

paris is burning

 A long time ago,( well actually three seasons ago) Fitz earned Liv. In this episode, Liv returns the favor. Abby spends most of the episode trying to negotiate with Cyrus for the First Lady to do the interrupted interview. Cyrus basically reminds her that its over and they are both alone. Abby returns with no First Lady and Fitz is ready to tell the truth and do the interview alone. Liv stands up and says “Watch me choose you.”

“Dog Whistle Politics” – I’m Taking My Girlfriend on a Date

fitz kisses liv

Abby is in trouble and Fitz wants her gone. Olivia is hiding out in her apartment and then she sees paparazzi , looks at the internet and threatens her attackers. She was thrown under the bus and now he fears how she will handle it. Fitz has more trouble, his Republican good old boys don’t favor his choice in women . Play ball with them or face impeachment. Fitz thumbs his nose at them and decides to take Olivia on their first date.

 My Biggest Mistake Was Marrying You – “Get  Out of Jail Free”

fitz and mellie divorce The divorce is finally final and Mellie has her say . She tells Fitz she never loved him and he repulsed her in bed. It has been a battle to say the least. Cyrus has been hired back and he has a plan to save to Fitz’s ass .Olivia is scheduled to testify and the committee has already gone after Mellie. The one way that Olivia can avoid the grand jury is to be married to Fitz. Wedding bells are ringing in the White House.

“Get Out of Jail Free” Olivia ,Will You Marry Me?”

will you marry me no

Fitz feels that after the shotgun wedding thrown on Olivia, the very least he could do is give her a psuedo proposal. The Truman balcony is covered with candles, flowers, and Fitz on his knee. He even has Charlotte track down Betsy Ross’s engagement ring. Olivia turns him down and then changes her mind. She will marry him.

“Get Out of Jail Free” Olivia Makes a Deal for her Father

olivia cuts a deal for dad

Was that a close one? Olivia leaves her wedding after panicking and getting a phone call from Mellie. She describes Olivia as her freedom. She wants her to help her get to the White House as President. Olivia then brainstorms and has her father released. Mellie forges the President’s signature for the second time to release Rowan. He reveals to the Grand Jury their little indiscretions and the case against Fitzgerald Grant is dropped.

“Rasputin” – Fitz Moves Olivia into the White House

rasputin fitz doesn't ask

Fitz has made the ultimate move. Claiming he wants to protect Olivia from her father, he moves all of her possessions into the White House. She had been arrested for releasing her father from prison. Is this love or just manipulation?

 “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – The Abortion

the abortion

She has been living as a hostage in the crown jewel of the world’s prison . She has basically been poised to take over Mellie’s place in the WH. Parties , interviews, and magazine covers show the new Olivia Pope . Following a long phillibuster , Olivia goes to an abortion clinic which was the most controversial scene of the season. To the beloved Christmas carol, “Silent Night” Olivia Carolyn Pope aborts the child of Fitzgerald Thomas Grant 111.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” – The Honeymoon is Over

fitz and olivia break up

Fitz has been at the Christmas cabinet dinner. And he was stood up by Olivia. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when a Senator’s wife asked her to find a cookie recipe. That didn’t wash well with the great Olivia Pope. Fitz has succeeded into making her into another Mellie. Liv has bigger fish to fry. She is a big dog who helped create a President. She sneaks away with SSA agents to get an abortion. When Olivia returns, she starts a fight with Fitz that ends with “There is no Vermont, there is no us. Not Anymore.” The two sit in the closet drinking Mellie’s hooch and then Olivia returns to her new couch and her apartment.

“The Fish Rots From the Head”  – Fitz Sows His Wild Oats

horny president

He is divorced, been dumped, and so what is left but to sow his wild oats. Fitz becomes his father as he screws the best in Washington. One day, he has one of his ‘dates” come out of the shower while Mellie brings Teddy for a visit. Seeing her, Mellie declares for him to keep his whores away from her son. Nothing sinks in until Olivia drills him about his legacy after having to clean up a mess made by his SSA agents . Following this, the whoring ends.

“Wild Card”  Cyrus Sleeps With Tom

tom in a towel

Cyrus Beane is the master of evil. He is comparable to Rowan on the evil scale. But now the man has formed a deadly alliance with Tom . Tom was the secret service agent that Rowan placed in the WH and had murder Jerry Jr. Now Cyrus has him working for him . Does this mean that Tom might have copped a peek when he was on those Presidential booty calls and not at Olivia.?

“I See You” Abby Fires Cyrus and Begins Her Reign as Chief Of Staff

abby becomes chief of staff

Abby has been doing some snooping and she has caught Cyrus. He is cheating on the President by trying to elect Vargas. Fitz is history soon and Cyrus has his own future to think about. Apparently, you can’t work with a candidate while in the White House so Abby has the job of firing him and she is now the woman behind the man.

“The Miseducation of Susan Ross” – Fitz tells her a secret

fitz tells susan about defiance

The election war is on and the candidates are out for blood and have many dirty little secrets. Olivia has no morals and no trouble giving and receiving mud on candidates. It all gets to be too much for Susan and Fitz feels that before it goes any further, he tells her the story of how he was never elected and how the election was fixed. He also feels that he needs to visit someone else to get her to pull back a little

olivia gets a visitor

He asks Olivia to keep it real. The two say that they will back their candidates and then Fitz says playfully he will kick her ass. The two then toast with scotch. The two smirk at each other when he leaves. This is the first time since the fight they have been together.

“Till Death Do Us Part” – Olivia Saves Jakes Life

liv saves jakes life

Jake has been given a job and part of that job is to get married to fufill  Rowan’s plan of domination. He and Vanessa ‘s wedding is the social event of the season especially with the President as his Best Man. Liv and him talk and he says that he wants out. Rowan gets wise and says that if he doesn’t marry, he is as good as dead. Olivia takes him aside and says he is her second choice , she wants Fitz. But is this really what she wants or is she lying?

“Thwack” Olivia  Succumbs to her Demons

andrews murder


Olivia and company are stuck in a spot when the former VP Andrew Nichols returns for vengeance. He has been in a nursing home recuperating from a stroke that Huck caused. He is willing to make a deal and if they all don’t give him what he wants, he will run to the press and tell the whole mess. The whole scene is reminiscent of Defiance with secret meetings. Abby is willing to cut a deal but no chance. He wants more. Olivia grows tired of his games and the PTSD takes over. Amid flashbacks of her kidnapping , she picks up a chair and kills him with it. She stands silent for a few minutes and Fitz embraces her when he realizes that she is not over the kidnapping and is not well. The two hold each other and then Abby comes in the room.

“Buckle Up” Mellie and Fitz Unite and Discuss Olivia ‘s Health

the grants post divorce

The candidates are on their way to Florida and the endorsement of the governor. One problem,  Mellie’s plane can’t take off . Why because Abby has let out to the press that there are problems with Air Force One and it can’t take off. Olivia knows that there is nothing wrong and it is just another trick. No other planes can take off until Air Force One is in the air. Mellie uses her head and waves into the Presidential plane. The two exes get off and amid the press, have a talk. One of the topics is how each of them has noticed that Olivia isn’t herself. Fitz whispers to Mellie how Olivia murdered Andrew. He also tells her that Olivia needs to eat, run or swim, and get sleep. It is obvious he still cares and will continue to care.

“That’s My Girl” FINALE

mellie i earned this

Mellie is now the Republican candidate and it is convention time. She has asked her ex to make a speech and after she reads it , she is furious. It is no more than a love letter to Fitzgerald Grant. Unlike him , she wanted the White House and also she wasn’t a privileged brat like him. She informs him that this is her day.

fitz finds the file

Fitz comes into Abby’s office and finds the file containing Olivia’s abortion. Abby explains that this is Olivia’s medical report that was given to her by Rowan. He finally knows .

fitz apologizes Instead of bawling her out, he apologizes for not listening to her and says that he accepts her decision. It was her right. He still wants to be friends.

But the final results were that Tom got dumped for Michael and  Vargas gets a running mate

cyrus as VP

and Mellie names her running mate , after he murders another victim

jake  as vp

Jake Ballard is her running mate for Vice President .

rowan toasts to his evil empire

He couldn’t be happier as he toasts to his evil plans . Will Olivia ever escape and find her true self?


It’s Gettin Real Now Folks!!

header gladiator report

The countdown has begun to the finale and we have one week to go. “Scandal” was definitely the talk of the week last weekend , as our gladiators took over the White House for Barack’s last WHCD.  The hit of the event was our couple , now dubbed “Washington’s Favorite Couple’ by the media. Kerry managed to slay everyone at the Met Gala sporting a killer gown and a killer announcement. Izzy is gonna be a big sister. That’s right gladiators! Kerry is pregnant. The media has given congrats to both Kerry and her (husband?’) on this joyful occasion. Her MIA hubby coincidentally appeared at a few events previous to the announcement. But body language doesn’t lie, Kerry was aloof to her hubby. On the other hand, she was all smiles to her co star and sometimes romantic on screen POTUS. Hmmmm stay tuned . Because of this new development, the season has been cut from the usual twenty two order to sixteen episodes.

“Cyrus” is definitely not the father of the year. He asks to meet Liv in their spot but he doesn’t ask her about helping to find Michael and his daughter. No, he is much more concerned with Vargas and Edison and the Democratic race. Vargas is losing to Edison. Doyle is stomping all over the female candidates. This causes a truce between Abby and Olivia which causes Quinn to say its a “Gladiator Throwback” as the former enemies drink wine. The two decide to unite forces and take down Hollis. Doyle makes an offer to the two Republican candidates , whoever quits , the other will be his running mate. The OPA-White House team takes down Hollis, preparing the way  for the truce to end. Edison is confident until he is visited by Jake. Edison tells him in no uncertain terms that he is not going to take Jake as his Vice President. Jake threatens him and tells his that he was the one who was responsible for Edison’s little car accident. (Fall in love with Rowan’s daughter and you WILL PAY!!!)  Olivia visits Edison and informs him that he will not be running the country. Her father will. She gives the ammunition to him so he will be able to drop from the race. Edison is history and then Vargas is the Democratic nominee.

Now the race for the Republican nomination is on and so is the drama. It almost looked like there was going to be another happy couple when David Rosen proposed to Susan and she accepted. But each side is digging for the dirt on each other. The gladiators have dirt on Susan and Abby is given some dirt from an unlikely source, Rowan. He informs her about Olivia’s abortion. Abby wants to meet with Olivia and she says they will meet in the White House.  Abby arrives and then Olivia informs her to meet her in the Oval. Everyone is gathered together and the two mutually agree to listen to the dirt on each other’s team. Olivia presents her dirt on Susan and its a doozy. Susan finds out that David dropped an investigation so she would get the endorsement from the Governor of Florida. She is hurt that David wouldn’t have the faith that she could do this by herself. Besides that, David is asked by Fitz to resign as Attorney General. Now it’s the White House’s turn and Abby ‘s has the power to not only siderail Mellie but it also has the potential to destroy her friend and the President. She can’t do it. They may be political rivals , but in the end they are still friends. Abby definitely went over a cliff and deserves to be MVG for this week. Instead she reveals that Mellie was seeing a psychic while she was in her mourning period following Jerry’s death. She actually wanted to try and contact her dead son. Susan quits the race and then the Republican nominee is none other than the former First Lady. Marcus and her share a moment before her big interview. The moment is reminiscent of the Olitz moments as the two look at each other. It looks like Mellie is seeing what her ex saw so long ago.

Next week is the infamous season finale. Who knows what will happen as the curtain comes down on crazy Season Five? And as per usual, the season finale is directed by none other than “Peeping Tom’ aka Tom Verica. Since Hiatus has started, your favorites are working hard over their breaks. Joe Morton is appearing in Brooklyn in “Turn Me Loose” a play about African American comic Dick Gregory. As Kerry prepares for motherhood again, she is also promoting her new shades for OPI nail color. Tony is currently in Atlanta filming “Felt.” which explains why he was sporting a new haircut. Darby is also filming “Slumber” during the summer.

abby and liv at peace

Old friends sit down for a truce. Once a gladiator…. always a gladiator.

rowan spills the beans

Rowan visits Abby and tells her that his daughter had an abortion. She aborted Fitz’s baby.

hollis on the liberty report

Hollis makes an offer to have the race end by having one of the female Republicans  leave the race and that one will be his running mate. Now the races have one goal, eliminate Doyle.

showdown in the oval

They are both armed with secrets . and each secret has the potential to destroy the other candidate as well as hurt someone. Abby can’t do it, so Susan quits after she finds out David broke the law

mellie and marcusIt is just almost like history repeating itself ….the fixer and the candidate.


It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Ride

header gladiator report

Just like in real life, the campaign rages on. Tonight was mostly focused on the Republican candidates . Friends became enemies.. Gal pals Olivia and Abby are no longer on the same team. Olivia and the gladiators are working for Mellie and Abby is on the WH team for Susan Ross.

may the best woman win

 The Republican candidates are now vying for a hefty prize . They are competing for the endorsement of the governor of Florida which means the candidate will win the state. It was a real treat tonight for me when Madam Governor was played by none other than that “Designing Woman” Annie Potts. It was a reunion of sorts for Annie on the “Scandal” set. Annie had appeared with Mr President on her show way back in the eighties in a classic episode called “Killing All the Right People” Tony was a young man who contracted aids and asked the gals if they would design his funeral for him.

tony on designing w

Annie would definitely not recognize this young man when she did “Scandal” . He obviously aged quite well…

Fitz swag

 The candidates are all on their way to Florida, well one is stalled. The “Mellie” team is waiting to take off, but can’t . No other planes can be in the air before Air Force One. Olivia hears that the plane hasn’t left because of mechanical problems. She knows better than that and blames Abby. Olivia plays her own card and lets the media know that there is nothing wrong with Air Force One. Abby wants to make Mellie late because she knows the governor wants to favor her. Nothing ticks her off more than tardiness. Quinn can’t understand why Liv is battling with her friend. Mellie is clued in by Marcus to make her move and she does that by waving into the Presidential jet.  Both her and Fitz get off the planes , which is a field day for the media as the two exes chat on the runway. But thank God, they can’t hear Fitz telling Mellie about Liv killing Andrew. The two share a special moment as they both voice their concern about Olivia’s personality. Fitz tells her to make sure she eats and gets enough sleep. He knows how she is when she is in her work mode. So it looks like as we predicted. Fitz isn’t over her and probably never will be…

the exes

Air Force One takes off with the Chief Executive ‘s orders. Abby calls him on the carpet and says that she runs him. Fitz argues with her, and then because of her tactics, Mellie is almost not admitted to the dinner. Olivia uses her own magic as she gets Fitz to admit Mellie’s lateness is his own fault. The governor makes room for Mellie. Abby steams more. Hollis uses his charm , causing Lizzie to call it a hillbilly hoedown.David has made a deal for Susan if he seizes an investigation. Susan starts out quiet but then she makes her case to the governor. Following the dinner, David says he is proud of Susan, yet he is still sleeping on the floor. But Susan is trying and she reaches down to take his hand. He promises that he will never hurt her again. The next day, Susan is told that she got the governor’s endorsement . Unfortunately, neither lady comes out the victor. Hollis wins the state primary and Lizzie finds out that David made a deal with the governor.

huck comforts liv

Huck shows his tender side as he shows his own concern for Olivia.He tells her that he fears what is happened to her since Andrew’s death and how she needs to grieve.  He warns her that she has gone down the rabbit hole and he tells her he understands. Olivia strikes back by saying that Andrew had it coming and she felt powerful and free when she killed him. She could actually sleep for the first time in a year. Olivia also admits that her father would kill Jake if she didn’t leave him alone. Olivia breaks down into Huck’s arms.

cyrus and michael

The shit hits the fan with Cyrus. Vargas’s brother wants Michael to get some dirt on Cyrus. Cyrus admits to him that he has been sleeping with Tom and it breaks Michael’s heart. A war starts when Michael starts calling Ella his child. Cyrus is livid and tells him in no uncertain terms that Ella is his late husband ‘s child, not his!! Later, he returns to find Michael is gone and he has taken Ella with him.

the grants post divorce

There is no question who this week’s MVG is and once again as POTUS gets ready to leave the White House, he is cleaning up so many messes. On one hand he wants to help his VP get the nomination. But this man has a lot of baggage and he also has a woman he doesn’t want to let go of. In the midst of the gladiator war between Abby and Olivia, he is stuck between support Susan and loyalties between his wife and the love of his life. He knows that Olivia is ill and he has been willing to be there for her. He also has been a friend to Abby when she broke down in the Oval Office. He told her he had gone down the same road and that she needed to find a line to pull her back up from the darkness. Abby had been the go between for Fitz in the past for Olivia. Can Fitzgerald  Grant head toward redemption as well as make the one dream that he still holds come true? Hang on gladiators we are headed toward the season finale guaranteed to deliver a cliffhanger to thrill…OMG!!!

Till Death Do Us Part..Mr. and Mrs . Harris?

header gladiator report

I just got down from tonight’s ride and wow what a trip. After a wait of two weeks, we were once again presented a episode to remember. We have learned about the family of Diego Munoz, we have seen the evolution from Lindsay Dwyer to killer Quinn Perkins, and we have found out about the destruction of the marriage of Mellie and Fitz. Tonight we add one more story to the fire. That is the story of Pete Harris aka Jake Hamilton Ballard.

We have been told that Jake and Fitz were Navy buddies. We have also had explained to us about Operation Remington and the beginnings of B613. Tonight we were treated to the back story of Jake and why he felt that he should devote himself to Rowan. Jake eating chicken was just so he could save his energy for this episode.  We start the episode with a young Jake .A young boy is seen playing with army men as his parents are arguing and his father abuses his mother. To escape this life, young Jake enlists in the Navy. This is probably where he met Fitz . They see that Jake has some real talent, so then we are witness to his early days in B613. (We saw this earlier when we saw the history of Huck)  Charlie was actually in B613 with Jake. Rowan was the one who recruited Jake when he kept getting arrested and thrown in the brig for drunken brawls. He gave him a choice between going back to his abusive father and joining B613. He naturally joined the evil spy organization.

Meanwhile Jake is also preparing for his wedding to Vanessa. It is the equivalent of the Royal Wedding as all of Washington will be there when the power couple marry in a grand ceremony. But Olivia is still healing from her ordeal.  In the beginning, Olivia looks like she did when she was kidnapped. She lays in bed and has Jake feeding her toast. Finally she gets some energy and goes for a run. It seems like Olivia is playing her father and meets her team . The game is on. Jake and Olivia talk and she tells him that he can’t marry Vanessa because he doesn’t love her. They argue and then end up kissing. (Bleech) Jake confesses his love to Olivia. and then the two of them plot to have him dump Vanessa very publicly at the altar. At a party at the White House, Jake and Fitz have a conversation about Vanessa . He asks him if he loves her. No answer. Then Jake asks him how it is with him and all he says that he is free. Fitz is in denial for the one who he wants and that is Olivia.

It’s wedding day and Jake and Olivia are putting their plan in motion. But we finally find out Rowan’s evil plan. Edison will run for President and Jake will be his VP. Vanessa will be the perfect political wife. Jake wants to cut ties and wants to do this. Rowan is not stupid and tells Olivia that if Jake doesn’t get married , he will kill him. Once again, Olivia makes the supreme sacrifice and tells Jake that she doesn’t love him and that she will always love Fitz. She sends him to marry Vanessa and runs from the ceremony. On the way out, Fitz once again asks if she is alright? She runs past him and says she can’t stay there. So as the President of the United States hands him a ring, Jake and Vanessa marry and a evil dynasty has begun.

And how did it all begin, Jake went home after his sister hung herself and then shot and killed his father… then he was in B613…the sad part was that most of the cast was MIA with the exception of Huckleberry Quinn. Everyone continued their tweeting and the best tweet of the night came to Mr President. A gladiator asked Tony if Fitz if still had the house in Vermont. His answer ? Yes and still waiting  for squishy babies. There is hope!

Next week: It’s the battle of the gladiators as the candidates are pitted against each other. GRANT and POPE and ROSS and WHELAN!!!


olivia looks like shit

Recovering from her ordeal, Olivia has come to her poppa’s house to heal. Or has she come to foil her father’s latest evil plan?

olivia and jake

Olivia wants Jake to admit that he doesn’t love Vanessa and stop the wedding . A lot of stuff has brought Jake to this point and we find out what made him the way he is.

olivia gets wise

Rowan  ( Joe Morton )tells Olivia that this is Jake’s fate and if he would try to leave , he would be killed. She tells him that she doesn’t love him to save his life. Rowan has put all of his hopes on Jake since Olivia is such a disappointment.

jake gets married

So Jake and Vanessa get married and Rowan’s evil plan rolls along.(Hey gladiators I had to get in Tony in at least one pic) LOL