A  True Angel  Entered Heaven Today..Jerry Lewis Dies at 91

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Martin Landau – Hollywood Treasure Gone at 89

martin landau portrait

 Today Hollywood lost a real treasure . Martin Landau died of complications after a short hospital stay. Landau was a Hollywood icon whose career was celebrated with both television and movie roles. Most notably, he will be remembered for his Oscar winning role as Bela Lugosi in the cult film, “Ed Wood.” Landau will also be remembered for his role on the 60’s classic that inspired the movie , “Mission Inpossible.” His career also included the claim of being the boyfriend of Marilyn Monroe. His career includes a lot of roles that he put his heart and soul into as an actor.

Martin Landau was born on June 20, 1928 , the son of Selma and Morris. With Jewish roots, he was proud of his father who rescued their relatives from the Nazis.  Landau began his life as a cartoonist where he worked for five years alongside Gus Edson . Together they produced the comic strip , “The Gumps” for the New York Daily News. When Landau became 22, he quit to concentrate on his acting career. Auditioning for the famous Actors Studio , one of his classmates was Steve McQueen.He also studied with such acting gods as Lee Strasberg. They were so impressed with Landau that they asked him to teach with Mark Rydell and Sydney Pollack. His best friend was the late James Dean.  Landau made his first big hit on television on “Mission Impossible” as master of disguise artist, Rollin Hand. He appeared on the show with his then wife, Barbara Bain. The role gained him praise as well as an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination.

mission impossible

 Here is Landau as Rollin Hand with his former wife, Barbara Bain and Peter Graves in a “Mission Impossible ” cast photo.


Here are Bain and Landau in the 70’s sci -fi classic, “Space 1999”


ed wood

Landau studied 25 films of the late horror star when he played Bela Lugosi in “Ed Wood.” It paid off with Landau getting his third Oscar nom and his first win.

FILE PHOTO - Actor Martin Landau displays the Oscar he won for Best Supporting Actor at the 67th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles

In 1994, Landau won an Oscar for his role in “Ed Wood.”

north by northwest

He also appeared in the Hitchcock classic , “North by Northwest.”

without a trace

Landau had played many tv guest roles including this one on “Without a Trace.”  Landau played Jack’s father with Alzheimer’s and was nominated for an Emmy for the role. Here he is with Anthony LaPaglia.


Here is Landau as wrestling coach , Sal Bandini , as he trains Jimmy  (Oliver Platt of “Chicago Med” ) in “Ready to Rumble.”

entourage with kev and jeremy

Here is Landau when he was a Hollywood big shot on “Entourage” trying to relive his glory days. He is walking with Kevin Connolly and Chicago’s own, Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold.

outlaw prophet

One of his last roles was in the Lifetime movie , “Outlaw Prophet. ” Landau played a Mormon patriarch with 50 some wives . Here he is having a talk with his son, “Scandal’s ” own POTUS , Tony Goldwyn.

He is survived by his two daughters , Susan and Juliet from his former wife, Bain. Chitownstarconnections gives our sympathy as we remember this actor’s actor.

landau on walk of fame

1928- 2017


Pop Icon Enters Immortality- Adam West Succumbs to Leukemia


Tonight in the sky,  it’s the Batsignal. No, its not the signal for the Caped Crusader. It shines in sadness. Last night , the actor who played sixties icon Batman, Adam West died of complications from leukemia. Forever pigeonholed by his portrayal of Bob Kane’s legendary superhero, Batman, West made a career by appearing at Comic Cons and endearing himself to millions of fans. Today, social media was filled with tributes of fans and former cast mates like Burt Ward and “Family Guy” creator, Seth Mcfarlane. In later years , West would voice the befuddled Mayor West on “Family Guy.” This would endear him to a whole new generation.

adam on family guy

Adam was born William West Anderson in Walla Walla Washington in 1928. His father was a wheat farmer and his mother was an opera singer. Adam started to work in radio when he was in high school. He ran the station when he was a grad student at Stanford. Later on, West was a contract player for Warner Brothers where he would appear on such shows as “Maverick”, “77 Sunset Strip” and “Cheyenne.” In early 1966 , West would read the script that would change his life forever. West would return from Europe to read 20 pages of the script and then sign with producer , William Dozier. He also approved Burt Ward as Robin/ Dick Grayson with no acting experience but a brown belt in karate.  The show exploded on ABC on two consecutive nights with the one night ending with the Dynamic Duo in a dire situation to be resolved on the following night. “Batman” was the height of camp with its fight scenes punctuated with words like POW and SPLAT! . It became the coolest show on tv and being cast as a super villain was one of the most envied parts on television. Color television was coming into being and “Batman” was perfect for the new media. It also proved to be escapist television in the midst of a country that showed war on the nightly news. But just as the show exploded, with in two years it fizzled. The show had done its damage to West’s career , forever typecasting him as the Caped Crusader. He did episodic tv like “Alice” and recently appeared as himself on the mega hit , “The Big Bang Theory.” For the most part, his latter career consisted of himself or voicing Batman for various animated series.


Here is Adam as he appeared on the CBS hit, “The Big Bang Theory” on the 200th episode “The Celebration Experimentation” He is pictured with series stars Kunal Nayar, Kaley Kuoco, Simon Helberg, Johnny Galecki, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, and Jim Parsons. Also pictured is “Star Trek Next Generation” icon Will Wheaton.

West was survived by his second wife, Marcella. and his children and grandchildren. We at chitownstarconnections give our sympathy to the West family.


Goodbye Old Chum!  Adam West 1928-2017… here he is in the iconic role that he made famous Bruce Wayne / Batman and his partner, Dick Grayson/ Robin played by Burt Ward.


The Woman Who Helped Create Daytime Passes On to Eternity-Agnes Nixon


Today the entertainment world lost a true pioneer and a treasure. A lost art is the soap opera or daytime drama. In 1980, there were no less than 16 soaps on television . Several of these soaps have this woman to thank . Agnes Nixon was the self proclaimed Queen of Soaps. She was a student of the late Irna Philips who was responsible for creating the longest running story on television. “The Guiding Light.” Agnes had written for “GL” “Another World” “As the World Turns” and “Search for Tomorrow.” Following her time with Ms Phillips, she created the classic ABC soaps “All My Children” “One Life to Live” , “Loving ” A and E’s “Biography” and “The City”. On each of her shows, she made bold choices with storylines and characters. She also made cameo appearances on her shows as well.

Agnes Eckahrdt Nixon was born on December 10,1922 in Chicago . Illinois to Harry Joseph Dalton and Agnes Patricia (Eckahrdt) Wanting to show her talent, she attended Northwestern University where she began to to work on her craft. While she was attending the educational institution , she also pledged the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Her career in soaps began as a student of Irna Philips. Philips only had one other student at the time and that was William Bell, creator of “The Young and Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Notably, these two shows are one of the only four soaps left on the air.


Nixon was a writer on “Guiding Light.”. Following a friend’s diagnosis, Nixon wanted to educate women about how important it was to get a pap smear. As a result, Bertha Bauer was given a cancer scare and this is believed to be the first medical related story on daytime . It was bold because in 1962, you couldn’t really say words like Pap Smear and Uterus. Here are the members of the Bauer family including Papa and Bert’s two sons, Edward and Michael.


When Nixon wrote for “Another World” she created the pivotal character Rachel Davis . The original Rachel was played by Robin Strasser, who would later go on to play the nemesis of heroine Victoria Lord on “OLTL” . Most people know Rachel Davis Cory as the incomparable Victoria Wyndham.  Nixon would use the character for the formation of Erica Kane

Nixon was forced to leave Philips and the strict rules of Procter and Gamble to create her own shows. In 1968, she premiered “One Life to Live.” The show took place in the fictional town in Pennsylvnia of Llanview . It was revolutionary because it told of crossing social structures and cultures. It made its mark because it was the first soap with African American characters.


Today Lawrence Fishburne is the grandfather of the hit ABC show, “Blackish.” In 1973, he was involved in the revolutionary storyline of being the first African American family on television on “One Life to Live.”


The main character of OLTL was Victoria Lord . She was the heroine of the show and her nemesis was Dorian Lord, her stepmother. Vicki’s life was turned upside down when Dorian slept with her son, Joey. Yes, that is Nathan Fillion, known to millions of Browncoats as their “Captain” on “Firefly.” More recently, Fillion was the playboy writer detective who was tamed on “Castle.”


In 1970, Agnes took out her old script and then “All My Children” premiered. One of the most iconic characters in daytime was Erica Kane . Erica was played by the super talented Susan Lucci or “La Lucci. She played the role for the entire run of the show . She also was famous for being nominated for an Emmy for Best Actress in a Daytime Drama the most times with out winning . Lucci was nominated 19 times and finally won  on May 21, 1999.Here she is with creator , Agnes Nixon.


Once again , Nixon pushed the envelope when she introduced the character of Bianca. She was Erica’s long lost daughter who came out as a lesbian. This was the first gay character in daytime and Agnes won many awards for the storyline including GLaaD.


Nixon’s next show was “Loving” where she paired off with another soap paramour of the time , Douglas Marland, who coincidentally won the Emmy for “Guiding Light” where Nixon started. Here is future Oscar nominee and Emmy winner for “Breaking Bad” Bryan Cranston as Douglas Donovan


Michael Weatherly took his character Cooper over from” Loving “to” The City .” The show didn’t last long. Today, Weatherly just got his own series on CBS callled “Bull” Previously , he was on the hit series , “NCIS.”


Agnes won many awards and honors in her lifetime. Among her proudest moments was when she was nominated for The Television Hall of Fame and The Soap Opera Hall of Fame. In 2010, she was given a lifetime achievement award by the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences. The Emmy was presented by none other than the actress who created her most memorable character, Susan Lucci. Here she is with her family. Her husband , Robert Nixon is deceased. She is survived by three children, ten grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.


To Agnes’ family Chitownstarconnections sends their thoughts and prayers. Both Jen and I were fans of your work. Jen watched” One Life to Live” and” All My Children.” I was hooked on “The Guiding Light.” to the point of scheduling my classes around it in college. You truly were the master of a lost American art-the soap opera. Soon I will be starting Remember…and feature a different soap each month.

This Used To Be My Playground- A Tribute to Garry Marshall and his Life

garry marshall and friends

Today another star in the heavens of Hollywood passed away. Garry Marshall was a big part of everyone who wanted to laugh, cry, or just plain be entertained. He was part of some of the biggest hits on television and the movies. He has acted with  , directed, and launched some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He comes from a show business family and leaves that legacy as well. Today we look back on an incredible life.

Gary Kent Marshall was born in the Bronx right into a real show business family. His mother , Marjorie Ward was a tap dance teacher who ran her own studio and his father ,Anthony Wallace was a director and producer of industrial films. Garry’s  sisters  also ended up in the business as well.

garry his mom and ronny and penny

Here is Garry in 1951 with his Mom, and sisters Ronny and Penny

"The Dick Van Dyke Show" Special Screening at The Egyption Theatre in Los Angeles on October 1, 2011

Here is Garry with his sister , Ronny , a producer

garry and his sister penny

Here he is with sister , Penny . Penny also became famous for her role on seventies classic “Laverne and Shirley” and also directing such films as “Big” and “A League of Their Own.”

Garry graduated from Northwestern University and began his career as a joke writer for comedians Joey Bishop and Phil Foster. His next big break was when he moved to Hollywood and teamed up with Jerry Belson . Together the two of them created television magic as they wrote for hits “The Lucy Show” , “The Danny Thomas Show” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show” . They are also responsible for adapting Neil Simon’s play “The Odd Couple” for television. The show has gone through many versions but Marshall appeared as Matthew Perry’s father on the most recent version.

garry on the odd couple

Thomas Lennon is Felix and Matthew Perry is Oscar on the CBS hit.

Garry is most known as the producer and creator for these television classics

happy days cast

Happy Days  pictured here is Henry Winkler, Donny Most, Ron Howard, Anson Williams and Scott Baio

laverne and shirley cast

Laverne and Shirley featuring Garry’s sister, Penny , Cindy Williams, Michael Mckean, David L Lander, Betty Garrett, Phil Foster, Eddie Mekka, and Carole Ita White

mork and mindy

Here are the two stars of “Mork and Mindy” Pam Dawber and the late Robin Williams

Garry also was known for his directing and acting as well. His sister , returned the favor by casting him in her movie “A League of Their Own”

a league of their own

He also directed two modern classics

pretty woman

Pretty Woman

princess diaries

Princess Diaries


Beaches with Mayim Bialik of “The Big Bang Theory”

Garry’s son ,Scott also follows in his family’s footsteps as the director of the movie “Keeping Up With the Steins” He cast his father as the hippie grandfather

keeping up with the steins

keeping up with the steins doris and garry

Here he is with the late Doris Roberts as his ex wife

 The last movie he directed was “Mother’s Day” and his last television acting job was as Walter Madison on “The Odd Couple” (He was Matthew Perry’s father)  He is survived by his wife, Barbara . He is also survived by his three children and two sisters. Marshall has a star on the walk of fame and was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. He truly is a star that tonight makes the heavens shine a little brighter. Making our hearts a little heavier. Chitownstarconnections gives our sympathy to the Marshall and Reiner families

garry marshall  tribute


Everybody Loved Doris

doris roberts main

Yesterday the entertainment world lost one of its brightest and funniest stars. At the age of 90, Doris Roberts passed away. Doris was in the business since the fifties but she is  most remembered for the endearing , but meddlesome Marie Barone on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” She is truly the character actress ‘s actress for her versatility as well. She has had roles in shows that were television’s most historic shows. Born on November 4, 1925 , Doris May Green started life in St Louis. The first part of her life was far from laughable . Roberts father left her and her mother ,Ann Meltzer. This development caused them to move to the Bronx where Ann brought up Doris with the help of her parents.Doris took her stepfather’s name , Chester H Roberts. Her stepfather and mother opened a steno agency that catered to actors and playwrights. Doris ‘s family is from Russia and she was of  Jewish persuasion.

 Help us celebrate the life of this great actress by remembering her greatest roles

doris on all in the family

Here is Doris when she was on “All in the Family”

doris -flo flotsky soap

Doris was the mother of Sal Viscuso’s “Father Tim ” on SOAP  . She was disgusted when her son left the priesthood to marry Corinne Tate.

doris on angie

Doris was the adorable mother of Angie on the sitcom “Angie” Here she is meeting Robert Hays’s father on the seventies sitcom. Robert Hays was in the movie “Airplane” and on the sitcom “That 70’s show” as Hyde’s absent father

doris on alice

Doris also played Linda Lavin’s mother on the show  “Alice”

st else where

 Doris won an Emmy for playing Cora the homeless woman on St Elsewhere. James Coco played her homeless buddy .

doris on remmington steele

Doris was the lovable secretary Mildred Krebs on eighties detective show “Remmington Steele” . It will be known for the suave , sophisticated Pierce Brosnan who would go on to be the next James Bond.

christmas vacation with doris

Doris will always be remembered in the holiday  classic “National Lampoon Christmas Vacation”

doris as rose fieldler in keeping up with the steins

Doris celebrated her Jewish heritage in the movie “Keeping Up With the Steins” it starred Jami Gertz, Garry Marshall, and Jeremy Piven as a Jewish family who are celebrating their son and grandson’s Bar Mitzvah.

every body loves raymond

But the role that Doris will always be loved for is Ray Barone’s mother on “Everybody Loves Raymond” Marie. Here she is joined by her television family , Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Patricia Heaton, the late Peter Boyle, Madelyn Sweeten, Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten. She won Emmy awards 2001,2002, 2003, and 2005 for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

doris on grey's

Doris had a wonderful guest role for an arc on “Grey’s Anatomy” . She was an elderly woman named Gladys who made Karev’s life a living hell. Alex found out that she was rich and he wanted to bring a group of orphans from Africa to do surgeries on them. In the end, she gave the money to Alex. If it wasn’t for Gladys, then the Shepherd family would have never gotten to adopt Zola.

star on the walk of fame

Doris was also honored with one of the highest honors a celebrity can have and that is to be given a star on the Walk of Fame . Here she is with her television family . At this point, Peter Boyle , who played Frank had passed away. Doris has been married twice but only has one child, Michael . She is also survived by her three grandchildren.

major crimes

One of Doris ‘s last performances was on “Major Crimes” here is Doris with the cast.. Doris was also an author . She wrote a combination of her memoirs and a cookbook entitled “Are You Hungry Dear?”

doris final shot

 She is indeed a treasure and will be missed…1925-2016

The Stars in Wes Craven’s World….A Tribute to the Master of SCREAMS!

wes craven

 Today the world of pop culture lost a true icon as well as the world of horror films. At the age of 76, Wes Earl Craven died this morning of brain cancer. Craven will always be remembered for his horror masterpieces, “The Last House on the Left”, “Nightmare on Elm Street” and the highly successful “Scream” franchise. A lot of today’s hottest actors and actresses have appeared in Craven’s films. Let’s just take a look at some of those movies in tribute to him.

drew barrymore

Drew Barrymore was the scared girl Casey in the very first “Scream” movie. Say do you know what is your favorite scary movie?

neve campbell

Neve Campbell plays the beleaguered heroine of the “Scream” series , Sidney Prescott. Sidney’s mother was murdered in the first movie and she is terrorized all through the series. Campbell would work with Dempsey on “Grey’s Anatomy” as his sister, Lizzie.

gale and dewey

Scream had a love story too. In real life “Friends” star Courteney Cox and her former husband David Arquette met on the set of the first movie and then dated and got married. Fun fact: Arquette was not originally slated to play the part of Dewey, another actor was. But the producers thought it would be weird if that actor played Cox’s love interest, The actor was David Schwimmer who played her television brother on “Friends” Schwimmer would be mentioned in “Scream 2 and 3.”

buffy in scream

Sarah Michelle Geller was a sorority girl in “Scream 2” she is most known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer

portia de rossi  scream 2

Here are some more Greek gals from “Scream 2” Rebecca Gayheart is the wife of actor , Eric Dane. The blonde is none other than Portia Di Rossi wife to Ellen Degeneres and the new Chief of Staff on “Scandal” Lizzie Bear.

cotton  weary

Ray Donovan’s own Liev Schreiber was in three of the movies as Cotton Leary.

omar epps and jada pinkett in scream 2

Omar Epps and Jada Pinkett Smith were victims in the second “Scream ” movie. Jada is the wife of actor , Will Smith.

scott foley scream

Roman may have been the killer in “Scream 3”, but today Scott Foley is heart throb and spy on “Scandal” as Jake Ballard


Before he was the heartthrob McDreamy on “Grey’s Anatomy” Patrick Dempsey was the handsome Hollywood detective in “Scream 3”, Mark Kinkaid.

henry winkler from scream

Henry Winkler returned to pop culture in “Scream” as the principal

laurie metcalf

Steppenwolf Theatre’s own Laurie Metcalf was the killer in “Scream 2” as Mrs Loomis, Billy Loomis was killed in the first movie and his mother wanted to avenge his death.

hayden pantierre in scream 4

“Nashville’s own diva, Hayden Pantierre was in “Scream 4” as Kirby Reed

anthony anderson

 Anthony Anderson of “Blackish” was one of the loyal cops of “Woodsboro” in “Scream 4”


“A Nightmare on Elm Street” introduced the world to a young Johnny Depp

tony goldwyn last house on the left

There were two versions of “The Last House on the Left” . The remake starred Tony Goldwyn, America’s hottest POTUS of “Scandal”

wes on castle

Wes himself did a guest appearance on the show “Castle”

To the Craven family, we give our sympathy.