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24 Legacy Star is Author Too…


Dan Bucatinsky is a renaissance man. He is a husband, father, actor, producer, director, screenwriter, Emmy award winner, gay icon, and author. Just like a few actors who have finally gotten their shot, Dan has been all over movies and television for years. Dan really came into his own when he was cast as the gay husband of Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) on “Scandal”. It was a breakout role because James and Cyrus were the first gay couple in the halls of power. Alas James was murdered , and now his widower is poised to be the new President. Dan’s performance as the naive journalist won him an Emmy Award for his role on the ABC hit. Now Dan is on television again in the new Fox series “24 Legacy.”

Along with his projects, Dan wrote a book. It doesn’t talk about what its like to be on a hit series or the joys of coming out. With his wry sense of humor , you can tell you are going to be laughing as you read it. Even the title is funny, “Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?” Dan addresses his life as a gay parent. His accounts of his romance with director, Don Roos will make you believe in love again. It also demonstrates that gay love is real and makes people feel warm and fuzzy . It also demonstrates that gay couples are just as insecure as heterosexual ones. It is ironic that Dan talks about him and Don wanting to have kids. This is just like Dan’s character on “Scandal.” James didn’t feel fulfilled without a baby and that when Cyrus wanted to get him to stop snooping , he got him what he wanted “a big , fat squishy baby.” Dan tells of the process and pre-moms that the couple went through before they got their two kids. The funniest part is when Dan describes the types of parents that they encounter when they socialize with their kids. It is a hilarious testimony to La La Land and parenting with the rich and famous.

I also love how Dan gives all the people in his life in the book credit for the parts they played in them. He talks with love about his kids, his husband, Don. He gives a new meaning to the term GBFF with the relationship he has with his gal pal, aka Lisa Kudrow. (You might remember her from a show called “Friends.”) They have worked together on projects and movies. He also gives credit to the lovely lady who gave him the best job he ever had, Linda Lowry and also her hubby Jeff Perry. Trust me, the relationship between these two actors is real and as a gladiator , we miss James and Cyrus together. Dan embraces his heritage. I can almost picture him on the balcony of the Casa Rosada , arms stretched out as he sings “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.” He is very open about his sexuality and his belief in God. There are quite a few differences between Don and Dan. There is the obvious age difference, sometimes the kids like Don more than Dan. (Dan is Daddy and Don is Poppi) , Dan is Jewish, Don is Catholic and neither of them practices their religion. Dan embraces his Judaism more than Don. Don denies his childhood religious up bringing.

If you are completely lost in the sea of gay parenthood , I totally recommend this book for you and your partner. I also recommend it if you are just plain having a bad day, it will make you laugh. I also recommend it for the many gladiators . You will get a view of one of the sweetest characters in the midst of the lying, murdering , and cheating world of the Capitol. It also might be the introduction to new fans of the wonderful actor as they watch Andy help the team on “24 legacy.”


Here is Dan and his husband , Don Roos. The book is mostly about the adventures of being parents to Eliza and Jonah

cyrus and james scandal

Here is Dan in his Emmy winning role of James Novak on “Scandal” James had it rough married to the Chief of Staff of the POTUS. Cyrus had his share of secrets and James lost his life keeping them. Cyrus is holding Ella at her christening.



Say Yes to Shonda-A Book Review of “Year of Yes”

the year of yes

There has been a lot of controversy about Shonda Rhimes this past year. It has been a banner year for Rhimes as her television shows have managed to become one of the most popular topics on social media. Rhimes managed to push the envelope once again. Back in November, Rhimes managed to address another social issue on one of her shows. Despite the fact that Olivia Pope was in a relationship and healthy, she underwent an abortion. During this procedure, the beloved Christmas carol “Silent Night ” played. Rhimes has cemented her place in history by being the first African American showrunner to have her shows take over an entire evening of prime time television. Thursdays belong to Shonda and TGIT! These shows include “Grey’s Anatomy” Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”

I was excited and skeptical to read “Year of Yes.” When I heard that Rhimes was publishing her book, I decided months ago I wanted to read it. Rhimes is definitely her own woman and a woman to remember. She is the creator of some of television’s most brilliant and prolific characters. She is also a role model for young women of all races. Americans plan their weeks around her TGIT line up and all of her shows have brought accolades to Rhimes and alll of her casts.

“Year of Yes” was the result of a challenge that was thrown down to Rhimes last Thanksgiving by her sister, Delorse. She dares her to not to say no for an entire year.She shares with readers her discoveries from the journey. Readers who follow her on screen media will enjoy excerpts from her many speeches and honors.¬† She gives humorous accounts of how she ended up on Jimmy Kimmel to promote her show. Shonda also encourages those who are starting on the journey of weight loss by describing her own experience of losing over a hundred pounds herself.

TGIT fans will love her references to her favorite characters she has created. She goes into detail about her love affair with “Grey’s Anatomy” character, Cristina Yang. She also says that if she was rich beyond her wildest dreams , she would be living in Vermont , making jam with Derek, Fitz, Jake or Burke.

I think every woman should read this book and use it to conquer the fear in their life. It was inspirational and the perfect book to read to start the year off. It is also a great present for that young lady for graduation. No matter your age, Shonda will inspire you to a be a better you.

cristina yang with fish

Shonda takes you on a journey which includes her love affair with Cristina Yang.(Sandra Oh) Yang reminded her a lot of herself and shares a lot of those qualities with the super surgeon.

rhimes and her girlsble l

In her “Year of Yes” Rhimes tells of things she would never do. One of these things is allowing herself to be more visible including appearing on the front cover of “Entertainment Weekly” with her leading ladies Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington, and Viola Davis

Like “House of Cards” and “Scandal” – You’ll Love MALICE by Liz Crokin


Here is a picture of the author at her book launch in Chicago atop of the Dana Hotel at Vertigo

 Lana has the life. She is a former political journalist who up until recently worked as a tabloid journalist for some of the biggest tabloids in the country. She is ready to embark on a story that could possibly expose the next President of the United States . She has also found the love of her life. Malden. In the midst of this budding romance there are ex wives, hookers, and a future President of the United States who has. some interesting sexual fetishes despite the fact he is happily married and a Mormon.

“Malice’ is a juicy page turner. It is also a political thriller and a sexual romp through Hollywood. It has scenes that will make you want to drink a glass of wine and then take a cold shower. The evil political games rival the Underwood White House and the sexual games rival the Grant one. If you love political dramas like “House of Cards” and “Scandal” like I do, go to Amazon . com and grab this hot read.