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scandal season 1

 April 5, 2012 was the night that Shonda Rhimes premiered her newest creation. It was a show that took place in the nation’s Capitol about a DC fixer who fixed everyone but herself.  It gave us the terms “gladiator” and “it’s handled.” It brought the phrase OMG tv to the masses and it embraced a romance between a married President and his campaign manager . Kerry Washington became a television star and it revived a long dead  career of an actor who was most known for his role as the killer in “Ghost.” “Scandal” made Jeff Perry and many others household names, as well as making Tony Goldwyn a sex symbol in his fifties. Fitz and Olivia made Ross and Rachel seem like horny teenagers. Their chemistry burned up the screen with their torrid love scenes.

In honor of the fifth anniversary and the 100 th episode, we will be spotlighting this show and its actors. First up, is Jen and my picks for our fifteen characters. Hey gladiators! who are your picks?



Olivia Pope- Kerry Washington  Olivia is a person who lives to fix people and candidates. Unfortunately, she can fix everyone but herself. Her father sent her away to boarding school and told her she needed to be twice as good. He never taught her to love, unfortunately that is one of her problems. She never thought she was worthy enough to have a great man or that love had to hurt. She has a man waiting for her now, let’s hope she can get fixed.


fitz-salutes. President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III – Tony Goldwyn – Fitz was born for the White House according to his father. He was rich, entitled, and sent to the best schools. He lost his mother, and his father was a politician who never quite made it to 1600 Penn. As a result, he pushed his son to get him there at all costs. He found a girl whom he thought was the perfect, trophy wife. He also hired a political animal to help him along. But Fitz, just wanted to help people and serve his country.  He enlisted in the Navy, where he became a Seal and flew  fighter missions. Some of those were black ops and dangerous. Courtesy of his father, he flew a mission that killed 329 people and would haunt him. Fitz is an idealist and romantic , that is why he never could say he loved his “political” wife. He finally found love when he found his soul mate, Olivia. The two of them just keep missing each other or letting things or people get in the way. Let’s hope the two of them finally come to their senses and head to Vermont.



Cyrus Beene -Jeff Perry- Cyrus has spent most of his life in the closet. His dream is the White House as President. There has never been a gay President, so he has spent his life as a law school professor and political advisor. In one of those classes, he found his best student and trained her to be an animal like him. He also found his dream candidate  in Fitz and with his team took him to the Oval. He just never counted on Fitz to fall for Liv or for him to find love as well. Cyrus found the love of his life in the person of one James Novak, a reporter that came along to cover the Grant campaign. They were married , adopted a baby girl, and then James tried to dig too much. Unfortunately, curiosity killed the cat and James was murdered. He was fired as Fitz’s advisor and then went on to find his new dream boy in one Frankie Vargas. He was forced into a political marriage by one Lizzie Bear . She blackmailed him with a male prostitute . Vargas has been killed, and as his Vice Presidential candidate is slated to get his dream, the first gay President.


vintage mellie

Senator Mellie Grant- Bellamy Young – For the first time in her life, Mellie is her own woman. She has spent most of it in the shadow of her husband as the two took it all the way to the White House. But while she was watching her hubby climb, she was losing herself . Mellie graduated from Harvard with honors , but she gave up her brilliant career to be a smiling political wife. She also never wanted children, but had three. Her own father abandoned her and her mother for another family. He also sold her to Big Jerry to insure her future.  He wanted her to have the best , so he married her off to Fitz. But she was ruined when her father in law saw that his son hadn’t knocked her up yet and took it upon himself to do it. But he raped her and she never wanted to be touched by her husband again. She was never really sure if her late son, Jerry was her husband’s son or brother.  Mellie has been unlucky in love, her lover Andrew became a traitor and power hungry and she was relieved when her hubby found his own lover. It relieved her of her duties because frankly she couldn’t stand the man. Everything with Mellie was optics, for the good of the country. Now she is posed to be the Vice President after running for President. Will she realise her dream and resume her true love affair with Marcus. She deserves to be happy as well.


cyrus and james scandal

James  Novak – Dan Bucatinsky – For a character who has been presumed dead for almost two years, James still has made an impression in the lives of the people he loved. This includes the fans. (James is one of Jen’s faves and she refuses to believe he is dead. Well anything is possible in Shondaland) Cyrus was impacted by this man the most. He still refers to him as the love of his life. James kept Cyrus on the straight and narrow. He got him to bring Ella into his life. James also convinced Cyrus to come out . He and Cyrus met while on the Trail , along with that other couple. Cyrus sees Michael as a political marriage, not a real one. Michael may have Cyrus as a hubby, but James will forever have his heart. He would have made one hell of a First Lady too.



Stephen Finch – Henry Ian Cusick- Stephen was one of the OG gang, (Original Gladiators) . He was a lawyer who had a nervous breakdown and then Olivia saved him like she had saved so many people. He had one problem, he liked to get laid and went to Washington’s madam for his needs as well. He also felt the need to be a normal , so he started a relationship with a sweet school teacher named Georgia. He advised Olivia to end it with Fitz and she took his advice. Abby even had a thing for him and then she settled on just being a friend. But Stephen earned his gladiator stripes, when he came to Olivia’s rescue when she was kidnapped. Abby called him to help and he enlisted his friends , a bunch of Russian terrorists to make the winning bid of the deadly auction. It was the nicest surprise when all of us either thought her rescuer would either be Jake or Fitz. Instead it was one of her oldest friends and as Abby said, Once a gladiator, always a gladiator. Here’s hoping we see him again.



Guillermo Diaz as Diego Munoz or Huck- He is Olivia’s watchdog. He is the one who is her own Secret Service. He makes sure that she is safe, and if someone hurts her watch out! (Yes that means you , Mr President) Huck is also a trained killer and a member of B613. He also has a problem with women, he picks psychos who want to kill him or frame him. But there is a woman who does have feelings for him and that is Quinn. Quinn is his Robin and he makes peace of the life he left behind . But will Huck make it through this time?


sally langston

Kate Burton as Vice President Sally Langston- Kate has a few things that she will be known for, being the daughter of Richard Burton, playing the absentee mother of Meredith Grey, and this role. (Gladiators also can thank her for stripping her future POTUS cast mate on stage ) Kate started out as a right wing Jesus freak who rode Fitz’s coat tails all the way to the White House. She could taste the power and took advantage of the fact that as VP she could run the country and try to keep the fallen President out of the Oval following his shooting. She also had a terrible secret, her loyal hubby was in the closet and came out just long enough with one James Novak. Shamed by the immortal behavior of the President, she broke away from him and then decided to run as an independent . But Daniel pushed and pushed, so she murdered him. Cyrus kept her secret and his husband died trying to find it. Now she gets her kicks and brings the laughs as she hosts her morality fest , “The Liberty Report.” It’s mission? To bring down tyranny and immorality , especially in the Grant administration



Joshua Malina as Attorney David Rosen- David wears the white hat and is all for justice. That is something that is pretty hard in the corrupt world of politics. But David, fights on . He was edged on to his current position by his then girlfriend Abby  who pulled herself into a sweet gig as Press Secretary.  David has always been the one who wanted to bring the evil to justice.  He has also been a friend and an enemy to Olivia and the gladiators. With a father who is also a judge , he may go all the way to the Supreme Court. And then wouldn’t dad be proud?



Scott Foley as  Pete Harris or Jacob Hamilton Ballard- One of the hardest roles is the third wheel in a love triangle, and Jake has definitely had it rough. Abused as a child and witness to the suicide of his sister, he joined the Navy where he got his lifelong pal, Fitz. Seeing his talent, Rowan recruited him for B613 and gave him the most important jobs that he could have. He had been given the job of keeping Olivia and Fitz apart. She was a threat to the republic. At the time, he was brought into Olivia’s life with the guise of spying on her for Fitz. (They were on the outs) Liv found out who he was and then Capt Ballard turned on the charm. Olivia had a choice, Jake or Fitz. Jake went away with her after the murder of Fitz’s son. But then he came back to the accusation that he was command and gave Tom Larsen the order to kill. He also got beat up by the President. Jake has certainly made his way in the world going to the head of the NSA to Vice Presidential candidate for Mellie Grant. But can Jake exist in this world when all he wants is a normal life. But in Scandal world, what is normal?



Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan – No one character has gone through so many changes as Abby. She has acted as Liv’s best friend and the gals have each other’s backs, sometimes. She was an abused trophy wife who was rescued by Liv. But then Abby wanted to be an equal to her friend. She had a taste for power and that taste led her all the way to the White House. This worked out because if Liv was having problems, she could be the voice to Fitz and let him know how she was coping. She developed a boys club feeling with Fitz and Cyrus took her under his wing. Her relationship with David was now in the toilet and she was involved with Leo Bergen. Abby redeemed herself when she called Stephen to rescue Liv. But now , Abby has sold her soul to the devil and the gladiators want her to pay. Can Abby forgive herself?


quinn perkins

Katie Lowes as Lindsay Dwyer/ Quinn Perkins- Defiance changed a lot of people’s lives. But this girl’s changed the most. Lindsay loved Jesse (he was actually played by Katie’s real life hubby, Adam Shapiro) and then she was forced to take the fall so that Hollis Doyle could hide the evidence by blowing up Cytron. Lindsay was then spirited away to DC , courtesy of Olivia and given the identity of Quinn. Quinn now had a new job , new friends and learned a new skill , killing and torture. Her mentor was Huck and soon the twosome became Quinn and Huck, defacing furniture with their bodies. Now Quinn is back to psuedo normal with Charlie as they prepare for their wedding. But Charlie was a witness to seeing Quinn showing her affection for Huck when he woke up. Will Charlie get his bride or will Robin return to Huckleberry Quinn?


joe morton as poppa pope

Joe Morton as Eli/Rowan Pope- What kind of a man sends away his daughter to fancy boarding schools after her mother supposedly dies in a plane crash? Eli Pope that’s who. Actually he knew his wife knew too much and he was trying to stop her from telling about his real job.  Eli wanted power and he saw one way to get it and that was through his daughter. She has spent an entire lifetime seeking his approval and having serious daddy issues. This has allowed her to try to find father figures in her own life. But her father had his own issues , he had been the command of a super secret organization that was a front for the CIA. He had soldiers to do his killing. The one person that he hates just happens to be the man Olivia loves. He also values Jake as the son he should have had. Now he is edging him on as he watches him just steps from the Oval. But evil has a time limit and we all wonder, when does Rowan’s clock run out.



Brian Lechter as Tom Larson- Tom had a great cover as a B613 agent, Secret Service for the newly elected President. He would run behind him and run interference so he could go visit his girlfriend. But he also had to report back to command at the same time. The real game changer for this agent was when he was recruited by command to inject the President’s son with a deadly strain of meningitis. He was jailed and then told to tell POTUS that he was given the order by Jake. But then we find out that all those times that he was watching the WH tapes, he wasn’t looking at Liv, but Fitz. He then became embroiled in a torrid affair with Cyrus. But when Cyrus made his bid for the Oval, out went Tom and he was out for blood.



Jon Tenney as Vice President Andrew Nichols – Andrew was Fitz’s brother in government. He trusted him implicitly enough to make him his Lt. Governor when he was in California. But Andrew kept a secret , he saw Mellie take pills and he took the blame to save her reputation. But the secret lead to a passionate love affair years before Fitz bedded Liv. When she left, it broke his heart. When Fitz needed a running mate, Andrew was vetted and he and Mellie heated up once again. But Fitz found out , and he went ballistic. Apparently the POTUS can fool around , but FLOTUS can’t and so the VEEP got a sock in the eye from his boss. But then sweet Andrew turned evil with the help of Lizzie Bear who wanted to show Grant that he needed to get back in the good graces of the GOP . The two cooked up a plot to kidnap Liv and then real terrorists got a hold of her. Fitz made him resign and then Lizzie Bear recruited Huck to murder him because she couldn’t afford to have her name on a foiled kidnapping plot. Huck gave him a drug that made it seem like he suffered a stroke. But Andrew returned and threatened everyone. He had it out for Olivia and called her every dirty name in the book. You don’t mess with a woman with PTSD. Liv took care of him with a chair. RIP Andrew.


The Way We Were..Olitz

header gladiator reportWhen one conjures up visions of a holiday episode, they turn into a show expecting trees and sharing the holidays with loved ones and friends.  Even on “Grey’s Anatomy” , the characters celebrated the holidays with warm feelings and singing songs between surgeries. Tonight’s travesty “Baby It’s Cold Outside.,” was far from a Christmas show. It did do one thing, Olivia has returned to her world but at what cost? All during the fifth season so far, many critics have praised the show as the best season. “Scandal” had returned to it’s roots. B613 had been stunted , Olivia had replaced her gladiators and continued to fix, and the romance that has powered most of the series had been given a green light. Instead of the many obstacles that Olitz had endured, the fifth season reunited them with the promise of a future. Tonight at this point, that future seems to have ended.

We have seen a new side of Olivia Carolyn Pope. This young woman has had to fight and has no idea how to love. She doesn’t know who to trust or believe when it comes to love because of the fucked up parents that she was born with. Eli could only make her good , not teach her what love was. She has been involved with three men and all three relationships have ended tragically. She needs some serious therapy. Olivia was born to be great, “to run with the big dogs.” as she said tonight. She was cornered by trophy wives who wanted to chat about cookies while she had to see her man talking policy on the other side of the room. This wasn’t the most ideal situation for the two of them. Olivia wanted to take things slow and then Lizzie Bear leaked the photo. When the photo was leaked, things spiraled out of control. Impeachment proceedings were put into motion and Olivia was thrown into the spotlight. Another highlight of this season, is that we have gotten some of the best monologues and scenes in five seasons. You could feel the heartbreak as a couple ended a twenty year marriage, the pain of a lonely woman, all courtesy of Shonda Rhimes. Even as painful as tonight’s scene was, you had to marvel at the two actors who pulled it off. Bravo to Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn for this award winning season taking us to new heights and letting us believe in Prince Charming and Cinderella again. Instead of the glass slipper, Cinderella wore the white hat.

i am a big dog“I am a big dog. Nobody puts Liviie in a corner.”

Now in the midst of all of this craziness, you are probably wondering who is the MVG of the episode. There is no question who took most of the episode and that is Senator Grant from Virginia. Lost and confused since the divorce, she makes her mark on Congress by launching a philibuster about Planned Parenthood. This is what she was born to do and she does it well. At last she has a purpose, to defend women. She also had girl power on her side. She was relieved to go the bathroom by Susan Ross and she had another cheerleader as well, Olivia. But there would be consequences , instead of being at the side of the President at the dinner, Olivia was taking care of something. It appeared that she was at the hospital and she was getting an abortion. To the eerie strains of “Silent Night”, Olivia Pope was getting rid of the President’s baby.

stay strong mellieGo Mellie go! Bellamy Young launches a phillibuster that yields consequences for her ex

But did she do the deed? There is questions that have been raised. Many people seem to think Olivia got rid of the baby because it wasn’t Fitz’s. Olivia has not slept with Jake or that fireman Russell for quite a while. She has been sleeping in the Presidential bed for about four months now. Also questions were raised because she was moving around a little too easy for just having an abortion. She sipped alcohol but not her usual gulps. Ever optimistic actor Tony Goldwyn answered gladiators on Periscope tonight when they told him how the show tonight made them feel. Social media buzzed from the tweets during the broadcasts to chats on Facebook . Gladiators were eager to hear what the Prez himself had to say since he was at another engagement during the tweet party. He tried to restore faith to the gladiators by telling them he hasn’t given up on them . Gladiators had voiced threats that they were done after tonight. The couple who had started the season with such promise ended with Olivia on her new couch and Fitz drinking alone in the White House. just a memoryAre they just a memory now?  Tony seems to think no!

Even though the central theme was the unraveling relationship, each cast member had their moments tonight. Lizzie and David continued their trysts. But there is someone who seems to deserve Rosen more than Lizzie, that is Susan Ross. Rosen strikes a blow for men everywhere by regifting a gift meant for the COS and giving it to the Veep. Huck realizes he can finally go home now thanks to talking to Rowan. Rowan remains alive. Jake finds out that the person behind Lazarus was none other than Russell. Now Brian White can return to Chicago to terrorize 51  after Jake shot him. Marcus tries to recover some normality for the holidays and Quinn resigns herself to being alone. Surprise! Charlie shows up with holiday cheer for her. Mellie enjoys her first holiday as a divorcee with Teddy and Karen. And once again , Shonda Rhimes destroys another couple as Olivia sips wine and Fitz gulps scotch alone. And to all a good night…

b613 in action“Chicago Fire’s” Brian White returns as spy Russell . Here he talks to everyone’s favorite former Secret Service agent, Tom (Brian Letscher)

Seven Days till OMG…. Scandal ‘s OMG Season!!!!

scandal poster

Alright Gladiators! It’s seven days and counting! Everyone is scrambling to watch those final episodes. Magazines have been flying off the newsstands with our faves on the cover and ABC has been spreading the gospel of Olitz. But let’s not forget where we started before the balcony scene , the kidnapping, back to the beginning of season 4. So before we are watching Washington’s hottest lovers, let’s take a stroll back down memory lane from a season where it all changed.

harison's funeral;

Olivia and her gladiators mourn Harrison’s death. Her and Jake have returned from the island of Zanzibar for this funeral. Jake wanted Olivia to leave Washington  following the funeral but she was asked to help someone . But while she was in the Capitol, she runs into a familiar face

the walk through

There is no way she leaves now!!!

fried chicken mellie

The usually ambitious First Lady is now mourning the death of her son and has become crazy Mellie. Here she is enjoying her fried chicken on the Truman balcony. She pulls herself together with Abby’s help for the State of the Union address

the state of the union

Fitz praises his wife at the State of the Union address. It is the first time that him and Olivia talk . She proofreads his speech.don't ever leave me again... i almost died

Olivia is to the rescue again when Karen is caught on a sex tape and needs her help. It is also the first time that Fitz has Liv alone in the Oval again. He tells her that he almost dies without her. She tells him she didn’t go alone. He is crushed.

the key

Tom is arrested and confesses that he was given the order by Jake to kill Jerry. Jake is immediately arrested and pleads his innocence to the President. Jake chides him on about his real issue , being with Olivia. Fitz beats the crap out of him.

fitz beats the shit out of him

the phone call

Finding out that there is indeed hope for them… Fitz makes one of the hottest phone calls of the year . He tells Olivia what she can expect if she would come over to the White House.

helen of troy speech

Olivia tries to save Jake and visits Tom in prison. He tells her that Fitz tried to kill himself and she is floored.

winter finale

Tired of trying to get her father, she dances to her independence and tells Jake she wants to make love on the piano. But then she is abducted

vp and kidnapping

Andrew tells Fitz that Olivia has been kidnapped so he will declare war on West Angola.

And here is the winner of the best speech of the year … from Where the Sun Don’t Shine

bitch baby

Yes? I need you to listen to me very carefully because I’m going to speak to you right now the way the Cyrus Beene I know would speak to you.
When did you decide to let them ruin you? Excuse me? So your life’s unfair.
So what? That’s how it is.
So, they’re mean-girling you in the press, they’re calling you names that hurt your little soft spots deep inside? Well, so what? That’s how it is.
So you lost someone you loved.
You lost the one person who felt like family.
Well, guess what grow the hell up because that is how it is! The Cyrus Beene I know doesn’t hide in his half-empty closet and wet his pants like a little bitch baby.
The Cyrus I know is a patriot.
He bites the bullet, and he does what it takes to serve the Republic at all costs.
So, I want to know, right now, in this moment, who you are.
Because the pathetic shell of a person I’m looking at right now doesn’t deserve to stand on the presidential seal in the oval office, let alone tell the president what to do.
– Who are you, Cy? – Liv.
Who are you, Cy?! – Liv! – Who are you, Cy? I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Who are you!? I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Oh, yeah? So, you’re not a bitch baby? I run this country.
I’m nobody’s bitch baby.
I don’t know.
You still sound like a little bitch baby to me.
I am not a little bitch baby! Then show me! Prove it to me right now! Show me who you are, Cyrus Beene!

run a bra saves

Olivia is kidnapped and held hostage. Using her bra, she tries to escape


While she is kidnapped, she has dreams about Vermont and being married to Fitz..

fitz declares war

it works ! Fitz declares war

steven rescues olivia

Stephen rescues Olivia after he bids to win her back. Once a gladiator , always a gladiator

fight with fitz

There is no happy homecoming . Olivia blames Fitz for her kidnapping and yells at him for declaring war. She throws her ring he gave her at him.

the lawn chair

“The Lawn Chair” was a timely episode about a father whose son was shot because he was black. Courteney B Vance played the father.

vice president

Fitz gets his third Vice President in Susan Ross. She is picked by Mellie as she begins her climb to the White House

put a ring on it

Cyrus looks back on his past weddings as he gets ready to be married. Olivia puts back on the ring and hope is alive again.

finale scene one

Fed up with all their games, Fitz cleans house by throwing out Mellie and firing Cyrus . Mellie is now the junior Senator for Virginia .

quinn shoots huck

Quinn realizes that Huck was the one who killed the jurors and she threatens to shoot him.

finale scene

With Mellie and Cyrus gone, Fitz goes to find happiness and finds it.

What happens now?

promo onepromo two

to be continued

Our Favorite “Castle”Guest Stars


Over the last 7 years “Castle” has had many great guest stars from TV shows, soap operas, and movies,. Here are some of our favorites.

Bellamy on CastleBellmay Young played Candace Ford in the season 3 episode “Pretty Dead” which involves the death of a beauty pageant contestant. Now Bellamy is seen every Thursday on ABC’s “Scandal” as the First Lady, Mellie Grant.

brian-letscher-the-wild-rover-castle  Brian Letscher played Irish mobster Liam Finch on the episode “Wild Rover” most recently Brian was secret serviceman Tom protecting the sexy President Fitzgerald Grand on ABC’s “Scandal”

Castle701-00833Matt Letscher, Brian’s brother played Henry Jenkins a man who had a part in Castle’s 2 month disappearance in 2 episodes “Driven” and “Sleeper” Matt was last seen as the mole Billy Chambers on ABC’s “Scandal”

Castle107-00914Katie Lowes played socialite Rachel Maddox on the episode “Home is Where the Heart Stops” She is currently on ABC’s “Scandal” as gladiator and Huck’s on and off girlfriend Quinn Perkins.

Castle208-00687Gregg Henry plays Winston Wellesley in the episode “Kill the Messenger” He most recently appeared on ABC’s “Scandal”as evil texan Hollis Doyle.

Darby CastleDarby Stanchfield appeared in two episodes “Always Buy Retail” and “Significant Others” as Castle’s annoying ex wife and Alexis’s mother Meredith. These days you can catch Darby in the white house as press secretary Abby Weldon on ABC’s”Scandal”

George on CastleGeorge Newbern  played cheating husband Howard  Peterson in the episode “Nanny McDead” now part of a secret organization B613 where he spends his time killing people as Charlie on ABC’s “Scandal”

Sarah Drew CastleSarah Drew played the scorned and murderous nanny Chloe Richardson on the episode”Nanny McDead” she spends her time in Seattle now as Dr. April Kepner on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”

Castle107-01196 Caterina Scorsone played Joanne Delgado the daughter of a murder victim in the episode “Home is Where the Heart Stops” she’s busy mourning the death of her only brother as Dr. Amelia Shepherd on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”

Castle213JasonGeorge-KelvinJason George played business man Charles Kelvin on the episode “To Live and Die in LA” he’s now married to Dr. Miranda Bailey as Dr. Ben Warren on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”

Kelly McCreary played Kelly Jane the assistant of young pop singer Mandy Sutton on the episode “Limelight” she is the daughter of the late Ellis Grey and Chief Richard Webber, Dr. Maggie Pierce on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”

Dr BurkeMichael Dorn plays Kate Beckett’s therapist Dr. Burke in several episodes. His most famous role is Warf on “Star Trek the Next Generation”

johnathan FrankesJonathan Frakes had cameo as Richard Castle’s biggest fan on the episode “The Final Frontier” he is best known for playing Commander Riker on “Star Trek the Next Generation” and being the husband of “General Hospital’s” Laura, Genie Francis.

Adam CastleAdam Baldwin played loose cannon Detective Slaughter on the episode “Headhunters” he played Jayne on “Firefly” alongside Nathan Fillion, and will return as Mike Slattery on TNT’s “The Last Ship” June 21, 2015.

castle-s5e14featuredGina Torres played reality star Penelope Foster on the episode “Reality Star Struck” she played Wash’s wife Zoe on “Firefly”and is wife to ABC’s “Blackish” Laurence Fishburne.Paula

Debi Mazar plays Castle’s publicist Paula in the episode “When the Bough Breaks” she reprises her role as Vince’s publicist in the “Entourge” movie opening nation wide June 3rd.

screen-shot-2014-02-05-at-21-18-23Rex Lee played fashion designer Yumi in the episode “Dressed to Kill” he returns as Ari Gold’s assistant Lloyd in the “Entourage” movie opening June 3rd.

Tony Denison plays mobster Mickey Dolan in the episode “After Hours” you can catch him in new episodes of TNT’s “Major Crimes” this June as Andy Flynn.

Julie Gonzalo played high school friend Maddie in the episode “Food to Die For” her best line is “You want to make little Castle babies” she was last seen as Pamela Rebecca Ewing on TNT’s “Dallas”

Alyssa Milano Alyssa Milano played Castle’s college girlfriend Kyra Blaine in the episode “A Rose for Ever After” She is on ABC’s “Mistresses” as Savannah.

castle303-00378Jason Bighe played Kate Beckett’s mentor Mike Royce in “Under the Gun” and “To Live and Die in LA” catch him as Hank Voight on NBC’s “Chicago PD”

Castle-Ep18-S3_portrait_w858David Eigenberg played Peter Connelly in the episode “One Life to Lose” now he puts out fires as Christopher Hermann on NBC’s “Chicago Fire”

Taylor CastleTaylor Kinney played Darren Thomas in the episode “Once Upon a Crime” he’s smoking hot as Kelly Severide on NBC’s “Chicago Fire”

RachelLisa Edelstein played Kate Beckett’s partner in DC Rachel McCord in the first 3 episodes of season 6. Lisa plays Abby on “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce”

Nikki HeatLaura Prepon played Natalie Rhodes in the episode “Nikki Heat” Laura has a role in the Netflix show “Orange is the New Black”

Agent ShawDana Delany played Agent Jordan Shaw in the episodes ” Tick Tick Tick” and “Boom” fun fact she played Nathan Fillion’s wife on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives”

Linchpin-Copyright-2012-American-Broadcasting-Companies-Inc-3Jennifer Beals played Sophia Turner in “Pandora” and “Linchpin” catch her her new show TNT’s “Proof” this June.

jaleel-white-castle-abcJaleel White played Mickey Franks in the episode “Saturday Night Dead” he played nerd Steve Urkel in the 90’s on “Family Matters”

maxresdefaultGregory Harrison played Danny Valentine who made a point to flirt with the married Beckett in the episode “Saturday Night Dead”  he appeared as Dean on the short lived “Friends” spin off “Joey”

Castle fatherJames Brolin played Castle’s father , CIA spy Jackson Hunt in “Hunt” and “Deep Cover” his wife is the mega singing sensation Barbara Streisand.


CharlesCharles Shaughnessy played diplomat Nigel Wyndham in “The Limey” he is best known for his role on “Days of Our Lives” Shane Donovan and his role on CBS’s “The Nanny” Maxwell Sheffield.KAMAR DE LOS REYES, DAYA VAIDYAKamar De Los Reyes played Manuel Villaobos in the episode “Private Eye Caramba” he is known to daytime fans as Antonio Vega on “One Life to Live.

4x05-Eye-of-the-Beholder-castle-26291696-1280-720Jessica Tuck played Joy McHugh in the episode “Eye of the Beholder” Ironically Jessica played Nathan Fillion’s older sister Megan Buchanan on “One Life to Live.



And last but not least, Jack Wagner played Billy Piper in “Significant Others” he is best known for playing Dr. Peter Burns on “Melrose Place” and singing cop Frisco Jones on “General Hospital”

Guess Where You Saw Them Before – Scandal Edition

cast picture season 4

We found some great shots of your faves from Scandal…maybe now you might remember where you saw them before they were gladiators !

kerry in ray

Here is Kerry Washington in the Oscar winning movie “Ray” as Jamie Foxx’s wife….so prim and proper


Here she is gorgeous as ever as fixer and the love of the President, Olivia Pope

dan bucatinsky friends

Here is Dan Bucatinsky who played Cyrus’s husband James when he guest starred on “Friends” He was a waiter when the gang went out to celebrate Phoebe’s birthday. Dan also appeared on “Frasier” “Grey’s Anatomy ” “CSI Miami” and a blind date for Will on “Will and Grace”

Cyrus and James wedding

Dan won an Emmy for his portrayal of James. Here he appeared in a flashback in the recent episode “Put a Ring on It.”


Here is Jeff Perry  who plays Cyrus, the President’s Chief of Staff.Previously, he was known for his portrayal of Thatcher Grey, father to Meredith and the late Lexi Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy”  Jeff is also one of the founders of the world famous Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago.

A Family Affair

Bellamy Young was a love interest on “Criminal Minds” to Thomas Gibson ‘s character. She also appeared on “Castle”, “Private Practice,” “Frasier” “Scrubs” and many other series.

bellamy young scandal

Today she gives a phenomenal performance as the troubled First Lady , Mellie Grant.


Jon Tenney has been around as well. He starred in a movie with “Odd Couple’s”  Matthew Perry called “Fools Rush In” and also appeared on “Will and Grace.”  Today he plays two roles, The good cop , Fritz Howard on “Major Crimes”


Scandal fans will remember him most as Vice President Andrew Nichols. He was in love with Mellie but he let power take him over and was partly responsible for Olivia’s kidnapping.


Darby Stanchfield made quite an impression as the mother of Alexis and Richard’s first wife Meredith on “Castle” She has also appeared on “NCIS” and “Mad Men”


But here she is with her true love David Rosen as Press Secretary for President Grant. She is also Olivia’s best friend.


Joshua was previously on the classic “The West Wing” . He has also been seen on “The Big Bang Theory”, “Grey’s Anatomy” “Stargate SG 1” “Bones” and as a psycho child molester on “Law and Order SVU.” He is now the Attorney General of the US. Coincidentally he had previously worked with Tony Goldwyn in “From the Earth to the Moon.”

kate burton

Daughter of the late great Richard Burton, Kate Burton has made her mark on the stage as well as the big and little screens.She is best known for her role as Dr Ellis Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” She also played mother to a young David Schwimmer on “Monty”


Here she is arguing with Cyrus as Vice President Sally Langston .


 It isn’t the first time that Scott Foley played a killer. He was the killer in “Scream 3″ .He has also appeared on “Felicity” “Grey’s Anatomy” “Scrubs” and “Cougar Town”

grant ballard

Now he plays Captain Jake Ballard , Navy buddy to Fitz and his romantic rival for Olivia’s affections.

guillermo in half baked

Guillermo Diaz  played a disgruntled stoner in the movie “Half Baked” He has appeared in many movies and tv shows like “ER” “Law and Order” “The Sopranos” “Third Watch” and a regular on “Weeds”


But he has shown his loyalty, finally reunited with his family, and continues to be Olivia’s gladiator. Huck seems to be torturing his friend and girlfriend “Quinn” played by Katie Lowes


Here is Katie Lowes when she guest starred on ABC’s other hit “Castle


Here is Columbus Short when he was aspiring comedy writer Darius Hawthorne on the late show “Studio 60 0n the Sunset Strip.”


Here he is as fixer Harrison Wright .. a gladiator in a suit

khandi alexander csi miami

Here is Khandi Alexander in her role of Dr Alexx Woods on “CSI Miami” Khandi was also in the acclaimed movie “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and “Poetic Justice” as well On TV she was on “News Radio” “A Different World’ and Peter Benton’s sister on “ER”


And here she is as the terrorist mother of Olivia Pope – Maya Pope / Marie Wallace


Joe Morton first came to our attention as the love interest of Whitley on “A Different World” He has also appeared on “M*A*S*H*” “Sanford and Son” , and many other shows and movies.


He won an Emmy for his portrayal of the evil, maniacal father of Olivia , Eli Pope

arrested development portia

Portia Di Rossi was known for Ally Mc Beal” and her role on “Arrested Development” She is also the wife of funny woman Ellen Degeneres.

lizzie bear

And this year , she has made her appearance as Elizabeth North, power woman of the RNC. “Lizzie Bear” has hitched herself to the new rising star , Mellie Grant

brian letscher  the wild rover castle

From “Pretty Little Liars” to “Castle” Brian Letscher usually plays a role that gives him range

brian letscher scandal

But on “Scandal” , his job as Secret Service agent Tom is to guard the President and all his nasty little secrets.

yeti friends

When Rachel on “Friends” needed to get over Ross, she found a Yeti named Danny. But then she dumped him because he took baths with his sister. George Newbern has had a long career from “Designing Women” to “Hot in Cleveland”. He also has done voice work ,including Superman.

George Newbern in ABC's "Scandal"

But he is now Cyrus’s guy and B-613 operative Charlie

and last but certainly not least


His career has been long. On TV he has done everything from “Designing Women” to “Frasier” as Roz’s hot boyfriend. In the movies, we never expected the evil Carl Bruner from “Ghost” to end up looking like this…

vermont is for lovers

Writer, director, producer, actor Tony Goldwyn plays the very sexy President Fitzgerald Grant , the true love of Olivia’s life. Tony has also voiced the voice of “Tarzan” in Disney’s “Tarzan”

A Dangerous Game

olivia and the phoneOlivia has started to get late night calls again. One was so hot , we had to fan ourselves after hearing Tony Goldwyn describe what he would do for his Livvy.Now her and Fitz team up with Jake to bring down Poppa Pope

Hey gladiators , have you recovered yet from tonight’s episode. The hour was filled with surprises and revelations all around. Abby was shocked to see her former husband, Charles , in the White House running for Virginia senator. She was not pleased , so Olivia to the rescue. Olivia fronts a new exciting and female candidate and gives her a complete makeover. Who better than Ms Pope could do a makeover, if anyone knows about style and beauty , it’s her. Not every woman can capture two men’s hearts (and one of them be the married Leader of the Free World) In the continuing soap opera of Olivia and Fitz, viewers were treated to the sultry voice of one Fitz Grant 3 as he described what he would do to her. So much for no feelings, Liv was fanning herself along with us . Hey Tony! do you also charge 9.99 per minute? Mellie is back in full bitchiness. She is determined to be the First Lady to reckon with. No more china and dinner parties for her. Her husband doesn’t have time to deal with her , what with trying to win back his lady love, bring down Rowan , and still run the country.

Performances of the night go out to Brian Letscher and Darby Stanchfield. Darby has come a long way in her portrayal of Abby. Tonight , we got to see a little glimpse in Abby’s past. It is interesting to note that both Darby and the man who played her ex Charles (Michael Trucco) both were alums from the show “Castle” Trucco played Tom Demming who dated Kate Beckett and as everyone well knows that Darby played Meredith Castle the ex wife of Castle and the mother of Alexis Castle . Darby wowed us with her take back attitude she used on Charles and then shocked everyone as she kissed Leo . Does this mean a new romance for Abby/Gabby/ Red. Cyrus is beginning to put the pieces together concerning Michael . Tom was questioned by Olivia about Jerry’s death and she found out the truth. Tom waxed poetic  about how Olivia was Helen of Troy. He also told her about Fitz’s suicide attempt which shook her to the core.

The ride came to a screeching halt as Huck was brought face to face with his son , Javi . Rowan had better prepare for the fight of his life as he is now facing his daughter, the former head of b613, and the Commander and Chief. Welcome back Paul Adelstein as Leo and get ready for the return of Momma Pope. This is going to be good.

NEXT: Winter finale !

Screenshot_2014-11-06-22-15-13-1This man could heat any woman up… cold shower anyone

The Return of Olitz


Still recovering from tonight’s OMG moments and hoping our  friends on the Coast, are still enjoying Grey’s . Wow!!! so much that happened. The biggest shockers involved more drama with the First Family.

Sweet little Karen Grant , now she is involved in a sex tape. {Season One Daddy was !!!)  Two nasty little boys involved her in a three some called the Eiffel Tower. (note President Grant, when did you start learning sexual postions in sex tapes? It was either for reference for things to do with Liv or something to do for those ten years you weren’t getting any) Karen knew she was in trouble , so she called the one person who has fixed things for her family since she could remember, Olivia Pope!!!

Add blackmail to the mix, more antics with smelly Mellie, and this season’s hottest kiss . The gladiators are to the rescue as Olivia handles this royal mess. People are starting to return to form as Fitz tells off Liv when she tells them that one of the parents of the boys involved wants 2.5 million for the tape. Olivia fights for her man as she tells them no deal!!! She shows her loyalty for the Grants. Mellie starts to bounce back in a touching scene with Karen, but not after she has been yelled at by her hubby.

The faceoff begins with Olivia being confronted by Fitz of why she left him and then he grabs her and says don’t ever leave me again. Liv blatantly lies to her man and says she went alone when we all know that she went with Joke. But Joke ‘s  problems are just beginning. Poppa Pope wants him dead and we know Poppa gets what he wants. Jake threatens the innocent David Rosen and tells him he wants the files back. But things seem to be more complicated  as more people go down for the death of Fitz Jr. But finally his father knows the truth!!!!

By far the best episode this season… returning to the Scandal we all love … crazy OMG moments and romance returns to the White House….  Special acting kudos tonight go out to Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, and Scott Foley shows his evilness .Bellamy continues her awesome acting as a small part of the old Mellie returned in the scene in the Oval . Also to Brian Letscher as Tom finally gets a part. I feel bad for Tom because i always liked him and thought of him as Olitz’s cheerleader. Tune in next week …same Scandal time and same Scandal channel